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Kamini Wood, a mother of 5, is an international best-selling author, certified life coach for teens & adults. Board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practioners, as founder and CEO of Live Joy Your Way and the AuthenticMe® RiseUp program, she works with high achievers on letting go of stress, overwhelm and anxiety that comes with trying to do everything, and trying to do it all perfectly. Kamini helps remind them their uniqueness is a gift to the world as she guides them on their journey back towards inner confidence, energy and empowerment so they can be re-energized and become who they are meant to be both in personal and professional settings. She has trained in conscious parenting and becoming a certified coach of conscious uncoupling. Kamini�s goal is to meet a client where they are and support them as they grow, taking them from expectation hostage to resilient self-leader.