Experts (2)
Lisa Nicholls is a consummate networker and community builder who intuitively understands how to form genuine connections with people in real life and online. After a career holding customer-focused positions across a variety of industries, in 2010 Lisa founded Tira! Strategies, a consultancy dedicated to helping small business owners navigate the complex and dynamic world of social media. Lisa leverages her deep expertise in relationship building and communications to help her clients form meaningful relationships with customers online, building communities of loyal and devoted customers.
Corporate sales and marketing manager turned transformational business owner, Lisa Dadd works to build a bridge between success and fulfillment. Her radical approach to selling from INSIDE our comfort zone, shifts a paradigm we’ve been taught to believe. Not only can we feel good in the process, it is also our most effective approach to finding success in business. Lisa Dadd spent 15 years in the competitive industry of corporate healthcare, mastering strategic sales, marketing and management skills. In addition to the success, climbing the corporate ladder offered, was a deep sense her greatest potential was yet to be realized. It took years as an independent consultant, and an intense training in leadership development and social emotional learning, to uncover an innate way to access that potential. Leveraging a diagnostic tool called Soul Language, Lisa now works with innovative leaders to integrate an awareness of who they are at their core, into the way they do business. The success of her process is particularly related to her unique approach to sales training. Soul Sales teaches the art of creating buy-in, through the enrolling language of one’s natural essence.