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The Wellness Universe welcomes you to our Mid-Week Reset Meditation led by Leah Skurdal, Intuitive Wellness Guide. Join us as we gather in this safe space. If you are feeling challenged by life or want to deepen your spiritual practice, pause mid-week to realign with your higher consciousness. The collective consciousness of our group will amplify your experience and facilitate reconnecting to your natural inner wellbeing to navigate life's challenges with grace, flow, and ease. Our sessions begin with a brief check-in to set the intention. Leah leads a 20-minute guided meditation of Divine Love to reconnect you with your inner wellbeing and bless your day. The meditation portion of our sessions will be recorded, while approximately ten minutes of sharing and creating a sacred space will not be in the recording. Please set aside 30 minutes of self-care time dedicated to yourself. Join the live event to embrace the full experience. About Leah: As an intuitive and energy channel, Leah aligns with Divine Love to bring through a powerful blessing of higher consciousness unfolding. Together, we create a sacred environment for anchoring 5D vibrations of innate wellbeing into physical form. Use this 30-minute reset meditation to refresh your body, emotions, and mind with your higher vibration spiritual essence. The meditation can be replayed often to assist in reconnecting to your innate wellbeing within. Intentionally recalibrate your vibration in harmony with Divine Love expressing through you. We begin on time each 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9:30am ET/6:30am PT. Please join our session 3 minutes prior to start time. Leah Skurdal is an Intuitive Wellness Guide, inspirational speaker, #1 Amazon Best-selling Author, and Transformational Energy Healer who has been passionately helping people access their inner resilience for over 25 years. Cost: Donation Value: $30 Connect with Leah on The Wellness Universe: https://bit.ly/LeahSkurdal
Susan Cross, Public Relations Expert Leader, PR Pro, Nature Conservationist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, in partnership with The Wellness Universe, Wellness for All programming teaches you how to create success with a PR plan. Susan guides you through an empowering and educational course designed to uplevel your message, deliver it with impact, and position yourself for success in the market with: Create Your Heart-Led PR Plan, for Mission Driven Business Owners. Every 4th Monday between June and November, 10am ET/7am PT, join Susan Cross live for 90-minutes in her interactive flex course supporting your greatest success as a wellness or heart-based business owner. This interactive program is for adult wellness-preneurs who want to develop and activate a focused public relations plan that raises their visibility to clients and colleagues. Attendees will build their own toolbox by the end of the program. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure supporting those seeking business growth. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek to uplevel you and your message. Free seats for those in need. Create Your Heart-Led PR Plan with Susan Cross schedule: Session 1 6/27: What’s a PR Plan & Why do I need one? This session provides an overview of heart-led PR and its role in wellness-preneur marketing. Session 2 7/25: Define your Success. This session answers the fundamental question: What does my success look like to me? Without this information, no PR program will succeed. Session 3 8/22: Create Your Communications Tool Kit. This session defines the contents of a hard-working public relations toolkit. Sample documents will be provided as food for thought. Session 4 9/26: Common Interview & Content Starters Session 1 - This is a hands-on session in which attendees will practice answering some common interview questions. The questions are also great content starters for blogs and articles! Session 5 10/24: Common Interview & Content Starters Session 2 - Practice leads to confidence! This is a second hands-on session in which attendees will practice answering some common interview questions. The questions are also great content starters for blogs and articles! Questions will be different than those in Session 1. Session 6 11/28: Ready, Set, Go! Your PR Questions Answered. This session will be a general review of what the course has covered with the bulk of time spent answering questions about public relations, media skills, interviewing, etc. About Susan: With more than 30 years of corporate experience as a PR Pro, Susan brings her expertise to The Wellness Universe. She has educated wellness-preneurs with fundamentals for PR and interviewing skills through her talk at SoulTreat and as well as a Coach of the Month. Susan is also a Nature Conservationist, Positive Thinker, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and a passionate advocate of connecting with nature to reduce stress and anxiety, and to improve mood. Her first book, The Power of Disruption: A Memoir of Discovery, was an Amazon best seller and tells the story of her own journey of rediscovery after she nearly died when her appendix ruptured while vacationing on the remote Caribbean island of Dominica. She has also co-authored with her husband Jon Cross, Chapter 14 (Nature’s Recipe for Restoration, How to Cultivate The Authentic You) in Amazon International Best-Seller, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything. In it, they share how their quest to restore their property to its rare native state and shares a tool to rediscover yourself and achieve anything, inspired by nature. In addition, she has contributed chapters to The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Volume 2 by Laura DiFranco and Find Your Voice, Save Your Life Volume 1 by Dianna Leeder. She lives in the rare habitat of The Oak Openings Region, which is located near Toledo, Ohio. Session length: 90 minutes / 6 sessions 4th Monday of the month June – November 2022 10am ET/7am PT Course Value: $1499 Cost: Donation Flex Course: Attend live or watch on demand (live sessions will be recorded) Connect with Susan: https://bit.ly/WUSusanCross
The Wellness Universe presents Success Expert Leader Gael Wood in partnership with Wellness for All programming supporting you to reach your goals in: Reach for Your Dreams! Practical and Energetic Practices to Reach Your Goals. Join Success Coach Gael Wood for this fun, motivating, and inspiring course. It's easy to have goals but it's not so easy to reach them with the distractions and busyness of life. In addition to that, most of us have mindset blocks and habits that keep us stuck. It's time to believe in yourself, take action and start reaching your goals in all areas of your life. Live sessions every 1st Wednesday beginning 8/3/22 through 1/4/23 at 6pm ET/3pm PT. Free to join, this course is supported by your donation. As a flex course, join live or catch up on the recorded sessions. Enroll today: Whether it’s a short term or long-term goal, something that may even seem impossible, but it’s your dream, let’s switch your thinking and energy to I AM Possible! Although we are each different, if you have the desire, Gael will lead you through this 6-month Flex Course where you and your group will learn and support each other to achieve the life experience you dream of. Goals have one thing in common: They are the future experience of who we wish to be, show up as, and experience and engage with life. We welcome you if you are seeking to: • Improve your health and well-being. • Engage in better quality relationships. • Excel in your career. • Live happier and more positively. Let’s get goal setting and empower you with the toolbox to get you there! This course is the foundation to a legacy and future of being all you know you can be and living the life you dream of. Sessions: 8/3/22 - Introduction and Goal Setting: Let's set inspiring goals! The first step to reaching any goal is to have clarity and excitement about your goals. We will look at several ways to set goals and lock them in with your powerful WHY. In addition, you'll be able to create your doable action steps. 9/7/22 - Staying on Course: 92% of people fail to achieve their goals, but that's not you! In session two we will identify obstacles that may be popping up and create strategies to help you stay on track, even when the shiny newness of your goal wears off. 10/5/22 - Success Strategies Masterclass. Successful people have things in common. In this class, we will look at the habits and strategies of people who reach their goals and different ways to bring those qualities into your life. Your success plan has to work for you after all! This is not a list of "shoulds" but rather an overview of possibilities to choose from. 11/2/22 - You’re almost there! Staying accountable and staying on track. Most goals take time, longer than we wish, and usually longer than we planned! So, how can you stay on track, and inspired? We will explore ways to keep yourself accountable, and on track for the long haul. 12/7/22 - Overcoming 10 Common Fears: Facing your Fears, in the module we will look at 10 ways to overcome fear, so you can put yourself out there, keep moving forward and crush your goals. 1/4/23 - Mission Accomplished! Celebrating YOU! You are a big deal, you are a goal-getter, one of the small percentage of people who can self-motivate and follow through. All too often we downplay our accomplishments. Let's talk about ways to celebrate, leverage our success into more success and use our progress to inspire others. Session: 60-minutes First Wednesdays of the month 6pm ET/3pm PT Course Value: $888 Cost: Donation Flex Course: Attend live or watch on demand Connect with Gael: https://bit.ly/WUGaelWood About Gael: She concentrates on coaching and teaching in the areas of marketing, business start-up, online business creation, customer service, and spa services. Gael was honored to be inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame and featured as a Massage Magazine All-Star in 2019. She is the co-host and co-founder of the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summits and creator of the Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs, Author of 10 Ebooks, over 40 Online courses, and the Elevate Mastermind.
Soul Sales is a natural way of building trust and gaining buy-in. Whether selling a product, a service, or an idea, we all need to gain buy-in at some point. We are most enrolling (i.e. successful) when we can show up fully in our own energy and innate way of being. Beyond the basic concept of "be authentic", soul sales dives deeper into the effective language that differentiates what you have to offer. Understanding and recognizing when your natural energy creates an opening, and when it limits your potential, is a game-changer. In this empowering, experiential workshop, you’ll learn to translate your natural way of being in the context of sales conversations and business situations. Lisa's talent for experiential training in particular, integrates fresh perspective with practical application, and results in a more profitable, transformational alternative to traditional, transactional selling. * Discover the innate aspect of you that supersedes the need to know how to sell * Explore your relationship to sales, and discover how you can transform any fears into unique opportunities. * Differentiate marketing and sales, so you can identify where you might be making the common mistakes of passionate leaders and experts. * Practise a powerful sales process that helps identify your prospects natural way of decision-making, deeply connects with what is most valuable to them, and releases any energy or need for you to convince them.
Emergency Relief and Reset Emotional Repair & Resilience for Turbulent Times In the wake of getting through and recovering from a global pandemic, we are in the midst of historic unrest on an international scale. Sadness, anger, grief, despair, anxiety, and trauma due to situations out of our control leave us feeling helpless and worse, hopeless. If you find yourself sinking into despair, sadness, anger, grief, and hopelessness, we have assembled a panel of support for your well-being. Identifying and discussing causes and clarifying why we seem to sink rather than swim during those times we need access to our resilience, positive spirit, and most of all hope, our expert panel will decipher the emotional codes behind why we are feeling what we are feeling and how to rise above current situations. This discussion will be informative. You will not feel alone anymore. You will understand better why you feel what you are feeling, supported by self-care tools to calm your nervous system, shift into a positive mindset, and cope with conditions allowing you to have hope, improve your emotional wellbeing, mental health, and boost your immune system. We will open and close with a healing meditation to open the channels to a powerful 90 minutes of learning, healing, and resetting of our mind, body, spiritual, and emotional system and to retain the experience, heal during this time and to take forward the resources and tools shared. Live attendees will receive special gifts from our panel and The Wellness Universe. 90-minute Session Agenda: - Introduction - Opening meditation - Each expert speaks on their area - A self-care tool is shared for well-being by each expert - Q&A from the audience - Closing meditation Expert Panel: Anna Pereira, CEO & Head Goddess of The Wellness Universe Moderates our panel. Anna brings top experts from around the globe to support your well-being. https://bit.ly/AnnaPereiraWU Carrie Hopkins Doubts, USA, Professional Certified Coach specializing in supporting people through life transitions. https://bit.ly/WUCDoubts TOPIC: Understanding Grief Globally we have experienced multiple losses with the pandemic, shifting of our social and economic foundations, and war. Our response to losses, whether we experience them personally or see them on the news, affects us profoundly. Talking about grief and understanding it can help. Hema Vyas, UK, The Omnipreneurial Psychologist ™ speaker & mentor https://bit.ly/WUHVyas TOPIC: How the Feeling Heart is Affected Ancient wisdom and modern science confirm the heart is more than a vital organ, its an intelligent field of energy in constant communication with our minds, bodies, other people and our environment. Let's journey into the heart space together, healing ourselves for humanity. Rev. Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, USA: Author of Empathic Mastery, Intuitive Mentor & Master Trainer for EFT International https://bit.ly/WUJMoore TOPIC: How Empathic People are Affected The highly sensitive people of the world have the ability to take on energy and events that are beyond their own. How does the current situation affect empaths and how we can fortify and rise above how we are affected. Jennifer Gardner, USA. Trauma Specialist, Empowerment Strategist, Experienced Tour Guide into the Subconscious Realms https://bit.ly/WUJWhitacre TOPIC: The Physiology of Stress and Stressful Events Current events have led to an epidemic in stress-related issues and lead to trauma. Strategies to cope with stressful situations and build resiliency are critical to have life balance. Kathy Jerin, AU. Meditation Teacher & HeartMath Trainer https://bit.ly/WUKJerin TOPIC: Effects of Stress on the Body and Spirit Understanding the mechanics of stress gives you the advantage of being more aware of and sensitive to your own level of stress and knowing when and how to take proactive steps. Using meditation helps us to thrive in a world of flux, change, challenge and opportunity. Maggie Sarfo, UK. Business/Personal Growth and Akashic Records Consultant https://bit.ly/WUMSarfo TOPIC: Why Healing your DNA Plays a Roll Connect to your inner strength in the face of external adversity, manage emotions better and heal your DNA now for yourself, the collective and future generations.
The Medicine Buddha Mantra is the most powerful mantra for creating healing. You are encouraged to chant along. Using your own voice is a powerful way to stimulate your nervous system into releasing hormones that create relaxation and healing. Why 216 times? The Mala has 108 beads. There are 108 main astral channels from your heart in your energy body to the remainder of your energy body. Chanting a mantra 108 times sends energy into each of these channels. We will be chanting 108 twice. The first round is to release anything that does not serve you. The second round is to receive what will best serve you. Be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Any interruption in the chanting stops the flow of energy. Use the bathroom before we start and have a glass of water with you. Please share and invite friends.
We are looking forward to creating an extraordinary event with amazing people who make the world a better place! SoulTreat brings together healers, coach, teachers, practitioners and guides with seekers of well-being. https://www.WUSoulTreat.com is the retreat dedicated site This meeting is by invite only. Group meeting to go over SoulTreat event if you are interested in participating and sharing your wonderfulness with an audience who needs you. Meeting will be 60 minutes maximum and will be recorded. Mainly an overview of event (and The Wellness Universe) and expectations with focus on Q&A. Join us live with Camera and microphone. Wellness Universe membership: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/become-wu-world-changer/ Application for the SoulTreat Fair: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QnTeMTwq7eflfOBKXBDVXf-ObH3FDk903GT-oIYvaGY/edit Application for Speaker/Workshop: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kFKZpXyC_JObn7xOd7_MaADYG2_1P4fQ3viJRkETkt4/edit
Books in The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care series have become #1 International & #1 Best Sellers! Volume 4, 25 Tools for Goddesses we anticipate to be our most successful book yet. This 60-minutes meeting will share details of the project as we seek to fill a handful of remaining co-author slots. We explain the commitment, deadlines, requirements and answer all of your questions. REGISTER ASAP & Join us live on 8/27 10am EDT. Join us on time Friday at this same link. ________________________________ 25 Tools for Goddesses Book project: We’re excited to offer this project to thought leaders, self-development and wellness coaches, and healthcare, healer, or healing arts business owners with the goal to become an authority in your field, be part of The Wellness Universe Legacy, grow your business with brave words, and become a bestselling author! Our mission is to create a book that will be the #1 resource for women tapping into their divine goddess within! Jam-packed into one invaluable resource, the reader will have 25 different practices or tools to help find, cultivate, and maintain a life they seek to live. What practical tool or practice will you teach in your chapter? We want to share life-changing tools for mind, body, and spirit wellness and joy! We know Goddesses have things in common... ...Let's share the secrets for women everywhere to embrace the inner Goddess and share it with the world. We want to share how someone can bask in their Goddess life through physical, emotional, social, and spiritual self-care practices. We want to empower women through tools to elevate themselves. Here is some inspiration and topics we want supported in this book: • Self-Compassion • Self-Love • Confidence • Overcoming trauma • Releasing old beliefs • Elevating relationships • Taking care of your physical body • Self-motivation • Mindset tools • Embracing flaws These are just a few of the thousands of areas we can give love and attention to and expand to BE in our divine Goddess vibe. Who fits this project: You are a business owner and can stand behind what you will share in this book for at least the foreseeable future (at least one year following publication) so we can stand behind you as a resource for transformation. As a Wellness Universe Complete Guide to Self Care Author you receive... • Project handbook/resources guide. • Two, 2-hour coaching calls to cover all important topics, deadlines, and strategy. • Proofreading: Learn how to properly proof your work. • Coaching for powerful storytelling, writing and editing. • Comprehensive marketing. • Coaching for successful book launch strategy to learn essentials for our, and your own future book launches. • Business development training and opportunities specific to coaches and healers. • Access to guest expert interviews and classes for enhancing your business building. • A private Facebook group serving as our project headquarters and for support during the process. • A community to network with. • A Book Club group on Facebook to engage with the public. • Opportunity for a group author interview. • Panel discussions/symposium on The Lounge. • A spotlight on the WU author page. • Assistance from the Brave Healer Book Launch Team. • Launch graphics and other promotional tools. • Promotion to over 13 million Wellness Universe visitors and followers! • Author spotlight on The Wellness Universe social media pages highlighting YOU and your chapter contribution on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. • Blog post on The Wellness Universe featured blog featuring YOU and your contribution. • Book endorsements from influential and celebrity type individuals. • Exposure from The Wellness Universe including sharing your wisdom and quotes on social media to over 1 million followers. • Attend our book signing event with photo opportunity as an author at SoulTreat 2021. • 4 bonus months of membership (Annual membership contract)! • Wholesale book purchasing in bulk (all books in the series included). • A special gift to commemorate this special achievement with us! • Are you a returning author? Opportunities may vary slightly from project to project. This is an opportunity to: • Be a featured best-selling author • Be individually promoted to the entire Wellness Universe audience • Receive writing coaching, book coaching, and a personal and professional development experience • Exposure • Business coaching • Media attention
People are searching for you. Organizations are searching for you. Are you being found? Is your profile telling your full story for the reader/potential client or employer to find value in who you are and what you do? Including essential elements in your profile can be the prompt creating a wonderful new relationship, client and opportunity or someone passing you over due to lack of clarity or you are not coming across with the value you hold. With online engagement and interaction at historic highs and the seeking of resources for well-being, self-help, self-care, transformation, and mental wellness surging, how can you be included in more search results? Optimizing your profile, whether on WU or elsewhere, is essential. Once you are found, how can you powerfully convey all you have to offer that encourages someone who reads your profile to take action? Join us and learn a step by step, systematic way to optimize your profile. The Wellness Universe is a content giant. With over 30,000 pages of content, your profile is favored in Google. We will share with you how to be found in Google and via searches on WU. This class will teach you strategic tactics to apply to ANY online profile and how to use your profile content for social media, enhancing your conversations and much more. Premium and Premium Plus members, please check your WU Premium Premium Plus Group for your free code for this class. https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/hub/premium-and-premium-plus-members-only/ We will introduce you to experts to get help with crafting your personal story to be a POWERFUL industry leader and the opportunity to get your profile individually reviewed by our Wellness Universe expert. You will come out of this with: - A powerfully crafted, honed message that tells a seeker of your services/products EXACTLY how you are THE resource they seek. - An SEO optimized profile. - A thorough understanding of connecting the dots and why it is important to implement the tips and strategies you will learn. - How to beef up your profile that inspires people take very specific action. - How to make your profile visually appealing. - Live Q&A And much more! This class is filled with A-HA's, support and valuable information. Join The Wellness Universe: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/become-wu-world-changer/ LIVE session Wednesday 9/9 12:30 pm Eastern/9:30 am Pacific Duration: 30 - 45 minutes