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Start your week with Peace, Ease and Healing. Your voice is the most powerful healing tool you have. It resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make. This creates actual physical response in your body (like strengthening your immune system), emotional response (like calm and peace), mental response (like more focus), and spiritual connection - your voice is the voice of your heart and of your soul. This active meditation practice uses the sacred vowel sounds associated with the chakras. Join us for this weekly circle of sacred sound, created by the voices and hearts in this circle, to enhance health, harmony and brilliance!
The Wellness Universe partners with strategic powerhouse Debbie Prediger in this Wellness for All masterclass series that feeds your success journey: Business Momentum and Strategy. Join WU Business Momentum Guide, Debbie Prediger, Empowerment Coach and Strategist, as she hosts each session live, empowering you, heart-led, business-minded entrepreneur twice a month! Join us every 2nd and 4th Monday at 1pm ET/10am PT beginning June 13th. As a Wellness for All program, Business Momentum and Strategy, is free to join and supported via donation. Register Today: https://bit.ly/BusinessMomentum “You have a beautiful gift, message, healing modality, and expertise to share. We will share success stories, strategies, and valuable tools necessary to show up in alignment with your integrity while empowering your message. That includes understanding who you are, what you bring to the table, and how you can show up confidently to the world aligned with your purpose-driven message and mission.” – Debbie Prediger Each Masterclass brings in successful, expert guests with tips, tools, and thoughts on building momentum, and following each session you are supported by an after-class private group to dialogue and continue to support each other in. Schedule: June 27th, 2022 How to give, get, and use Testimonials that powerfully and dynamically express your impact. Guest expert: Anna Pereira July 11th, 2022 Showing up Confidently in who you BE and what you offer. Empower yourself and your audience with tools and strategies no matter who you are in front of. Show up with confidence and knowing how to speak using power words aligned to your message. Guest expert: Matilda Lerche July 25th, 2022 Where should I start? Getting an ROT (return on time invested). Leveraging time: How much time to spent on prospecting, conversations, and how to evaluate based on successful drivers. Guest expert: Anna Pereira August 8th, 2022 Learn how to build your audience, authority, and fill your email list. Discover the simple system that turns lurkers into engaged leads, and creates powerful partnerships. Guest expert: Wendy Breakstone August 22nd, 2022 Repurposing Content across social media platforms. Spend less time and make deeper impact on social media. Guest expert: TBA September 12th, 2022 How to streamline and simplify your business systems for sustainable long-term growth. Learn how to “keep it simple” uncomplicated so you can stay focused on your clients. Guest expert: Wendy Breakstone September 26th, 2022 Message Mindset. Tapping into your heart space before writing copy, doing FB/IG lives or writing articles takes your personal experience, current events, and considering your audience's needs. Tips, tools, and strategies to pull out your most profound, dynamic, and even viral, messaging. Guest expert: Em Metzgar October 10th, 2022 Developing and practicing intuition, decisions (knowing, faith) and business guidance. They say the most successful people follow their gut. Diving deep to tap into your greatest business partner, Your intuition. Guest experts: Matilda Lerche & Carolyn McGee October 24th, 2022 Attraction marketing versus push/pull force selling. What do you need to do to set you up to kick up your heels and have a que in front of you? Let’s get to the heart of bringing people to you that speak your soul's language. Guest expert: Lisa Dadd November 14th, 2022 LinkedIn Leverage. The most powerful platform for business opportunities should be leveraged. Lots of tips and tools that are working right now. Guest expert: Anna Pereira More sessions to be added soon. Masterclass, workshop, private group support are all include with each session! Live Sessions: 2nd & 4th Mondays starting June 13th at 1pm ET/ 10am PT Value: $149 per session Cost: Donation Connect with Debbie: https://bit.ly/WUDebbiePrediger
The Wellness Universe introduces you to Nicole Batiste, as the official Soul Print Nutrition Expert Leader. Nikki, as you will come to know her, is an Inner Harmony Wellness and Life Coach, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker, delivering this life-changing course in partnership with The Wellness Universe, Wellness for All programming. Nikki will be teaching you on a soul level how to listen to your body, educating you as she integrates, practical nutritional facts, keying into your intuition, and raising your vibration to nurture your health, well-being and feel your best in: Soul Print Nutrition, Creating a healthier relationship with food and self. Follow these steps to make this program a success for you! 1. Register no later 7/9/22 2. Watch replay from launch day & follow instructions 3. Program requires zoom calls in between for greatest success Every 4th Tuesday between June and November, 6pm ET/3pm PT, join Nikki live for 120-minutes in her interactive flex course supporting your greatest success to go beyond eating and looking good, but feeling good, empowered, healthy, with more energy, and mentally balanced. This donation-based flex course supports those seeking health and well-being. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek through Nikki's guidance. Free seats for those in need. “Creating a healthier relationship with your food at the root level is more than choosing to eat differently, it's about learning why and how. It's about learning your triggers and how to shift. It's not about sheer willpower. It's about intrinsic motivation. It's not about removing, it's about gaining. It's about you.” ~ Nikki Schedule: Session 1 6/28: Learn to Hear: Become aware of the expert salesman in your head. The first step to change is awareness. It’s important to understand, recognize, and bring into awareness how and why you make the food decisions you do. This is the foundation for changing your relationship with your food and yourself. We will also address sugar cravings and more. Each session builds on the previous one. Session 2 7/26: Whole food fun. Experience the many benefits of eating more Whole Foods. Many people note a change in sugar cravings, sleep, stress, energy, etc. We’ll talk about how the foundation building from session 1 supports this phase of the program. Awareness is key! Session 3 8/23: Challenge your resolve. Learning to really hear what your body has been trying to tell you. Reset your body and taste buds. Session 4 9/27: Sunshine & Rainbows. Now that the messages your body sends are less cloudy, it’s time to re-introduce foods that have been on pause. Session 5 10/25: Introduction to Intuitive Eating: Listen to hear and trust your body again. Incorporate this into your daily practice. Session 6 11/22: Next Steps: End of the program, what do you do with all the knowledge! How do you continue to listen to your body? In between live sessions, stay connected and supported in a private group filled with accountability, challenges, and peer support as well as tips and tools to keep your momentum going. This course is specially developed from Nikki’s one-on-one program she uses for her individual clients ($5500) to serve a group of motivated people. 6 Live Sessions Every 4th Tuesday 6pm ET/3pm PT/120 mins. June-November Value: $1999 Cost: Donation Connect with Nikki: https://bit.ly/WUNicoleBatiste The best way to set your expectations is hearing from people who have experienced Nikki’s teachings: "I am a new person! Both mentally and physically I’m feeling better than I have felt in 8 years. I forgot what feeling good felt like! I have a lot more to cover and overcome but this program was the major push in the right direction that I needed." Cory H. “I learned which foods don’t work well in combination or for my body. Nikki changed the way I see self-care. Hoping to lose weight, I received much more! I’m more comfortable in my body than in years. My life plan is mindful eating. This also includes being mindful of life’s pleasures and understanding how I show up for me. If I’m “compromising” too much, I’m reacting to an external stressor. Now I determine how far I will take that as opposed to feeling locked into bad choices.” Bree C.
The Wellness Universe presents Integrative Healing Expert Leader, Rosemary Levesque. She is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, Medicinal Aromatherapist, who will be guiding you through Optimal Healing 12-month program that will help you to enjoy health and wellbeing through integration of natural and alternative methods, modalities, and resources. This 12-session course is held LIVE every 4th Thursday of the month at 3pm ET/12pm PT beginning June 23rd. Each live session is 60-minute journey into healing that will be recorded. Rosemary is here to empower you with natural alternatives and education on how to support the healing system, and work WITH the body to promote healing. This is your opportunity to step into and claim your healing with real, hands-on self-care. Filled with daily practices to help you feel empowered in your health and healing process, this course will help you overcome fears and teach you options across natural healing choices and modalities. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure to support anyone seeking to have better health. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek to attain success. Free seats for those in need. SCHEDULE: 6/23/22 A NATURAL HEALING MOVEMENT 7/28/22 WHY IS EVERYONE SO SICK? 8/25/22 VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES AND HEALING 9/22/22 PURIFICATION AS A TOOL FOR HEALING 10/27/22 SPONTANEOUS HEALING 12/1/22 REPROGRAMMING YOUR HEALTH 12/22/22 AFFIRMATIONS – ALIGNING TO THE DIVINE 1/26/23 CHAKRAS AND THE NEUROENDOCRINE SYSTEM 2/23/23 MEDITATION AND MIRACLES 3/23/23 USING SOUND FOR HAPPINESS AND HEALING 4/27/23 THE POWER OF ENERGY HEALING 5/25/23 FINDING YOUR EMPOWERED SWEET SPOT About Rosemary: Owner and founder of Second Nature Healing, Rosemary Levesque brings to life Ancient Wisdom for the modern world. She is a Licensed Spiritual Healer trained in Vibrational and Spiritual Energy Healing designed to help you access your innate power to heal – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Heal your Soul and create a new, vibrant version of yourself. Throughout the years of working with detoxification, energy, animal guides, nature, and healing, Rosemary incorporates Shamanic practices in her intuitive Sound and Reiki classes, and healing sessions as well as her life’s work to remind us how to BE in the world, to heal your Spiritual Ancestry in your Sacred Contracts, and access the power within All That Is. Rosemary Levesque, Licensed Spiritual Healer, was born in Hawaii and feels like she brought the energy of the islands into her work from the moment she was born. Trained as a Biology teacher, Rosemary taught in public and private schools around the world until she paused to raise her family in Portland, OR. Session length: 60 minutes Fourth Thursday of the month 3pm ET/12pm PT Course Value: $1199 Cost: Donation Flex Course: Attend live or watch on demand (live sessions will be recorded) Connect with Rosemary: https://bit.ly/WURosmaryLevesque DETAILED SCHEDULE 6/23/22 A NATURAL HEALING MOVEMENT Science and Belief come together to reveal healing wisdom, the innate ability the body has to heal. We'll uncover ways in which our modern environment supports and interferes with this natural process. 7/28/22 WHY IS EVERYONE SO SICK? What are the real causes of disease? The answer might surprise you. We'll reveal hidden causes that plague modern living, examine how these causes first appear, and how they can manifest into dis-ease. 8/25/22 VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES AND HEALING Vibrational frequency plays an important role in the creation of your physical reality, because it allows energy to express itself into any form, including molecules, atoms, planets, stars, biological life and even diseases. We'll do a vibrational self-assessment and reveal ways in which you can change your vibration. 9/22/22 PURIFICATION AS A TOOL FOR HEALING Just as it’s best to promote a clean environment for healthy earth ecosystems, purification ultimately becomes a foundation for wholeness, health, wellbeing on which you can enhance the more perfect, natural functioning of all body systems – immune, circulatory, muscular, nervous, skeletal, as well as the human microbiome, microorganisms that reside in and around human cells, within and on the body with primarily synergistic or beneficial effects. (con't below)
The Wellness Universe presents Vibrant Wellbeing, Uplifting Your Wellness hosted by Nancy Stevens, Wellbeing Coach, founder Uplift Clean Beauty, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and educator on wellbeing. Are you ready to feel healthier, calmer, and more balanced in your daily life? Join in as Nancy and her Wellness Universe health expert guests share practical tips, hands on learning, and deep insights. Show topics include physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Topics will revolve around inspiring, timely topics to help us live our most vibrant life. Vibrant Wellbeing goes live bi-monthly every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT. Join the live show to fill your spirit with feel good, informative conversation and to ask Nancy and her guests questions, comment, and engage. Show Schedule, Guest and Topic: June 12th Introduction to Nancy Stevens - Get to know your host, Nancy! Why Vibrant Wellbeing Matters June 26th Guest: Jim Phillips Topic: Living Your Life In Full Expression July 10th Guest: Carol Pilkington Topic: Becoming One’s Own Authority July 24th Guest: Janette Stuart Topic: How I Survived Pancreatic Cancer August 14th Guest: Kristi Borst PhD. What’s the Buzz About Chakras and Health? August 28th Guest: Ragini Elizabeth Michaels What To Do When You Feel Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place September 11th Guest: Leah Skurdal Building Healthy Resilience Through Jazz Living September 25th Guest: Linda Dieffenbach Embracing The Power of No October 9th Guest: Dr. Nancy Iankowitz Gut Health and You October 23rd Guest: Deborah Roth Topic: Practicing Sacred SELF- Centeredness November 13th Guest: Desiree Holmes Hypnosis For Healthy Change November 27th Guest: Marisa Ferrera Your Empowered Self: Creating Healthy Boundaries December 11th Guest: Kate Olson Living in Joyful Resilience Connect with Nancy: https://bit.ly/WUNancyStevens Support this uplifting, informational, and educational show via donation. About your host Nancy Stevens: “I work with busy working women who want to have a balanced life but struggle with making themselves a priority. Together we create a plan for work-life-balance that is easy and achievable so they can feel energized and in control again. It is my honor and calling to serve and connect with women through the profession of health and wellness coaching and the life practice of yoga. Not too long ago I was a full-time stressed-out mom of 4 sons who worked as an administrative assistant for my husband while operating an online store. Busy and stressed were my friends. Relaxation was a fair-weather friend. From the outside, everything in my life looked great, but on the inside I was stuffing my emotions down as far as I could send them, numbing myself with food and alcohol just to cover up what I was feeling. One day I made a decision in the midst of my chaotic life to try a yoga class. At the end of class while in Savasana, I began to cry as something in me that day was allowed be acknowledged. My journey from this place slowly unfolded over the next 6 years to where I am today. I went on from this place to complete a yoga teacher training and from here I completed and became certified as a health and wellness coach. Today, I’m just as busy as I ever was, but my life is now one of balance. I now have the ability to recognize when I’m feeling overwhelmed and to use the skills and tools I’ve gathered to reconnect with myself and get back to a place of calm and focus. I want for women who like me are overwhelmed with the many roles they carry to find and live with self-care and a balanced life as it needs to be where they are. Finding and taking action for myself was life-changing for me. I believe self-care is not just for some of us but for all of us and is the foundation for living a thriving life allowing greater service and care.” ~ Nancy Stevens
The Wellness Universe presents Sharon Carne, Director of Training and Program Development guiding you through A Beginner's Guide to Sound Healing a 6-month program that will help you to heal with sound, frequency, and vibration. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration or during sessions as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. Live every 1st Thursday of the month starting 5/5/22 through 10/6/22 at noon Eastern time (9am Pacific time), each 90-minute session will be recorded. A Beginner's Guide to Sound Healing: Sound baths, tuning forks, frequencies, and healing music are being explored by millions of people around the globe. There is good reason for that. You are wired to respond to sound from your atoms to your energetic networks. A Beginner’s Guide to Sound Healing course is for those who have heard about or experienced sound healing and are wondering what it is all about. 5/5/22 Introduction: Sound is Food for Your Nervous System The first class is an introduction to sound and how it affects you, particularly your nervous system. You will learn how deeply every part of you is wired to respond to sound. There will be experience in building your awareness to how you respond to sound at all levels. How sound heals and the three main elements of sound healing will be introduced. And Q & A. 6/2/22 The Science of Sound This class covers a basic understanding of vibration, the physics of how sound moves, frequency, amplitude, rhythm, cymatics, and more. And Q and A. 7/7/22 First element of sound healing: Recorded Music When faced with millions of choices of music that is created with the intention of supporting healing, it is difficult to even know where to start. This class will provide you with information and listening experiences on how to choose music just right for you. And Q and A. 8/4/22 Second Element of Sound Healing: Sound Tools In this class we explore a few of the most widely used sound healing tools, including how and why they work: singing Tibetan bowls, singing crystal bowls and tuning forks. And Q and A. 9/1/22 Third Element of Sound Healing: The Voice The voice is where the quantum, multidimensional capacity of healing with sound shines!! Your own voice carries every frequency of your being. Knowing how to use your own voice for stimulating a healing response gives you a tool you have with you all the time and costs nothing to use. And Q and A. 10/6/22 Putting It All Together This class covers simple ways to integrate sound healing into your everyday life. We will explore ways to put together what you have learned to keep your vibration high and tuned in to wellbeing, abundance and infinite possibility. And Q and A. Each live to be recorded session is 90 minutes. First Thursday of each month May – October Connect with Sharon https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/sharoncarne/ Cost: Donation Course Value: $649 Flex Course: Attend live or watch on demand (live sessions will be recorded) About Sharon: Over the past 13 years, she created programs to train holistic practitioners in the power of sound and music to heal and to support their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute offers the first verified competency certification in Canada in integrating sound into their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute programs have now evolved to serve the challenging needs of an overwhelmed workforce. The Emergent WorkForce™ program is a unique and powerful multi-modal strategy that teaches your workforce to effectively handle stress to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as improve their performance, creativity and contribution. Sharon is regularly invited to speak for corporate and private events – many of them based within the medical community. Such as the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University, Canadian Blood Services, Canadian Mental Health Commission, the Alberta Health Region conference on Chronic Disease Management, the Manitoba Health Region, the National Health Work and Wellness conference in Quebec, numerous staff and teacher conferences, countless radio shows, and many corporate and private events.
The Wellness Universe presents Janette Stuart our Angelic Practitioner Expert Guide. Monthly, Janette invites you to escape to the Secret Garden of Joy. The Secret Garden of Joy: Every first Saturday of the month, come escape to the Secret Garden of Joy for an hour as you leave the world behind, delight your heart, nurture yourself and fill your cup. Each session will include a meditation or angelic attunement to help replenish your body, mind, and spirit. Your host is Emissary of Joy and Angelic Practitioner Expert Guide, Janette Stuart. Join monthly for an experience that will leave you refreshed, invigorated, and anticipating your next adventure into the Secret Garden of Joy. First Saturday beginning July 2nd 1pm ET/10am PT 60-minute gatherings Value Per Session: $44 Cost: Donation This donation-based gathering is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Connect with Janette: https://bit.ly/WUJanetteStuart Donate upon registration or during sessions as you experience the support, self-care, and transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. About Janette: WU Featured Author, Best Selling Author, Certified Angel Card Reader, Blogger, Military Mom and Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles with Janette Stuart, assists you in owning and embracing your divinity through 1:1 Angel Sessions, online and in-person classes to live a life with more love, joy, and peace, and with less stress, worry, and anxiety. Gentleness and Joy are her Superpowers. Her latest book “Drenched in Love” and accompanying inspirational card deck was revealed during SoulTreat. In 2019, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she is now thriving. Janette is a Featured Author for The Wellness Universe, in the inaugural edition of The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief. Her chapter is about using gratitude to reduce stress, worry, and anxiety.
The Wellness Universe presents Elizabeth Kipp, Stress Management Specialist guiding you through The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power a 12-month program that will help you to heal from chronic pain. Chronic pain is ANY pain – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial – that is felt 15 days out of thirty for three months or more. Chronic pain can be one of the most difficult challenges health care workers face when trying to help patients on their healing journey. Elizabeth Kipp, author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power, offer a 12-week course of one-hour sessions based on her book and her journey of healing from over forty years of chronic pain. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. Details: Live every 1st Tuesday of the month starting 6/7/22 through 5/2/23 at 7pm Eastern time (4pm Pacific time), each 60-minute session will be recorded. In between sessions you are support with a private group. Each session included Q & A. 6/7: Introduction to the Chronic Pain Phenomenon: What chronic pain is, who has it, how it is different from acute pain, and how it affects the body. Calming breath practice is included as a tool for participants to use right away to help in their healing journey. 7/5: The Healing Field: Basic Concepts in Healing – This class will cover the foundational understanding of the mind/body/spirit system and how to leverage that to optimize healing. Healing meditation included. 8/2: The Experience of a Chronic Pain Sufferer and The Way Through: We will cover common cultural beliefs that lead to chronic pain and how to shift that perspective to heal effects of chronic pain. Participants will have a self-reflection exercise to help discover behaviors they may be doing that contribute to chronic pain. 9/6: A Constructive Mindset Is Key: Since mindset is a crucial component of healing, this session will cover successful strategies participants can use to optimize their healing experience. A series of self-reflection questions will be offered to help gain further insight into healing. 10/4: Where Is Your Attention: Shifting from Angst to Peace: This class features how to use our attention as a super-tool to leverage healing power. Self-reflection questions are included to help participants hone their focusing skills. A focusing meditation included. 11/1: Balancing the Negative Mind: Chronic pain is filled with negative thinking. This session will cover how the negative mind reveals itself, the lies it can tell us, how it helps us, and how to manage it. An exercise in balancing the negative mind will be offered. An exercise on Taming the Inner Critic is offered. 12/6: Genetics, Ancestral Clearing, and the Power of Presence: This session will cover chronic pain and its epigenetic roots, how Ancestral Clearing can help shift unhealthy habits and the value of living in the present moment. Self-reflection questions and an experience of Ancestral Clearing are included. 1/3: The Twelve Steps of Chronic Pain: This session will explore a process to help provide a personal inquiry and helpful perspective to aid in the healing journey. 2/7: Mindfulness and the Breath: The breath defines our entire existence. This session will cover the how and why of conscious breathing. Breathwork exercises will be taught so participants can learn in this experiential class. 3/7: The Importance of Self-Care: The concept of self-care is at the core of healing chronic pain. This session offers ways to develop the elements of an easy, healthy daily self-care routine. A powerful meditation in nature will be included. 4/4: Elements of a Daily Spiritual Practice: This session outlines the parts of a daily spiritual practice to help align participants with their Higher Self to optimize healing. Elizabeth will help each participant customize their practice to suit their specific needs. 5/2: The Twelve Steps of Wellness – The Twelve Steps of Wellness will be offered here as a way to bring all the material from previous sessions together and summarize all the teachings in this course. 60 mins per session First Tuesday of the month at 7pm ET/4 pm PT launching 6/7/22 Value - $1500 Cost: Donation
The Wellness Universe presents Success Expert Leader Gael Wood in partnership with Wellness for All programming supporting you to reach your goals in: Reach for Your Dreams! Practical and Energetic Practices to Reach Your Goals. Join Success Coach Gael Wood for this fun, motivating, and inspiring course. It's easy to have goals but it's not so easy to reach them with the distractions and busyness of life. In addition to that, most of us have mindset blocks and habits that keep us stuck. It's time to believe in yourself, take action and start reaching your goals in all areas of your life. Live sessions every 1st Wednesday beginning 8/3/22 through 1/4/23 at 6pm ET/3pm PT. Free to join, this course is supported by your donation. As a flex course, join live or catch up on the recorded sessions. Enroll today: Whether it’s a short term or long-term goal, something that may even seem impossible, but it’s your dream, let’s switch your thinking and energy to I AM Possible! Although we are each different, if you have the desire, Gael will lead you through this 6-month Flex Course where you and your group will learn and support each other to achieve the life experience you dream of. Goals have one thing in common: They are the future experience of who we wish to be, show up as, and experience and engage with life. We welcome you if you are seeking to: • Improve your health and well-being. • Engage in better quality relationships. • Excel in your career. • Live happier and more positively. Let’s get goal setting and empower you with the toolbox to get you there! This course is the foundation to a legacy and future of being all you know you can be and living the life you dream of. Sessions: 8/3/22 - Introduction and Goal Setting: Let's set inspiring goals! The first step to reaching any goal is to have clarity and excitement about your goals. We will look at several ways to set goals and lock them in with your powerful WHY. In addition, you'll be able to create your doable action steps. 9/7/22 - Staying on Course: 92% of people fail to achieve their goals, but that's not you! In session two we will identify obstacles that may be popping up and create strategies to help you stay on track, even when the shiny newness of your goal wears off. 10/5/22 - Success Strategies Masterclass. Successful people have things in common. In this class, we will look at the habits and strategies of people who reach their goals and different ways to bring those qualities into your life. Your success plan has to work for you after all! This is not a list of "shoulds" but rather an overview of possibilities to choose from. 11/2/22 - You’re almost there! Staying accountable and staying on track. Most goals take time, longer than we wish, and usually longer than we planned! So, how can you stay on track, and inspired? We will explore ways to keep yourself accountable, and on track for the long haul. 12/7/22 - Overcoming 10 Common Fears: Facing your Fears, in the module we will look at 10 ways to overcome fear, so you can put yourself out there, keep moving forward and crush your goals. 1/4/23 - Mission Accomplished! Celebrating YOU! You are a big deal, you are a goal-getter, one of the small percentage of people who can self-motivate and follow through. All too often we downplay our accomplishments. Let's talk about ways to celebrate, leverage our success into more success and use our progress to inspire others. Session: 60-minutes First Wednesdays of the month 6pm ET/3pm PT Course Value: $888 Cost: Donation Flex Course: Attend live or watch on demand Connect with Gael: https://bit.ly/WUGaelWood About Gael: She concentrates on coaching and teaching in the areas of marketing, business start-up, online business creation, customer service, and spa services. Gael was honored to be inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame and featured as a Massage Magazine All-Star in 2019. She is the co-host and co-founder of the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summits and creator of the Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs, Author of 10 Ebooks, over 40 Online courses, and the Elevate Mastermind.
The Wellness Universe presents Carol Pilkington, Self-development Expert Leader guiding you through Creating Joyful Relationships – Self-Development for Happier and Healthy Relationships 6-month program that will help you to enjoy fulfilling relationships. Carol shares “What we believe about ourselves is mirrored through the relationships we have with others. And as we evolve and grow so does our ability to relate to those close to us and our extended community. Our hidden belief systems dictate our lives until we become aware of them. Therefore, the better we know ourselves the better we show up in our relationships with our eyes wide open and with the ability to see others as they are. This workshop will provide the tools to move you from being at the effect of life to being the driver of your life.” Join Carol, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, every 2nd Thursday for 6 months starting 6/9/22 at 5pm ET/2pm PT for live, interactive sessions (that will be recorded). This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure to support anyone seeking to have a better relationship with self and others. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek to attain success. Free seats for those in need. In between sessions, Carol will be available and supporting you via a private group. Creating Joyful Relationships – Self-development for Happier and Healthy Relationships Class Schedule: 6/9 Session 1: What’s True? Uncovering the falsehoods we have been told and have believed about ourselves. 7/14 Session 2: What I know. What we believe about ourselves is reflected through our relationships with others. Differentiating between a belief and a knowing. 8/11 Session 3: I Am Responsible. Taking responsibility for our beliefs and how they manifest in our lives. Responsibility is not blame, shame or guilt. There is power in taking responsibility. 9/8 Session 4: I Am Fearlessly Compassionate. Tearing down the walls of our own fears enables one to see the walls of fear of another. When we fully see our own fears, we can see the fears of another. When we can have compassion for our own process, we can more authentically do that for another. 10/13 Session 5: I Am Self-Sovereign. Taking nothing personally - Life is less personal than we think it is. We are all living in our own reality tunnel. 11/10 Session 6: I Am Whole and I See You. Being brutally honest with ourselves and how that enables us to take the blinders off to authentically and clearly seeing ourselves and others. Being authentic to oneself enables one to see and be with others in a whole new way. And that also means we can love without the games we play with ourselves and another and we can also see the games of others more clearly as well. Live Sessions: 60 mins (Being recorded) 2nd Thursday of the Month 5pm June 9, 2022 Value: $750 Cost: Donation About Carol: As a Transformation and Spiritual Counselor/Teacher and Astrologer, Carol combines over 30 years of metaphysical practice and training to assist a student on a path to deeper understanding and Self-awareness regardless of one’s faith or religion or spiritual background. She trains and teaches students either one-on-one or in a group setting to begin learning how and what questions to ask in order to discover the answers from within and uncover one’s true nature. This enables you to live life on your own terms and to develop an unshakable inner knowing of who you really are. Carol works C-Level Executives, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs who are experiencing a ‘Crisis of Consciousness’. They have satisfied the physical and financial comforts of life and are asking after all this, “Who Am I?” They are looking for a deeper meaning, understanding and purpose. She teaches the power of deep inquiry into those questions that are begging to be answered that will unleash their true and authentic nature enabling them to live more fully and joyfully and feel a deeper connection to Life as Source. She has received a certification through The Twilight Brigade to assist those who are at the end of life to transition with less fear and help their loved ones going through the process as well. The Twilight Brigade is a national non-profit organization that assists veterans in hospice care. Connect with Carol in The Wellness Universe: https://bit.ly/WUCarolPilkington
Living Beyond Grief, Creating an Inspired Life After Loss. The Wellness Universe partners with Grief Warrior Rachel Vasquez in this Wellness for All course to transition your life from grief to hope. Join Rachel as she hosts each session live, empowering you and supporting your journey. You are not alone. Join us every 2nd Friday at 5pm ET/2pm PT beginning September 9th. As a Wellness for All program, Living Beyond Grief, Creating an Inspired Life After Loss, is free to join and supported via donation. Rachel tragically lost her husband to an impaired driver. Alone to raise her family, she knows firsthand the experience and devastation loss can have. Rachel’s specialty is working with those suffering the loss of a partner. Helping them find themselves, create a vision to develop and inspire living with new purpose and living beyond grief and stepping into the life they dream of through sharing stories, life philosophies, and tools. Find your freedom! We are making a space for all to discuss their struggles and story. Building a community with love, understanding and support to empower you to live your dreams and love the new life you are creating. Join us in this interactive experience and find the healing and transformation you seek. 9/9 Introduction: Timeline and Impact of Grief: An introduction to the course. Rachel will share her personal knowledge, tools and insight to help empower others to live their dreams and love the new life they are discovering. Asking the questions, Who am I?, What's my story, What is time? The Befores and Afters surrounding grief and bereavement. 10/14 Session 2: Healing Grief with Energy: The Toolbox - How Energy Healing and other modalities activate healing and work at different depths of healing. Demonstrating various tools to bring comfort, healing and growth. The Toolbox will touch on various Energy Healing Such as Reiki, Trance, Light Language, Frequency Devices, Integrative Health Techniques and many others will be discussed. 11/11 Session 3: Journaling for Grief: Grief Journaling, why is it so important? Journaling different topics and depths. How to leverage various styles to learn more about your thoughts and how they are multi-dimensional. 12/9 Session 4: Faith and Spirituality - A Philosophical Conversation around Healing Grief with Belief Strong, Going, Gone and Back Again; Being Spiritually Challenged. When grief and loss tests faith. Exploring when some turn to their faith and how others may walk a different path. How people connect to God/Universe/Higher Self. Where do you find comfort? A philosophical conversation. 1/13 Session 5: Nutrition for the Grieving Soul - Healing Your Relationship with Food. The effect of nutrition on the grieving soul. How to use food to comfort and heal the body. Discover what foods are sabotaging your spirit. 2/10 Session 6: Self-Love after Loss – Mirror, Mirror on the wall. After the loss of a partner, we may experience a change in physical acceptance. Self Esteem, insecurity, body image, self confidence, and self-love. Understanding why we feel differently about ourselves and how to understand and rewire our negative self. 3/10 Session 7: New Relationships after Loss - Let's talk about new relationships. Dating, friendships, and colleagues. How relationships change and what to expect now. Do I know what I am doing? Where do I start? 4/14 Session 8: Creating Boundaries for Your Healing Journey – “You should be...” When everyone knows what's best for you. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and say it with kindness. 5/12 Session 9: Discovering Who You are Now - Finding YOU. After a traumatic loss of a partner, we are faced with an important task. Getting to know who we are as an individual and how to embrace the person you are becoming. Why this journey is so important. 6/9 Session 10: Navigating Family Dynamics - Look Who's Coming to Dinner! Maneuvering the changing relationship of your partner's family can be tricky. When you lose a partner, it can bond you to their family forever or it can tear apart what was once a close and loving blending of families. How to identify toxic energy and set boundaries. Asking hard questions and deciding what is healthy for you.
The Wellness Universe presents Lynda Lippin, Bone Health Expert Leader, CEO and Pilates Goddess at Lynda Lippin Pilates, LLC, guiding you through Exercise for Bone Health, Strength, & Mobility 6-month program that will help you to enjoy better health, mobility, vitality, and overall wellbeing. Many women over 40 are discovering that their bones are weak. The one thing that is completely safe, effective, and works with any other modality, is exercise. Yet, only 38% of women over 19 exercise regularly. Learn safe, effective exercises that will keep you feeling and functioning at your best and learn why they work. Live 90-minute sessions take place second Tuesdays 11am ET/8am PT beginning June 14th. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure to support anyone seeking to have a better health. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek to attain success. Free seats for those in need. In between sessions, Lynda will be available and supporting you via a private group. Here is what is included in Lynda’s course schedule: Session 1 June 14th: What is osteoporosis and what exercises are best? We will learn what osteoporosis is, why we have it, and how to move forward. Introduce 5 basic exercises. Session 2 July 12th: Why is exercise effective for building bone? Some science, and then some more exercises that safely focus on core strength. Session 3 August 9th: Using Gravity to help build bone strength. All weight bearing exercise involves gravity. Here's how to use it to our advantage. Session 4 September 13th: Keeping it Simple No need for complex choreography or lots of props. The simplest workouts are the most effective. Session 5 October 11th: Moving the Spine There are safe ways to move your spine, even with osteoporosis. Let's explore why and how. Session 6 November 8th: Bringing it all Together Using what we learned for a lifetime of fun and functional fitness. Live Sessions: 90 mins (Being recorded) 2nd Tuesday of the Month 11am beginning June 14th Value: $1620 Cost: Donation About Lynda: For over 33 years, Lynda Lippin’s clients (including Donna Karan, Laurie Anderson, and Joe Walsh) have trusted her to help them get stronger and function better, with less pain. In fact, former Financial Times travel editor Rahul Jacob says that Lynda is the best Pilates teacher and personal trainer he’s ever worked with. A former Philosophy & Women’s Studies professor, Lynda Lippin is a certified Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer who has owned award-winning 6 and 7 figure Pilates studios, taught overseas at Parrot Cay by COMO, an A-list private island resort, and trained hundreds of Pilates teachers and she’s also a Usui Reiki Master and certified MindMAP® Transformational Coach. Currently, Lynda is the CEO of Lynda Lippin Pilates, LLC, where she helps women over 50 with osteoporosis increase their bone density, and eliminate chronic pain through her online Strong Bones program, Strong Bones classes, and private sessions. She also serves Pilates Teachers through the Pilates Teacher Mastermind®, a business accelerator and continuing education program. Connect with Lynda: https://bit.ly/WULyndaLippin
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