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Dee’s mission is to be the catalyst for 144,000 conscious awaken individuals aiming to increase vitality, energy and get their sexy back to elevate the vibration of our planet now. Dee was born a rebel, a troublemaker, and a disruptor of many concepts, she is ready to disrupt the fitness industry. She is ready to help you all to bring the gap between health, fitness, and overall wellness, knowing that the biggest issue is lack of time, energy, and procrastination being the biggest challenge. Your time to elevate yourself, get your power back and elevate our humanity is now! As a single mom, entrepreneur, and very social individual, she knows how to help you to put it all together with 30 minutes a week of fitness, simplify your cooking by bringing more nutrition to your meals and most important remove your blockage of procrastination. She is a certified Personal trainer, healthy eating coach, reiki master, and sound wellness practitioner. She helps her clients combine her knowledge in fitness, nutrition, and her intuition to support them with the mindset and healing.