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We are here to change the world. The Wellness Universe is a collective of individuals who make the world a better place through their information, service or product. The seven areas of wellness are: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual. From people offering support, to products that improve the betterment of your life, the environment, animals, awareness and education, we here at The Wellness Universe strive to find the best of those resources and list them in a directory for you.
I have practiced as a wellness professional for 20 years, successfully coaching thousands of clients to live a prosperous, empowered life. I cherish the human brain and nervous system and love to educate others on how to access their Brain-Bliss and BE healthy, happy and free! I founded Brain-Bliss after recovering my own brain from a history of PTSD caused by 7 major head injuries combined with emotional sensitivity and trauma. After having close to 100 sound treatments from various neural professionals, my brain began to repair. When the song in my brain was more harmonious, I found myself swimming with ancient dolphins and songs of the whales in Hawaii. I swam in their musical sonar for close to 6 months and one day came out of the water in bliss and with an ability to see, hear and feel trauma in other people. Yet, with an added ability to make dolphin and whale sounds, directing light to clients in order to 'release' their trauma, thus, creating health and balance. Other things that I love ... spending time with family and friends, laughter, a healthy lifestyle, fitness, organic, delicious meals, fun adventures in nature, walking and playing with my dogs, dancing, swimming, performing, painting, writing poetry, being a light sound technician to optimize brain function, sensuality, beauty, elegance, pleasure, quality, luxury, time by the ocean, sunsets and sunrise, weekend getaways, the Hawaiian Islands and the aloha spirit, cycling, stand up paddle boarding, quality one on one time in relationships, hugging, beach walking, giving and receiving gifts, happiness, bliss and the pursuit of living my true, authentic self ....
Pamela Dussault Runtagh is a spiritual leader and author of Understanding Soul Mate Relationships & How To Be With Your Divine Partner and is also a relationship and healthy living contributor for the Huffington Post. In addition, she is a respected master in the field of energy medicine and is the founder of the REAP Healing Method. Pamela trained for over 12 years in the fields of spirituality and alternative medicine and draws from this extensive learning to develop and teach in these areas. On an individual level, Pamela is an intuitive counselor and mentor providing spiritual and practical guidance to form healthy relationships, establish personal empowerment and find inner joy. Her contributing gifts include channeling, mediumship, and the sharing of her personal experiences gained.
Rev. Patricia Brooks is CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories, a spiritual media network designed to create empowering and supportive platforms to allow the spiritual voices of today to be heard. Sacred Stories includes a book publishing and marketing company, an online telesummit series, and a podcast stream. As an ordained interfaith, interspiritual minister and a sacred storyteller Rev. Patricia believes it is time to raise the vibration of our planet to one of respect and honor for the sacred nature of ourselves and all living beings. The sharing of our hearts and wisdom through our works is a powerful beginning. Rev. Patricia has earned her Masters of Arts in Education and her Bachelors of Science in Business. She worked in the corporate and educational worlds for many years and proudly served six years as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. On a more personal note she is a single mom of two daughters in college, an obsessive coffee drinker ������¢���¢�¯�¿�½���¬���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ Rev. Patricia drinks it black like any good former Marine does, and is the best friend of her little dog Bear.
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Are You Living the Life You Want? You are the creator of your life experience. Let's talk about how we perceive the world and the power we have to change the world. Let's discover the amazing power we have to create. Let's expand our awareness and eliminate limiting beliefs subconscious programs that are hindering us from being the completely amazing person that we are. Research reveals that 95% of our behavior is controlled by the subconscious. Imagine your life as you begin to take more conscious control. Why not give yourself a fresh start. Be transformed by renewing your mind.
You are not just your body. You are a complex being of swirling energy fields trying to hold everything together. Chakras are like buttons that hold these lively energy fields and physical body together. They are wheels of life supporting your overall health and wellbeing. Knowing about the chakras and the life lessons at each level is extremely helpful in creating health and harmony in your life. Especially when illness happens. These life lessons are reflected in your physical body. In this webinar you will learn about the main life lessons that each chakra brings to you and some of the issues that are created when you do not quite get the lesson.
Join us each month for a master class with one of the stellar members of The Wellness Universe. You will get a chance to meet the soul behind their profile and not only walk way inspired but also educated. This month's guest is Daniel Gutierrez. Daniel is is an international business consultant, radio personality, renowned motivational speaker and spiritual teacher who has inspired people to make positive changes that lead to success. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us has helped transform individuals all over the world. In this mini masterclass, Daniel will talk to you about releasing what no longer serves you so you can live the life you have always wanted to. He will share with you about: · What does it mean to create a vacuum · How resistance can get in your way to realizing your dreams · One exercise to help keep you on track Find out more about Daniel here:
Getting journalists to pay attention to and publish your story requires key criteria and a few secrets. How do you get YOUR story seen, considered and published? How do you get the media to spread your word free while building your brand, spreading awareness, gaining influence and in the end getting sales? How do you do this without hiring a publicist? Allison Kugel, published journalist, public relations executive, speaker on communications and creator of the app Upitch. We are excited to offer 'Public Relations 201' led by Allison Kugel, a 90 minute webinar giving you all the tools you need to be your own publicist and get results! Based on Allison's record, and her last webinar Public Relations 101 we guarantee she will teach you what you need in order to get placements in your local and national newspapers, TV and magazines if you attend this webinar. - Review on how and where to locate targeted journalists - Necessary tools - When to send out press releases and where - When to send out media pitches and where - News story pitches, article pitches, television segment pitches, radio segment pitches, reality TV format pitches, expert pitches - The importance of email subject lines and pitch formatting - Journalist pitching etiquette Allison was born in New York and has lived across America. She has represented high profile clients as a publicist, placed hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines like UsWeekly, NY Times, People magazine, USA Today, Forbes, NY Post, Washington Post, InTouch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Bloomberg magazine, BusinessWeek, and has gotten her clients spots on Good Morning America, FOX News, CNBC, Hallmark channel, Bloomberg News, just to name a few! Bottom line, she knows how to get stories and people featured and will give you the secret sauce to do this for yourself! Did you attend: Public Relations 101 with Allison Kugel 'Define Your Brand's Message & Get Publicity Now!' Download UPitch a free app Allison developed connecting you directly to journalists across North America: ***Members of The Wellness Universe, please see this thread in our private forum for your discount: Login to your account then click this link to go directly to the thread: Join The Wellness Universe, become a member free: