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Catherine is an intuitive and empathic facilitator of change, known for encouragement, enlightenment, and empowerment. She teaches, counsels, gives talks, writes, and is passionate about supporting others in reconnecting with their inner selves in order to be who they came into this world to be. She is an author of a parenting book, has given professional and inspiring talks across the U.S., and is thrilled to be offering live teachings through the Wellness Universe and Learn it Live.


B.S. Major Psychology Minor Sociology
M.A. Neuropsychology
M.A. Clinical Counseling from Adler University
National Certified Counselor
Certified Positive Discipline Educator and Trainer Candidate
Parent Management Basic Training, the Yale Parent Center

Experience and Distinctions

Catherine has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership. She has been inducted into Elite American Educators, Elite Women Worldwide, Marquis Who's Who and selected as "Outstanding Professional of the Year" by Cambridge Who's Who. She was also selected as "Top Female Executive" and was featured in a chapter in the "Top 101 Industry Expert publication." In 2016 named "Top Clinical Professional Counselor of the Year." She is an active volunteer with and is affiliated with several national and state professional organizations including, the North American Society of Adlerian Professionals, the the American Counseling Association, and the Illinois Mental Health ...See All

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Does it seem like your child expects the family to revolve around them? Does your child interrupt you or misbehave when you turn your attention towards something else? Do you ever hear yourself saying, why so much drama? How come I can't get anything done? You may be dealing with an Attention Seeker. Looking for ideas? Need a Change? In this class you will learn where attention seeking behaviors come from, why children do what they do, and specific strategies you can use to invite more cooperation.
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Catherine Gruener
Recorded: Jan 18, 2018 at 03:45 pm EDT
Are you ever surprised or floored by what your child just said to you? Have you heard hurtful words come out of your child's mouth and you have no idea where that language or tone is coming from? Does the octaves in your house need to come down a notch or 2? Let's talk about feelings. In this Introductory course you will learn where revenge behaviors come from, why children do what they do, and what you can do about it.
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Catherine Gruener
Recorded: Jan 16, 2018 at 02:45 pm EDT
Does it seem like a constant battle? Do you hear NO all the time? Do you ask your child to do something and they...just don't do it? When all you want is peace and cooperation? In this Introductory course, webinar replay, you will learn where power struggles come from, why children do what they do, and gain some strategies so you can have No More Power Struggles.
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Parenting is a passion for Catherine. Encouragement Parenting is the parent education Division of Gruener Consulting, focusing on nurturing the enlightenment and empowerment of parents through experiential trainings, workshops, seminars, and online classes. Catherine orients you to Encouragement Parenting and Walks you Through the Key Concepts that provide the foundation for all of the Encouragement Parenting Classes in the series.
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Though you looked, you were not able to find What to Expect when Expecting a Gifted Child in the bookstores. It can be difficult to find parenting approaches that meet the needs of gifted children, and parenting a young gifted child has unique challenges. Research in the professional and peer-reviewed Gifted journals recognize that certain parenting approaches are more successful or widely used with parents of gifted children than others. Based on her new book Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect When You Have the Unexpected, this workshop focuses on the unique social and emotional characteristics of young gifted children along with experiential exercises from Encouragement Parenting. Combining current research with hands-on examples and experiential exercises, participants will be offered insight, understanding, clarifications, and strategies for parenting young gifted children.
Twice-exceptional (2E) is a term that is used for gifted children who have a co-occurring disability. 2E children and their parents have the challenge of navigating both ends of the spectrum at school and at home; both gifted and disability arenas. What does a family and child with twice-exceptionalities look like? What are some signs and symptoms of a gifted child who may have a co-occurring disability? What are the basics in Parenting a 2E child? It takes courage, knowledge, skill, and support to stay afloat and ride the waves while parenting a 2E child. This seminar will address 2E, signs and symptoms of 2E, unique social and emotional issues that a child and family may encounter, and recommended parental strategies for success.
Creating Sacred Space. Roundtable Panel Discussions and Interviews of top healers about current issues. A space and time for healers to connect and have intelligent conversation about the months current affairs and issues. From interviews to round table panel discussions, each month takes on the current issues that impact our world. Each episode takes place on the third week and fourth day of each month. See Dates and Details Below. 10/19/17 Rising From the Ashes, Perspectives on the last 2 months with Heather Elizabeth Neary of SHINE, Linda Gillan of MUD for STARS Mental Health, and Aisha-Sky Gates of Gates Counseling https://www.shineheatherelizabeth.one/about/ http://www.heartoflinda.com https://gatescounseling.com 11/16 Creating the Visual Representation of the Sacred Space with Katherine Skaggs of Soul Sistas Creative Productions, llc. https://katherineskaggs.com/about-katherine-skaggs/ 12/14 Holiday Magic with Deborah Owen-Sohocki and Heather Corinne Lang http://www.rmclp.com/6-2/debrorah-owen-schocki/ https://catherinebroy.com/authors/heather-corinne-lang/
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Why kids fight and what you can do about it. Don't Try Harder, Try Smarter! Strategies and Tools to Empower Parents. Encouragement Parenting uses hands-on exercises, focuses on the process of doing and reflecting on what you are doing, making the abstract active while offering you a chance to practice and try out new skills before you get home. In this FREE introduction, sample some exercises and take away some tips.