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Shields. Barriers. Armor. Real or imagined, these are defense mechanisms we use to protect ourselves from harm. But is the fear of being hurt real? Or, perhaps, is it just a learned behavior that emanates out of our early childhood experiences? In this episode of Soul Empowerment, David, Kristi and Sara plan to shed some light on the importance of recognizing our inherent and innate safety—no matter what might be going on around us. Our tendency to be defended is little more than a learned coping strategy to deal with the illusory fear that seems to pervade much of our thinking. As we see the illusion for what it is, we begin to recognize the associated defensiveness as unnecessary, and soon enough we can drop our shields—knowing that we are safe anyway. * The Story. We are all born perfect, without judgment or preconceptions about life. As we grow, we witness the behaviors of those around us, and we experience feelings and sensations from things that happen to us. These become part of our story. How we react to these events influences the way we show up going forward. * Hiding the Self. The true self can get lost behind the barriers and walls that we build to protect ourselves from further hurt and pain. Like an armadillo, we wear a protective shield which hides the more sensitive aspects of us, so that we can show a “Brave Face”, a mask to the world that we believe it wishes to see. * Lost & Found. When you start to review your story from an adult place of greater understanding, you can unravel it and decode it in a way your younger self was not equipped to do. Love yourself enough to realize that you could only react with the knowledge you had at the time. Today you have more knowledge and understanding—you can choose which aspects to keep and which to release. * Experience “More and Better”. It is time to “open the kimono” and present your true self to the world. It is time to be honest about who you are. It is time to choose boundaries that free you to honor yourself through authentic vulnerability. Join us for this exciting live conversation, and learn to discard your masks and protective shields so that you can rediscover and share the magnificence of your true self.
If you are beyond ready to manifest more success, prosperity and freedom without constantly being thrown out of alignment by negativity or from absorbing other’s emotions and energetically align to your desires so you can manifest a reality you love... achieving a consistent high vibration so you can step into a higher version of you and attract more opportunities and income than you’ve ever imagined, then you’ll love this class. You’ll Discover: ~ The 5 BIGGEST Prosperity Blockers and learn what you can do to rise above. ~ How to Clear and Release Negativity, Challenges and outside Circumstances so you can become a Vibrational Match to Your Desires. ~ How to Dream Bigger, use the #1 practice that so many toss aside, and Open up to Receive Your Desires. ~ The 5 Simple Phases of Creating Next-Level Manifestations ~The Misconceptions you’ve been told about Manifesting Prosperity & Success. ~ The Hidden Secret to Manifesting *PLUS... you’ll be entered into a drawing to win our 45-minute Manifesting Frequency Alignment Session! When you have the right tools and practices in place, you’ll be able to realign any time without feeling like you’re spinning in circles and without spiraling down into negativity and overwhelm. It’s time to manifest more success, prosperity and freedom to give you an edge in your soulful business and life! REGISTER TODAY!
If you are like most people, there’s a good chance that you occasionally find yourself dealing with situations that seem confusing or disorienting. When that happens, you might imagine that, like Alice in Wonderland, you have inadvertently slipped down a rabbit-hole where everything is topsy-turvy and upside-down! Sometimes, strange things really do occur in life! But more often than not what’s going on is that we’ve allowed our ego-mind belief systems to get the better of us, and all that’s really happening is that our soul is trying to shake us back to the truth of who we really are. Think about it: after you come out of one of these episodes, don’t you find that you have more clarity about your life than you had going in? Join me and my guest, integrative quantum healer and Spiritual guide Kristi Borst, for a rousing conversation about living a larger version of yourself—even in the face of some of the confusion that might be present in your life. We’ll be diving into the following, and a lot more: * Lack and Limitation * Extra Dimensions! * Gifts Borne from Fears * Opportunities Disguised as Challenges Come join us for the live presentation and learn how to enjoy the topsy-turvy experiences in your life!
As a society we have learned to be many things to many people for many reasons. This can create a mis-understanding of our true self identity, the essence of who we really are. When our life is then changed by any number of things such as loss of job, aging, loss of loved ones, divorce, chronic illness, trauma, etc., that identity is most times challenged as well. We can feel lost, out of control, terrified of the changes that are likely to result, and stuck in self defeating patterns. Our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual identities are all called into question. Therefore the courage to move forward into discovery of a different identity can be more painful than the comfort of staying where we are. Travel now with us on a journey to rediscover and reconnect to true self. Your True Self.
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Self-Care True Stories with Guest David D McLeod: Healing Parent Wounds April 22, 11am EDT/8am PDT Overcoming unimaginable challenges through self-care, transformational and wellness leaders from The Wellness Universe share their story inspiring you to live your best life on: Self-Care True Stories We look to mind, body, spirit, wellness leaders, gurus, and experts to light the way for us. Direct us. Guide us. What was their personal journey? Are they the real deal? What have they experienced in life that qualifies them to lead our way to our happiest, healthiest life? Meet David D McLeod, Certified Master Life Coach in Self-Care True Stories: Healing Parent Wounds At 3 years old, David's mother said 8 words to him that changed everything. Unfortunately, it was not for the better! Those 8 words triggered a chain reaction of disempowering personal beliefs that led over the course of 40 years to a complete disownment of who he really was, coupled with a growing resentment and anger that gradually became unmanageable. Yearning for release from this negative downward spiral, David found support in Northern California starting in 1995, and over the following 10 years did a great deal of healing to unravel his limiting self-beliefs. This transition has created in David a deep passion for helping others to know, appreciate, express and experience all of who they really are. Hear his story and learn an empowering practice to help you live a better life. About David: As a Certified Master Life Coach with a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching and a DD in Spiritual Counseling, David shares his wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world to become true Masters of their lives. This conversation can change your life.
In our current world, it seems as if there are external forces that determine how we are supposed to show up, behave, and interact with others. Essentially, we seem to be at the mercy of rules and regulations that are put in place to control us--as if without this external control, we would somehow contribute to endless chaos and anarchy. In order to maintain an orderly society, some of these rules and guidelines may be necessary, but what is the cost? What happens to the spirit of the individual? Imagine living a life where external controls do not exist, where you are free to express and experience the full measure of who you really are--always, of course, respecting the right of everyone else to do the same. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to choose where and how to invest your energy, instead of being on a hamster wheel forever chasing an illusion? We have been led to believe that we are making choices from a place of freedom, and yet a whole new world is opening in understanding just what freedom means to each individual. We are beginning to recognize the importance of Individual Sovereignty. In this episode, transition guide and energy worker Maya Boston will share her wisdom on this subject. We'll be discussing a lot of great concepts, including the following: * Sovereignty = Freedom * How Can it Help? * Reclaiming Your Sovereignty * Sovereignty: The Natural State Come join us for the live presentation and share your perspective as we dive into this fascinating topic.
Self-Care Sunday is coming! We will be sharing tools to experience more happiness! 6 Best-Selling Authors from The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness will be guiding you through their tool so you can put it into practice and live a better life. Sessions will be experiential. Bring your notebook and pen. From the comfort of your own home immerse yourself in an event filled with experiences that will enhance your total well-being by inviting more happiness into your daily routine and transform you from this day forward. Learn a new tool! Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe introduces you to wonderful guides, teachers, and healers who support your well-being! You don’t want to miss this event. Register now FREE!! Join us live Sunday February 28, 11am EST to 2pm EST. First 200 people to register - Be entered into our $1000 wellness extravaganza bonus package! Gifts and prizes for our live audience! Schedule in Eastern Time starting at 11:00 AM: 11:00 - Author of Chapter 22 Divine J9, CRM, CEMP, CCHP, CHT: FIRE CEREMONY | HARNESSING THE ELEMENT OF FIRE FOR RAPID TRANSFORMATION 11:30 – Author of Chapter 20 Shannone Holt, ARP, R.P., RYT: SELF-LOVE AND DETACHMENT | THE GOLDEN TICKET TO ACCESSING YOUR SUPERPOWER 12:00 – Author of Chapter 19 Ingrid Auer, Spiritual Teacher: DIVINE JOY | HEAL YOUR FEARS WITH THE HELP OF ARCHANGELS 12:30 – Author of Chapter 10 Maggie Sarfo: CREATING BALANCE FOR HAPPINESS | CONNECTING WITH OUR EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL SELVES 1:00 - Author of Chapter 18 David D McLeod, DD, PhD, CMLC: HAPPINESS HYPERLISTING | ULTIMATE JOURNALING FOR AUTHENTIC JOY 1:30pm - Author of Chapter 4 Laura Sharon, MA, ACC, CDTLF/CDWF: OPENING YOUR HEART | A PRACTICE TO CLEAR YOUR PATH TO HAPPINESS It is a choice. Choose happiness! Prizes Awarded During LIVE Event! Many will win - Stress Relief E books Happiness E Books Stress Relief Paperback Books Happiness Paperback Books 50% off coupons for SoulTreat 1 Coaching Session with Laura Sharon - 30-minute coaching call valued at $150 on helping you get crystal clear on what is holding you back/keeping you stuck. 1 Coaching Session with David McLeod 30 minute laser-coaching session, valued at $97. 1 Ticket to SoulTreat - $499 Value 1 Wellness Extravaganza Prize Package - $1557 Value!! Wellness Extravaganza Prize Pack Includes: Laura Sharon - 30-minute coaching call valued at $150. Focused on helping you get crystal clear on what is holding you back/keeping you stuck. Ingrid Auer - amazing spiritual tools! Angel Symbol Cards plus workbook, plus self-studying online workshop for introduction plus two Angel Aura Essences. Value $199, supplies included. David McLeod - Premium Membership for Your Life Mastery Coach website - $97 per year for access to premium content. Shannon Holt - Win a 50-minute, one on one intuitive, guided breath, meditation and restorative yoga live video session with me! Perfect for beginners or advanced practitioners. Prior to the session, I will gather very basic information about you and your concerns, and during the session, I will let my intuition guide me on what you need most for the session. Value $149. Maggie Sarfo - Win a 4-Part Video Training Program enabling you to develop your purpose so you can be in your highest potential. Plus, a ticket on the 'Understanding Your True Self' live online masterclass in March - a fun opportunity for self-connection; developing your innate abilities with like-minded people. Value $266 Anna Pereira – One on one 45 minute call, value $197. Connect with founder of The Wellness Universe and use this time to get inspiration or mentoring for life or business. The Wellness Universe - 1 Ticket to SoulTreat Retreat - $499 value
This is an introductory workshop on the Akashic Records – an exploration of our individual multi-dimensional selves within the collective consciousness. The workshop is aimed at providing you with a practical and simple tool that enables you to bring your dreams and intentions into manifestation; so you can live your happiest life – personal life, career/business, relationships, financial etc. WHO IS THIS FOR? Join us at this very fun, inspirational and practical online workshop. It is for everyone looking to: • delve deeper and expand their awareness in the personal development, mindfulness and conscious transformation world. • understand their individual role in creating the lives they want and in relation to others. WHY ATTEND You will • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are (your blueprint and purpose) • Understand what the Akashic Records are and how they assist you • Address & heal challenged aspects of you so you can manifest your truest desires - personal life, career/business, relationships, financial etc. We look forward to facilitating, learning and co-creating with you! ABOUT MAGGIE Maggie Sarfo is a certified Personal Growth Mentor and Akashic Records Consultant for leaders & individuals looking to access their highest potential. With over 18 years’ experience, she combines her business and people development abilities with holistic modalities, quantum science and DNA healing tools with to balance all 4 aspects of ourselves – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She serves local and global clients in person or remotely (via Zoom/Phone). Maggie’s qualifications include: MBA, PGCert. People Development (CIPD) and Cert. Akashic Records
Want to Master Your Energy So You Can Next-Level your Manifestations? Join us for this FREE Class! Master Your Energy ~ Transform Your Reality: 8 Secrets to Creating Next-Level Manifestations In this special FREE Class that we've created just for Lightworkers & Transformational Entrepreneurs who want to shine their Light brighter & make a difference in the world, we’ll share how you can quantum leap your manifesting abilities. You'll also learn: ~ The 8 secrets to next-level manifesting...without having to struggle with overwhelm or hang out in the lower vibrational frequencies so you can finally feel free and happy!​ ~ Why NOW is the time to stop procrastinating, step up and expand your level of consciousness so you can stop wasting time and start living a life you love. ~ ​How working in the Higher Realms with Light energy can bring your manifestations into form, more easily. If you want to take full advantage of your life and help others do the same so we can all spread more Love & Light into this world...it must start with you. Register Here: http://bit.ly/WUClass21021 CLASS DETAILS: Where: Online at The Lounge When: Wed., February 10, 2021 Time: 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST
Have you ever found yourself holding on to something energetically-- a hope, a belief, an expectation, or even a grudge--only to discover that shortly after you released it, something wonderful showed up in your life? What showed up may have been a fulfillment of something you wanted, but often the energetic shift is enough to open space for almost anything that is considered desirable or valuable. I suspect this sort of thing happens to almost everyone from time to time. Whatever we hold on to--in the name of satisfying a position of the ego-mind--actually requires so much focus and energy that we unconsciously inhibit the flow of whatever the universe is trying to bring forth in our lives. Stranger still, we seem to fall into this pattern over and over again--at least until we learn to tame the ego-mind and surrender all our compulsions and addictions to Spirit. For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I've invited the amazing Anna Pereira back to the show. As a Master Manifester, she really knows about this dynamic and she has some powerful ideas for how to overcome the pattern quickly. Join us for the live presentation as we discuss: * Expectation Deflation * Desire, Want, Need, Addiction * Surrender, but Don't Give Up * Invitation Elation Come join us for the live presentation and help us shed some light on this great topic!
An interactive webinar series with practical tools and tips focused on personal growth, purpose development, the Akashic Records, neuroscience, quantum science, self and DNA healing. You will be able to: - Connect to your true self (soul blueprint) and purpose - Identify and address challenged aspects of you preventing you from living the life of your dreams - Live your happiest life and in relation to others: career, business, relationships, financial etc. Join us as we have fun and balance all 4 aspects of us: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual!
The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief introduces you to our featured authors and experts. Join us for this half day event, 6 panels discussing 6 topics with our Wellness Universe World-Changers. Book giveaways and lots of exciting prizes to help support your best life! Panels kick off at 12 noon Eastern until 3pm Eastern. Sessions run 25 minutes per panel. Join us at 11:45 for a pre-panel conversation with Anna Pereira and Laura DiFranco. 12pm - Spiritual Tools for Optimal Mental Wellness: Join our panel of spiritual guides and teachers to get the best tools for your best life by reducing stress, claiming your joy and how to go about your day with your cup running over! Carole Park Janette Stuart Jill Alman-Bernstein Debbra Lupien 12:30pm - Coping with Fear-Based Feelings: The pandemic, politics, natural disasters, economy sliding downhill, many of us are in a state of fear, anxiety and filled with pessimistic thoughts about the future. How do we handle this? Join us with as we discuss ways to relief and feeling better. Jim Phillips J9 Mayring Laura Ellick Melissa Jirovec 1pm - Stress & Everyone at Home: Home schooling, balancing domestic chores, finding new ways to stay healthy, being under one roof all day can take its toll. Join us for a conversation, ideas and tools to help you navigate this time, especially as we move into the colder months and being home will be a main part of our life. Toni Lynn Carolyn McGee Jennifer Wren Tolo 1:30pm - Stress and the Holidays: Unlike years past, this year may have its own set of circumstances that create great stress. Many without jobs, entertaining family, coping with the idea that the holidays will not be the same, from being alone to the traditional stressors. This year make it the best holiday experience for you. Join us for a conversation and solutions to help with this stressful time of year. Jennifer Elizabeth Moore Suzy Woo Laura Sharon Rosemary Levesque 2pm - Stress & Seasonal Depression: If the short days affect you or you suffer with anxiety and depression, you will want to join us. Understand the symptoms of anxiety, depression and get real tools and tips to help you through. Kim Marie Pauline Dolores Fazzino Linda Gillan Ilene Dillon 2:30pm - Routine & A Stress-Free Life: How do we stick with a lifestyle that supports our mental health? If you are someone who cannot stick to a routine, have a demanding life that always has a surprise happening, or you know it is time to really take care of yourself, join us. Nancy Ottenfeld Stevens David McLeod Donna Blevins
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