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I am a Psychic Medium and I use my abilities as an Intuitive Soul Coach, Animal Communicator, Dream Interpreter & Spiritual Teacher. I connect to and channel Spirit to help in identifying soul-level solutions for wellness, enlightenment and growth. I use a direct, humorous and compassionate approach in my sessions and want my clients and students to recognize the world of energy around them and be able to make their own confident empowered decisions from an intuitively informed centered and balanced place.
My professional resume includes sixteen years of public relations and media relations experience on more than 1,000 PR campaigns, 200+ syndicated celebrity interviews stories published, and co-creating the first mobile app for the public relations and journalism/media industries.
Sharon Carne, BMus, M.F.A. is an author, speaker, musician, recording artist, sound healer, Reiki master and consultant. She has been a faculty member of The Conservatory at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta since 1988. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness, whose programs are at the forefront of education in how sound and music can be easily applied to your everyday life - to reduce stress, help you concentrate, energize you, inspire you, support your health, and so much more. Sharon is the author of Listen from the Inside Out, and has produced and recorded several CDs, solo and with others. She is invited to speak about sound healing to a wide variety of corporate and private audiences,
I'm the founder and CEO of Tech Talk Cafe, Conscious Eco Creation, and Living Lessons. I bring left-brain and right-brain balance to life coaching, business consulting, personal transformation and spiritual development. Wearing my left-brain tiara, my specialty is tuning in to assist well-being providers in establishing and marketing an online business. Who are you reaching out to? What is the core communication of your business? Does this core communication align with and reflect your authenticity and unique gifts? As a energy healing facilitator, and coach it's my honor to be part of changing people's lives. Tech Talk Cafe offers workshops to focus small business owners on getting started with traction. I love to save new and established business owners time and money. Creatrix Wisdom Circle is a wonderful place to bring attention and intention to healing specific issues. Wisdom and co-creation are a dynamic duo to bring into community. Living Lessons Library is a deeply spiritual resource reflecting more than 25 years of personal and group transformation. Many of my students and I are still connected after decades of living our process and walking our talk. All of our living lessons are unique at the same time the most meaningful life lessons are universal.
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Are You Living the Life You Want? You are the creator of your life experience. Let's talk about how we perceive the world and the power we have to change the world. Let's discover the amazing power we have to create. Let's expand our awareness and eliminate limiting beliefs subconscious programs that are hindering us from being the completely amazing person that we are. Research reveals that 95% of our behavior is controlled by the subconscious. Imagine your life as you begin to take more conscious control. Why not give yourself a fresh start. Be transformed by renewing your mind.
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Join us each month for a master class with one of the stellar members of The Wellness Universe. You will get a chance to meet the soul behind their profile and not only walk way inspired but also educated. This month's guest is Patricia Young. Patricia is a Purpose, Business & Money Coach, and Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. Her specialty is help people live on Purpose and create a life filled with meaning, prosperity, freedom and Joy, while they make a positive impact to the world! In this episode of 'A Cuppa Wellness', Patricia will chat with us about: - Why Money is a struggle for so many people and the consequences of dealing with financial struggle - Secrets to start experiencing more abundance now - 5 Key areas that you must be in control of to increase your financial self-worth and net-worth Find out more about Patricia here:
If you have been told to write a book, have written a book, or are thinking of writing a book then this webinar is for YOU! Navigating the world of book publishing can be daunting and expensive. Find out from Rev. Patricia Brooks, CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Publishing, the real skinny on professional book publishing. And it doesn't stop there! Once your book is published, people have to know about it! Rev. Patricia will share what works and what doesn't with marketing your book and innovative ways to build your platform and reach a wide audience. It can be done! Promise! Sign up and find out how! Your New Calling Card - Your Book! Should you write a book? Why should you write a book? How should you write a book? The Ins And Outs Of Your Publishing Options ~Self Publishing ~Hybrid Publishing ~Traditional Publishing ~Traditional Publishing Plus Navigate The World Of Publishing ~Basic Requirements for Publication ~How to Get Your Book Noticed ~How to Present Your Book to a Publisher How To Get Noticed ~What Works ~What Doesn't Work ~Innovative Marketing For Today's World ~Platform Building ~Branding ~Collaboration and Co-Promotion Equals Success!
Archangel Jeremiel is the archangel of life review and life lessons. He helps brings clarity of perception and hope through clear judgement, and encourages us to reflect upon the lessons of the past to learn and understand our life lessons, enabling us to move on from repetitive cycles in our lives. Archangel Jeremiel also assists with developing psychic and spiritual abilities to aid in our own growth and to help others as well. Connecting and working with Archangel Jeremiel will help you make positive choices and change your life for the better.