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Certified Holistic Practitioner, Founder of Chiron's Way Holistic Consulting, and Author of Mind Files: Perception, Perspective & Problems.

Penny is a long time student of health sciences, mythology and philosophy. After a long and successful business management career, Penny became certified in holistic counseling, and launched a wellness consulting practice named after the mythological teacher and healer Chiron. (pronounced Ky-ron)

After spending years working through personal physical and emotional trauma and utilizing the skills she developed throughout her career, Penny developed Mind Files, an easy to understand mind, body, and spiritually themed program that ...See All


Certified Holistic Therapeutic Counsellor - Graduated with Distinction 2010 from Stonebridge College UK

Certified in Natural Nutrition by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2015

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Everyone has baggage. Knowing how to let it go is the difference between living free and feeling powerless. Learn how your mind's process creates intellectual and emotional blocks, and discover the step by step process that will set you free. As a Certified Holistic Counsellor and Nutritionist, and as someone who has overcome tremendous obstacles, I know what it takes to work through a painful past and get to the other side. Being born with severe bilateral hip dysplasia caused me to walk with an exaggerated limp as a child. I was ridiculed and bullied which created deep rooted feelings of shame and layers and layers of anger. I've gone through fourteen major reconstructive orthopedic surgeries over the course of thirty years to correct my skeletal deformity. Everyone can see the physical scars left on my body, but no one could see the emotional scars buried under the surface. As if that wasn't enough to learn life lessons from, I was a victim to two sexual predators before I was even a teenager which spanned the course of four years. I share more of my story with you during this session. Mind Files was birthed from Divine Guidance. Understanding what happened to me in my early years, and finding freedom through genuine forgiveness was the catalyst necessary to fulfill my life's purpose in guiding others through their own life challenges. If you are unhappy with your life, struggle with self-confidence, have experienced physical or emotional trauma, been a victim of abuse, or feel like you have no control over your life, allow me to introduce you to a self-help program that I have developed and used on myself, as well as my clients, that can help you too. I am free of my past and I will teach you how to let go of the emotional baggage that is weighing you down! I personally guide you, step by step through the beginning stages of identifying the intellectual and emotional blocks that are keeping you from living joyfully and peacefully. Here is how: * Learn how the mind's process collects, assesses, categorizes, stores and references information * Unearth your emotional voids * Identify intellectual psychological patterns that keep you in a negative feedback loop * Learn how stress and negative patterns affect your physical body * Together, we'll examine the many different definitions of the Power of the Universe many have named God * Discover the importance of a daily Spiritual practice Choosing to heal is a big step and if you'll allow me to guide you, I promise to treat you with the utmost respect, patience and kindness I know you deserve. Attend the live workshop to enter your name in a draw to win a private one on one Mind Files session with me (value $100) The first 100 people that register before June 1, 2019 will receive a complimentary digital download of Mind Files: Perception, Perspective & Problems from iTunes. You can't change something about yourself unless you know what it is that needs to change. Register today and discover the path to finding YOU!
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