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PARENTS, GIVE UP YOUR CONTROL! Why do we dislike being controlled, but yet it's so easy to want to control others, especially our kids? Control begets control. Our past experiences and conditioning impact the way we raise our children now. The use of control can create compliance or defiance, but neither is ideal for healthy mental and emotional development. Let's explore where control comes from, how it shows up in the way we interact with our kids, and the impact it has on behavior and interest. With education and awareness, we can shift to an empowering parenting model that feels good to our kids and us! In this WU Class series, you will receive insight on common issues from daily life with children, as well as spiritual guidance with the help of high-frequency tools from the spiritual world.
What does it take, and what does it mean to love someone unconditionally? This month, we are going to take compassion and self-love to the next level and talk about the concept of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Get ready to have some beliefs examined, challenged, expanded and perhaps even dissolved. This class will be as much about receiving as it will be about giving. Join us and receive the gift of an Unconditional Love that has been within you all along, awaiting to be discovered.