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Olivier Sanchez is a registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist and specialises in stress, sleep disorders and other stress-related conditions, including multi-factorial, gut-related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Olivier has also trained in stress and mental health and is furthering his studies specifically on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and mental health in children and young adults. Olivier has undergone intense training in Naturopathic Medicine (including learning about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in-depth nutrition, detoxification, homoeopathy, the basics of herbal medicine, and more). His timely discovery of Naturopathic Nutrition has finally provided the tools he needed to pursue his calling: helping people. Through constant research and studying, Olivier has amassed a complete set of ‘tools’ with up-to-date evidence to help his clients reach an optimum state of health. He is also a registered Iridologist who qualified at the top of his class, and he is certified in sport & nutrition and in cleansing, detox and weight management. Ongoing training includes NLP and personal performance coaching, both exceptional techniques, he believes, are essential for identifying blockages and barriers that prevent a multitude of people from moving forwards and becoming the person they dream of. Finally, he is also certified in mycotherapy, allowing him to use medicinal mushrooms in a wide range of targeted protocols.