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As an EFT Master Trainer I help people help themselves and others learn to self-regulate in multiple situations and for many issues. I also coach, train and speak about issues of physical self-compassion and self-care, helping people find ease of movement, move out of chronic stress, release trauma from their bodies, overcome bodily discomfort and achieve a renewed sense of freedom and true embodiment. Working in one-to-one Sessions and workshops, my primary clientele is served, internationally, via Zoom online. My holistic approach combines cognitive and physical Somatics (EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, and meditations with body-based somatic methodologies). The work guides folks to manage stress, heal trauma, overcome bodily discomfort and achieve a renewed sense of freedom and true embodiment. Learning how to practice physical self-compassion and self-care, and find ease of mind and movement in life is the goal and a real joy. Using EFT and at the client's option, physical Somatics such as yoga, breath work, and dance, enables clients and students to enhance awareness of sensations being experienced. This heightened awareness in turn, helps to reintegrate bodies and minds to work towards a state of being where we can fully trust we are safe in ourselves. , Other benefits include improved self-agency and empowerment, an enhanced ability to connect with ourselves and others, the reduction of symptoms of P.T.S.D., a diminished sense of physical pain, and the calming of the mind. So few people understand the messages that their body is trying to send to them. They believe that the insecurities they feel in their minds or the torrents of emotion running through their body is who they are. I help people free their bodies so they can free their minds, emotions and lives.