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Suzy Woo is an enthusiastic, sought after healer, astrologer, medium and presenter who lovingly meets you where you are and guides you along your next steps on your spiritual journey. She explains the language of our universe as it relates to us on a collective and a personal level. Suzy teaches everything she knows, explaining your own cosmic energies from an astrological perspective, as well as talking about other galaxies and dimensions. Yes she works with a whole team of beings, including unicorns and dragons, and is familiar with other timelines, ancestral wisdom, and can often see your past lives. She was a featured presenter at SoulTreat 2019 in Sedona, where many physical healings occurred in her workshop. She is a contributing author to the Wellness Universe's Complete Guide to Self-Care: 25 Tips to Stress Relief, as author of chapter 23 entitled Reclaim Your Power: Shine So Bright it Hurts to Look at You. Based in western New York; and serving the planet to guide you on your spiritual path of awakening, Suzy will have you laughing all the way, as you surprise yourself with your own way of joy and magic. Workshops and classes, Readings and Healings along with Cacao ceremonies, for groups or individuals, around the world.