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We are here to change the world. The Wellness Universe is a collective of individuals who make the world a better place through their information, service or product. The seven areas of wellness are: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual. From people offering support, to products that improve the betterment of your life, the environment, animals, awareness and education, we here at The Wellness Universe strive to find the best of those resources and list them in a directory for you.
I have practiced as a wellness professional for 20 years, successfully coaching thousands of clients to live a prosperous, empowered life. I cherish the human brain and nervous system and love to educate others on how to access their Brain-Bliss and BE healthy, happy and free! I founded Brain-Bliss after recovering my own brain from a history of PTSD caused by 7 major head injuries combined with emotional sensitivity and trauma. After having close to 100 sound treatments from various neural professionals, my brain began to repair. When the song in my brain was more harmonious, I found myself swimming with ancient dolphins and songs of the whales in Hawaii. I swam in their musical sonar for close to 6 months and one day came out of the water in bliss and with an ability to see, hear and feel trauma in other people. Yet, with an added ability to make dolphin and whale sounds, directing light to clients in order to 'release' their trauma, thus, creating health and balance. Other things that I love ... spending time with family and friends, laughter, a healthy lifestyle, fitness, organic, delicious meals, fun adventures in nature, walking and playing with my dogs, dancing, swimming, performing, painting, writing poetry, being a light sound technician to optimize brain function, sensuality, beauty, elegance, pleasure, quality, luxury, time by the ocean, sunsets and sunrise, weekend getaways, the Hawaiian Islands and the aloha spirit, cycling, stand up paddle boarding, quality one on one time in relationships, hugging, beach walking, giving and receiving gifts, happiness, bliss and the pursuit of living my true, authentic self ....
Pamela Dussault Runtagh is a spiritual leader and author of Understanding Soul Mate Relationships & How To Be With Your Divine Partner and is also a relationship and healthy living contributor for the Huffington Post. In addition, she is a respected master in the field of energy medicine and is the founder of the REAP Healing Method. Pamela trained for over 12 years in the fields of spirituality and alternative medicine and draws from this extensive learning to develop and teach in these areas. On an individual level, Pamela is an intuitive counselor and mentor providing spiritual and practical guidance to form healthy relationships, establish personal empowerment and find inner joy. Her contributing gifts include channeling, mediumship, and the sharing of her personal experiences gained.
Trilby Johnson is an Author, Body Energy Alchemist and Speaker. She specializes in supporting forward-thinking change makers, coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, healers and highly sensitives connect the essence of who they truly are. Then they can realize and align with their full potential for a happy, healthy and successful life! Trilby's readers and clients love her work for one reason - Transformation! They arrive with emotional, mental and behavioural baggage and they leave with a new sense of Self, Peace and Joy. Trilby has written two books: 'FEARLESSLY ALONE - Stop the Lonely Crisis and Find Your Happy' and 'A-AH MOMENTS - Inspirational Quotes To Shift Your Thinking'. She is a contributor at Huffington Post with her blogs.
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The Lenormand card system of divination is based loosely on a cartomantic style from the late 1800's. Bring your deck to the online class if you have them. If not, it's not necessary & you will learn what deck to purchase in the class. If you can't make a class time you will be able to watch later. Class One Thursday Jan. 26th * Some history, difference between Lenormand & Tarot, Choosing a deck, finding YOUR way to read & sticking with it, the cards & their definitions, the tarot association in Lenormand, numerology, context, Charting the cards & Journaling. Reading cards in combinations exercises (Drills) Class Two Thursday Feb. 16th * Asking GREAT questions, three card, five card & nine card spreads - Exercises, knighting, counting the numbers, learning what's out of your reach & within your control. Class Three Thursday March 9th * The Grand Tableau!!!, houses & their influences. Spreads from Rana George - Astrological Spread, Pyramid Spread & The Cross Spread.
Welcome to The Wellness Universe Success Circle - Mastermind with a twist! Join Daniel Gutierrez in this ongoing mastermind and mentoring group, as he shares his insight on how to take your passion and turn it into a successful business and coaches you into creating that powerful business you really want. In this FREE introductory first class, Daniel will talk with you about your WORTH and VALUE. One of the most difficult things for people to do is too decide on their value. Many of entrepreneurs have worked hard on their websites, marketing and social media only to be asked this question and freeze. Sound familiar? Daniel has spent a life time of working with major corporations and entrepreneurs alike and defying the laws of the status quo as it relates to what is a suitable fee for his work. During this webinar you will discover: - What keeps you from asking for what you are worth - How much not asking is costing you and your business - The main key to getting not only what your worth but continuing to raise it constantly - Should you follow trends in deciding your fee - The number one objection clients have in paying you - You can always get what you desire in a negotiation, if you start with understanding how negotiation works and what you are worth - Making sure you have the right audience - Why bartering your services are a bad idea, if you want to make money - How to be the Apple company in your industry Daniel Gutierrez is an international business consultant, radio personality, renowned motivational speaker and spiritual teacher who has inspired people to make positive changes that lead to success. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us has helped transform individuals all over the world. When Daniel shares his real-life stories that come from the heart, his appeal breaks the boundaries of many professions, ages and cultures. People identify with the pitfalls and celebrations, the tragedies and the successes, the heartaches and the search for inner peace. Currently Daniel is building a spiritual retreat center deep in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The grand opening date for his center is set for December 2017. Based in Los Angeles, Daniel has been the cover story in Latin Business Magazine and listed in its �Top 100 Hispanics� along with other extraordinary individuals such as actor Edward James Olmos, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and CNN�s Soledad O�Brien. Daniel has also been the cover story of Cypen Magazine and was featured in the documentary film Luminous WorldViews as one of eighteen world renowned thought leaders, in the area of transformation and leadership. Most recently Daniel was featured on the cover of Color Magazine, December 2015. This article recognized Daniel for the first time as both a corporate and a spiritual leader. Daniel has served as President of PRIMER, a prestigious national leadership organization based in New York City. Mr. Gutierrez has also served as an advisor to the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration.
If you have been told to write a book, have written a book, or are thinking of writing a book then this webinar is for YOU! Navigating the world of book publishing can be daunting and expensive. Find out from Rev. Patricia Brooks, CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Publishing, the real skinny on professional book publishing. And it doesn't stop there! Once your book is published, people have to know about it! Rev. Patricia will share what works and what doesn't with marketing your book and innovative ways to build your platform and reach a wide audience. It can be done! Promise! Sign up and find out how! Your New Calling Card - Your Book! Should you write a book? Why should you write a book? How should you write a book? The Ins And Outs Of Your Publishing Options ~Self Publishing ~Hybrid Publishing ~Traditional Publishing ~Traditional Publishing Plus Navigate The World Of Publishing ~Basic Requirements for Publication ~How to Get Your Book Noticed ~How to Present Your Book to a Publisher How To Get Noticed ~What Works ~What Doesn't Work ~Innovative Marketing For Today's World ~Platform Building ~Branding ~Collaboration and Co-Promotion Equals Success!
Join us each month for a master class with one of the stellar members of The Wellness Universe. You will get a chance to meet the soul behind their profile and not only walk way inspired but also educated. On this months 'A Cuppa Wellness', meet Life Designer & Author, Julie Reisler to uncover the 3 daily magical practices to help you transform your life. When you master your inner world, you can master your outer world. Get ready to be empowered and inspired to manifest your authentic purpose and re-connect to the most important person in the world; YOU. The Easy Life Makeover is about YOU designing your best you, and is inspired by Julie's book, Get a PhD in YOU: A Miraculous Course in Self-Discovery. You will come away with 3 game-changers: 1. The power of self-love and how to get it through the mirror 2. How to eat (and do life) with intention and attention 3. Why celebrating life's small moments could change your life Julie coaches many women and men from diverse backgrounds in any area that matters to them, such as overall wellness, self-confidence, emotional overeating, relationships and work/life balance. To find out more about Julie and connect: