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I am a Psychic Medium and I use my abilities as an Intuitive Soul Coach, Animal Communicator, Dream Interpreter & Spiritual Teacher. I connect to and channel Spirit to help in identifying soul-level solutions for wellness, enlightenment and growth. I use a direct, humorous and compassionate approach in my sessions and want my clients and students to recognize the world of energy around them and be able to make their own confident empowered decisions from an intuitively informed centered and balanced place.
In my "midlife" I was drawn to my own spiritual awakening, inner work, and empowerment. In 2012 I reconnected with my innate intuitive healing abilities (which I had been ordered to shut down as a child). After supporting several strangers/acquaintances in releasing/healing "incurable" chronic conditions and emotional trauma, I founded Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst. My Perspective Reboot® and Kore HealingSM sessions offer balance, release, healing of mind-body-spirit-emotions. I live in southern Maine with my husband of 40 years. My mission is to seed more love and light into our world and help others remember and thrive as the one they are here to BE. Release what no longer serves you!
Some people are born to be teachers and healers. - Rosemary captures the beauty of both with her training and expertise in science, art, and energy healing. - Her work translates easily to curriculum she has developed over the years to help people REMEMBER who they are - that they have the POWER to HEAL, accessing innate wisdom through shamanic practices, sound, energy, aromatherapy, detoxification, and the use of many other tools. - Personal transformation through developing one's intuitive abilities become the core of Rosemary's teachings. - She blends science and spirituality effortlessly to teach everything she has learned . . . that we are all WHOLE magnificent beings filled with love and light.
Do you feel like you are controlled by gas, bloating, & stomach cramping?...and you haven't found relief from your tummy turmoil? Nothing changes unless something changes - if you want different results you are going to have to try a different approach. THIS COMPLIMENTARY CALL IS FOR YOU IF: You're looking to end the struggle with gas, belly bloat, stomach pain and cramping, fatigue, etc. You want to be able to get through a meal without burping, having to run to the bathroom or pop antacids like candy. You're ready to receive top-notch support to break through the barriers that have been standing in your way. You know it's time to drop the constant vicious cycle of your digestive issues and step into the life you truly desire and feel confident about. With the right tools in place, you can have a happy tummy, a healthy body, and the vibrant-filled life you deserve. And it's Gianna's goal is to help you get there! Apply for: End Tummy Turmoil & Restore Digestive Health Strategy Session OR email at [email protected] Find out how to tame your tummy from digestive distress, end the confusion around food & digestion, & freedom from the turmoil striking back! Gianna is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a Functional Nutrition approach, founder of Transformational Health, Living Toxin-Free Educator, and creator of popular programs like 14-Day Healthy Digestion Reset, From Digestive Distress to Digestive Wellness: 90 Day Fast Track, and Restore: The Ultimate Transformation for Better Digestive Health. About Gianna: I specialize in helping people who are struggling with digestive issues - like gas, bloating, belly pain, or cramping so they can finally free themselves from embarrassing, and often painful, and uncomfortable symptoms. My clients have often been struggling with these digestive issues for years - and they've often tried lots of things that haven't worked; so they think it's something they just have to live with. If you've been struggling with embarrassing, painful, and uncomfortable belly issues, I'd love to show you an easier, healthier approach that truly works. My approach is about finding the root causes of your health issues and help you to figure out what works best for you and your body. My work is about serving you to best understand how your body, mind, spirit, and energy function together so you experience greater health and ease within your body and life. You will learn self-nourishment and find the true person within, how to be in harmony with nature, and achieve lifestyle and personal goals. I use innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, interactive, and integrative approach that pulls from over 100 dietary theories. My education in Integrative Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, Psychology, and on environmental toxins and synthetic hormones have equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, essential oils, and prevention. I know you're tired of trying to find a solution to your tummy trouble... You're probably sick of trying to find a pair of pants that you can breathe in, burping or belching after a meal, having to run to the bathroom (or wonder when your next poop is going to happen), or avoiding the gym because you are afraid of passing gas while working out, despite all the tactics you've tried. What you can expect: Together we will work to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving digestive wellness by alleviating gas, reducing (or even eliminating) belly bloat and pain, and even reducing exposure to environmental toxins and synthetic hormones in a healthy and sustainable way, so you can FINALLY feel great, have full of confidence, and end the battle with over-the-counter/prescription drugs, food, and diets. Based on your needs, I will gradually introduce new and healthful foods and activities into your lifestyle that best support you. As you start to feel better, these habits will have a natural tendency to remain with you and will crowd out the less healthful ones enabling you to reach your current and future health goals. In becoming healthier, other areas of your life such as relationships, career, and creativity start to drastically improve. You will naturally begin to crave the foods and activities that make you feel better, and you will feel more motivated to make time in your life for those things that are truly important to you. I'd love for you to invest 30 minutes of your time with me so that I can serve you on your health and wellness journey to digestive wellness. No cost, just value paid forward from me to you. Apply for: End Tummy Turmoil & Restore Digestive Health Strategy Session OR email me at [email protected]