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Relax, unwind, and heal with sound in: Food for Your Soul. The Wellness Universe invites you to join Sharon Carne, Director of Training and Program Development at the Sound Wellness Institute for this immersive monthly experience. This live sound bath and meditation is brought to you within our Wellness for All programming. Join live every 1st Thursday of the month starting 1/5/23 at noon Eastern time, 9am Pacific time. Session will be recorded. Leave the world behind when you enter a Food for Your Soul experience. Come for yourself and join the collective consciousness of all in the group as we destress and heal as a collective. Sound is food for your soul. In fact, sound is food for every part of you. Just like food, there is junk sound, like traffic noise; good sound, like nature sounds; and super sound. A sound bath provides super food that creates relaxation, calms the nervous system, quiets the mind, stimulates hormones that heal and opens the door to your heart and soul. The actual sounds of the sound bath will be about 30 minutes. The full broadcast itself may be up to an hour with time to settle and debrief. There will be some guided meditation at the beginning and end of the sound bath. You may hear the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, drum or more. Bring your favorite pillow and blanket. Either be prepared to lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Make sure you have a glass of water with you and your journal, if you wish to capture any special responses to the sound. Leave our session a better, lighter, more relaxed version of yourself. Suggested donation per session: $35 Live sessions will be recorded. Sound Bath Benefits: Reduced anxiety levels Reduces tension Reduces sadness Reduce stress Diminish pain Connect with your body Connect with your heart About Sharon: Over the past 13 years, she created programs to train holistic practitioners in the power of sound and music to heal and to support their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute offers the first verified competency certification in Canada in integrating sound into their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute programs have now evolved to serve the challenging needs of an overwhelmed workforce. The Emergent WorkForce™ program is a unique and powerful multi-modal strategy that teaches your workforce to effectively handle stress to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as improve their performance, creativity and contribution. Sharon is regularly invited to speak for corporate and private events – many of them based within the medical community. Such as the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University, Canadian Blood Services, Canadian Mental Health Commission, the Alberta Health Region conference on Chronic Disease Management, the Manitoba Health Region, the National Health Work and Wellness conference in Quebec, numerous staff and teacher conferences, countless radio shows, and many corporate and private events.
The Wellness Universe presents Janette Stuart our Angelic Practitioner Expert Guide. Monthly, Janette invites you to escape to the Secret Garden of Joy. The Secret Garden of Joy: Every first Saturday of the month, come escape to the Secret Garden of Joy for an hour as you leave the world behind, delight your heart, nurture yourself and fill your cup. Each session will include a meditation or angelic attunement to help replenish your body, mind, and spirit. Your host is Emissary of Joy and Angelic Practitioner Expert Guide, Janette Stuart. Join monthly for an experience that will leave you refreshed, invigorated, and anticipating your next adventure into the Secret Garden of Joy. First Saturday beginning July 2nd 1pm ET/10am PT 60-minute gatherings Value Per Session: $44 Cost: Donation This donation-based gathering is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Connect with Janette: https://bit.ly/WUJanetteStuart Donate upon registration or during sessions as you experience the support, self-care, and transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. About Janette: WU Featured Author, Best Selling Author, Certified Angel Card Reader, Blogger, Military Mom and Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles with Janette Stuart, assists you in owning and embracing your divinity through 1:1 Angel Sessions, online and in-person classes to live a life with more love, joy, and peace, and with less stress, worry, and anxiety. Gentleness and Joy are her Superpowers. Her latest book “Drenched in Love” and accompanying inspirational card deck was revealed during SoulTreat. In 2019, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she is now thriving. Janette is a Featured Author for The Wellness Universe, in the inaugural edition of The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief. Her chapter is about using gratitude to reduce stress, worry, and anxiety.
The Wellness Universe presents Elizabeth Kipp, Stress Management Specialist guiding you through The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power a 12-month program that will help you to heal from chronic pain. Chronic pain is ANY pain – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial – that is felt 15 days out of thirty for three months or more. Chronic pain can be one of the most difficult challenges health care workers face when trying to help patients on their healing journey. Elizabeth Kipp, author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power, offer a 12-week course of one-hour sessions based on her book and her journey of healing from over forty years of chronic pain. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. Details: Live every 1st Tuesday of the month starting 6/7/22 through 5/2/23 at 7pm Eastern time (4pm Pacific time), each 60-minute session will be recorded. In between sessions you are support with a private group. Each session included Q & A. 6/7: Introduction to the Chronic Pain Phenomenon: What chronic pain is, who has it, how it is different from acute pain, and how it affects the body. Calming breath practice is included as a tool for participants to use right away to help in their healing journey. 7/5: The Healing Field: Basic Concepts in Healing – This class will cover the foundational understanding of the mind/body/spirit system and how to leverage that to optimize healing. Healing meditation included. 8/2: The Experience of a Chronic Pain Sufferer and The Way Through: We will cover common cultural beliefs that lead to chronic pain and how to shift that perspective to heal effects of chronic pain. Participants will have a self-reflection exercise to help discover behaviors they may be doing that contribute to chronic pain. 9/6: A Constructive Mindset Is Key: Since mindset is a crucial component of healing, this session will cover successful strategies participants can use to optimize their healing experience. A series of self-reflection questions will be offered to help gain further insight into healing. 10/4: Where Is Your Attention: Shifting from Angst to Peace: This class features how to use our attention as a super-tool to leverage healing power. Self-reflection questions are included to help participants hone their focusing skills. A focusing meditation included. 11/1: Balancing the Negative Mind: Chronic pain is filled with negative thinking. This session will cover how the negative mind reveals itself, the lies it can tell us, how it helps us, and how to manage it. An exercise in balancing the negative mind will be offered. An exercise on Taming the Inner Critic is offered. 12/11: Repeat/Make-up of Class from 12/6: Genetics, Ancestral Clearing, and the Power of Presence: This session will cover chronic pain and its epigenetic roots, how Ancestral Clearing can help shift unhealthy habits and the value of living in the present moment. Self-reflection questions and an experience of Ancestral Clearing are included. 1/3: The Twelve Steps of Chronic Pain: This session will explore a process to help provide a personal inquiry and helpful perspective to aid in the healing journey. 2/7: Mindfulness and the Breath: The breath defines our entire existence. This session will cover the how and why of conscious breathing. Breathwork exercises will be taught so participants can learn in this experiential class. 3/7: The Importance of Self-Care: The concept of self-care is at the core of healing chronic pain. This session offers ways to develop the elements of an easy, healthy daily self-care routine. A powerful meditation in nature will be included. 4/4: Elements of a Daily Spiritual Practice: This session outlines the parts of a daily spiritual practice to help align participants with their Higher Self to optimize healing. Elizabeth will help each participant customize their practice to suit their specific needs. 5/2: The Twelve Steps of Wellness – The Twelve Steps of Wellness will be offered here as a way to bring all the material from previous sessions together and summarize all the teachings in this course. 60 mins per session First Tuesday of the month at 7pm ET/4 pm PT launching 6/7/22 Value - $1500 Cost: Donation
Living Beyond Grief, Creating an Inspired Life After Loss. The Wellness Universe partners with Grief Warrior Rachel Vasquez in this Wellness for All course to transition your life from grief to hope. Join Rachel as she hosts each session live, empowering you and supporting your journey. You are not alone. Join us every 2nd Friday at 5pm ET/2pm PT beginning September 9th. As a Wellness for All program, Living Beyond Grief, Creating an Inspired Life After Loss, is free to join and supported via donation. Rachel tragically lost her husband to an impaired driver. Alone to raise her family, she knows firsthand the experience and devastation loss can have. Rachel’s specialty is working with those suffering the loss of a partner. Helping them find themselves, create a vision to develop and inspire living with new purpose and living beyond grief and stepping into the life they dream of through sharing stories, life philosophies, and tools. Find your freedom! We are making a space for all to discuss their struggles and story. Building a community with love, understanding and support to empower you to live your dreams and love the new life you are creating. Join us in this interactive experience and find the healing and transformation you seek. 9/9 Introduction: Timeline and Impact of Grief: An introduction to the course. Rachel will share her personal knowledge, tools and insight to help empower others to live their dreams and love the new life they are discovering. Asking the questions, Who am I?, What's my story, What is time? The Befores and Afters surrounding grief and bereavement. 10/14 Session 2: Healing Grief with Energy: The Toolbox - How Energy Healing and other modalities activate healing and work at different depths of healing. Demonstrating various tools to bring comfort, healing and growth. The Toolbox will touch on various Energy Healing Such as Reiki, Trance, Light Language, Frequency Devices, Integrative Health Techniques and many others will be discussed. 11/11 Session 3: Journaling for Grief: Grief Journaling, why is it so important? Journaling different topics and depths. How to leverage various styles to learn more about your thoughts and how they are multi-dimensional. 12/9 Session 4: Faith and Spirituality - A Philosophical Conversation around Healing Grief with Belief Strong, Going, Gone and Back Again; Being Spiritually Challenged. When grief and loss tests faith. Exploring when some turn to their faith and how others may walk a different path. How people connect to God/Universe/Higher Self. Where do you find comfort? A philosophical conversation. 1/13 Session 5: Nutrition for the Grieving Soul - Healing Your Relationship with Food. The effect of nutrition on the grieving soul. How to use food to comfort and heal the body. Discover what foods are sabotaging your spirit. 2/10 Session 6: Self-Love after Loss – Mirror, Mirror on the wall. After the loss of a partner, we may experience a change in physical acceptance. Self Esteem, insecurity, body image, self confidence, and self-love. Understanding why we feel differently about ourselves and how to understand and rewire our negative self. 3/10 Session 7: New Relationships after Loss - Let's talk about new relationships. Dating, friendships, and colleagues. How relationships change and what to expect now. Do I know what I am doing? Where do I start? 4/14 Session 8: Creating Boundaries for Your Healing Journey – “You should be...” When everyone knows what's best for you. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and say it with kindness. 5/12 Session 9: Discovering Who You are Now - Finding YOU. After a traumatic loss of a partner, we are faced with an important task. Getting to know who we are as an individual and how to embrace the person you are becoming. Why this journey is so important. 6/9 Session 10: Navigating Family Dynamics - Look Who's Coming to Dinner! Maneuvering the changing relationship of your partner's family can be tricky. When you lose a partner, it can bond you to their family forever or it can tear apart what was once a close and loving blending of families. How to identify toxic energy and set boundaries. Asking hard questions and deciding what is healthy for you.
The Wellness Universe presents Soul Language Expert Lisa Dadd, Consultant & Soul Language Certified Sales Trainer guiding you through a 12-month program for heart-centered, business-minded wellness-preneurs. This donation-based flex 12 session course (1X per month) is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration or during sessions as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. Connect with Lisa https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/lisadadd/ Live starting 5/18/22 1X per month, sessions will be recorded. Soul Sales: Your Most Naturally Effective Language for Building Trust and Gaining Buy-In Whether selling a product, a service, or an idea, we all need to gain buy-in at some point. We are most enrolling (i.e., successful, and effective) when we show up fully in our own energy. Beyond the basic concept of "be authentic", soul sales dives deeper into the effective language that differentiates what you have to offer. In this empowering, experiential series, you’ll learn to translate your natural way of being in the context of sales conversations and business situations. Paradigm Shift 5/18/22 – Reframing the Act of Selling and Introducing Soul-utions This introductory session sets the framework for how we will navigate the relationship between sales and soul and creates space for expanding our perceptions of what is possible. Anchors (part 1) 6/15/22– Radical Self-Awareness Leveraging your own Soul Language, you’ll be discovering the innate energy that drives your way of being and start to appreciate how it impacts your business conversations and sales situations. Anchors (part 2) 7/20/22 – Radical Personal Buy-In Before we can ‘sell’ anything to anyone else, we first have to buy-in to our inherent value. Beyond simply identifying features and benefits, we’ll be digging deeper to uncover the heart and soul of why you do the work you do – and how that affects your ability to close sales. Approach (part 1) 8/17/22 Sales as a Conversation, not a Presentation Soulful selling requires powerfully intentional, and conscious conversation. In this session, we’ll identify the ‘conversation’ you are having with prospects and practice the art of intention without attachment. Approach (part 2) 9/21/22 – Don’t BE a Salesperson, BE You. Explore how your natural approach to day-to-day activities and various other business situations can be translated into more effective sales conversations, using your own Soul Language. Approach (part 3) 10/19/22 – Sales Scenarios vs. Soul Language Discover your biggest sales opportunities as we discuss various sales scenarios and lead generation strategies that align and accentuate your natural soul language. Alignment (part 1) 11/16/22 – Buyer Spectrums and Sweet Spots Discerning buyer attributes from a deeper, sales-centric rationale, and expand your sales conversations in powerfully effective, natural ways that feel good for you and your buyer. Alignment (part 2) 12/21/22 – Want, Worth and Willing Learn the true art of creating buy-in as you practice a soulful way of guiding, supporting and/or leading your prospects to the desires underneath the surface – the ones that make closing the sale effortless. Alignment (part 3) 1/18/23 – Translating your Offer Communicate your offer through your prospects’ language (using your natural soul language approach). Activators (part 1) 2/15/23 – Buyer Mindsets and Objection Handling Recognize the energy, behaviors and language of your prospects and learn how to leverage your Soul Language in your response to questions and objections. Activators (part 3) 3/15/23 – Creating Urgency and Closing with Confidence Replace outdated sales scripts with your own customized sales framework; one that gives you ultimate freedom, flexibility and flow in your sales conversations. Embodiment 4/19/23– Bringing it all Together The final session will be an opportunity to bring all of the components together, and practice embodying the energy of a soulful salesperson. Lisa will have supporting materials in handouts. She will also have a group to stay connected in between live calls. This is a flex course: Live sessions taking place that will be recorded to attend when your schedule permits. Value: $1997 Cost: Donation / Pay-what-you-can
The Wellness Universe presents David McLeod, Life Mastery Expert Leader guiding you through Grateful at Last! A Guided Tour to Life’s Greatest Gift. Live every 3rd Thursday of the month starting 7/21/22 through 6/15/23 at 2pm ET/11am PT each 90-minute session will be recorded. _____________ Are you low on reserves? Stressed out? Do you ever ask yourself, “How am I ever going to be happy?” Maybe you’re overwhelmed and can’t find the time to give to yourself. Perhaps it’s time to step into genuine healing that can only come from doing some deep inner work. If this resonates for you, then you will love this highly interactive journey of awakening, healing, and growth based on David McLeod’s compelling book A Life to Die For. Come join him for 12 months of intentional and powerful group sessions that will cover an entire range of important tools you can use to supercharge your life! Imagine your life as a mountain. While you may have climbed a portion of the mountain, there’s a pretty good chance you haven’t reached the summit yet. Indeed, you may even be wondering if you’ll ever make it to the top! In this course, David will guide you through several amazing places encircling your mountain, each of which will provide you with an important Life Mastery Key that will make the rest of your ascent much easier and more enjoyable. 7/21: Base Camp. We come together for the start of our journey at the base of the mountain. Here, you learn and practice the most important key to all of Life Mastery, Awareness, which provides the critical foundation for the rest of the journey. 8/18: Peaceful Heart Meadow. At our first stop, you get an in-depth practical understanding of Acceptance, so that you can learn to release all judgments and stories and accept things as they are, and in particular, to accept yourself as you are right here, right now. 9/15: Sacred Mirror Falls. This waypoint is about Identity. Here, you become clear about who and what you really are (as opposed to what you may think about yourself) and how you show up in relation to what is. 10/20: Karma Crossroads. At this waypoint, you deepen your understanding about Choice, with the objective of accepting full responsibility for everything you have created in your life so far, and making all current and future choices consciously and responsibly. 11/17: Garden of Mercy. Here, you begin developing and practicing Compassion for yourself and others. 12/15: Nama Station. At this inspiring waypoint, the focus is on Forgiveness. Here, you learn to forgive everyone (including yourself) for everything you imagine they’ve done to you…now or in the future. 1/19: Destiny Point. Much internal healing and cleansing has taken place up to this point, so now is the time to begin thinking about Purpose—uncovering, embracing, and following your deep, Spiritual Purpose for Being. 2/16: Alignment Ridge. With a clear understanding of why you are here, it is time to fully embrace the notion of Integrity. You allow your Purpose to guide you in every area of your life, and make use of powerful accountability tools to help you get back on track when you slip up. 3/16: Dark Forest. Your moments of being out of Integrity often reveal subconscious self-limiting behaviors that trip you up. In this waypoint, you begin to look at your Shadow, and learn to uncover, illuminate, heal and integrate beliefs and behaviors that keep you from fully expressing and experiencing your true self. 4/20: Ayuwi Circle. With a clear understanding of your Shadow, and some healing already completed, you are now ready to embrace the fullness of Relationship. In this waypoint, you begin to recognize all relationships as opportunities for fully understanding and experiencing yourself. You also begin approaching relationships more consciously and authentically, and come to recognize all participants as spiritual partners on your journey. 5/18: River of Grace. With nine powerful Life Mastery Keys already under your belt, you arrive at the waypoint that puts you in touch with Flow, and you move into a regular practice of presence in action, allowing yourself to follow the flow of your life. Con't below
Sharon Carne
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Next: Feb 22, 2023 at 08:00 pm EST
Have you ever wondered what your dog or cat is thinking? Have you ever considered what wisdom your animal companion would share with you if you could understand them? Have you ever said to yourself, “If only he (or she) could speak and tell me what’s wrong…” Here is your opportunity to find out! Carmen and Sharon invite you to their show, Paws for Healing. We will be connecting with animals and their human companions live on the show. To feature you and your animal on the show, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/oozBoznQXEfxxkHy8 Every pack should be in balance, including human and animal companions. Join Carmen Hansen and Sharon Carne as they work with individual animals and their human companions to create balance and wholeness for body, mind, behaviors and spirit. Carmen Hansen is an animal communicator and healer, Sound Wellness practitioner, shamanic elder and metaphysical teacher focusing on bringing love & light to our world. Carmen’s Website: www.chakramize.com Carmen’s FB https://www.facebook.com/chakramize Carmen’s LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/carmen-hansen-79a964a3 Sharon Carne, founder of the Sound Wellness Institute is a best-selling author, international speaker, musician, recording artist, master sound healer and publisher. Sharon’s Website: www.soundwellness.com Sharon’s FB https://www.facebook.com/SoundWellnessSolution Sharon’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharoncarne/
The Wellness Universe welcomes Marisa Ferrera, Women's Empowerment Coach & Mentor/Connection Practice Certified Coach and Trainer in partnership with Wellness for All programming with her 12-session course, based on her book of the same name, Magnify Your Magnificence, Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire. Join us every fourth Thursday from January – December for Marisa’s live 75-minute class at 12 noon ET/9am PT. Enroll today and join live or watch recorded sessions. https://bit.ly/MagnifyYourMagnificence No matter what your life or your relationships look like today, you have an innate ability to transform them into more than you can even imagine. All you have to do is learn how to access what is already within you, waiting to be discovered and expressed. Throughout this interactive program, you will hear powerful, channeled messages and complete journal exercises each bringing you closer to the life & relationships you desire. Personal coaching will also be offered to support you along the way. 1/26/23 Setting Intentions & Getting Started: Get clear on the outcome you wish to experience as a result of participating in this program. Find out how this book was birthed and get started with the first few messages: Prologue: Changing Times, Message #1 Are You Ready Message #2 Looking Within 2/23/23 Message #3 Transforming Negative Self Talk: Shine the light on the negative things you say about yourself and learn how to transform them into positive, empowering statements. Message #4 Who Am I?: Let's explore this question on a deeper level. Message #5 Who Do You Admire?: Understanding the connection between the qualities you admire in another and who you are. 3/23/23 Message #6 What's Stopping You?: Let's dive deep into uncovering what gets in your way of experiencing the life and relationships you desire and what you can do to break free from what's holding you back. 4/27/23 Message #7 Awareness, Will & Intention: Explore the importance of each as it relates to transforming your life and experiencing more JOY! Message #8 The Power of Gratitude: Learn a simple daily practice to help you focus on gratitude even when things aren't as you'd like them to be. 5/25/23 Message #9 Releasing Past Wounds: Unhealed wounds from the past follow us into our present moments causing us to continue to experience pain and suffering. In this session, you'll be guided through a very powerful 5 step process for releasing a past wound and letting it go. You can repeat this process any time you wish to release another wound that has a hold on you. 6/22/23 Message #10 Celebrate Your Accomplishments: Find out how this impacts your ability to manifest what you desire. Message #11 What Are You Afraid Of? Identifying and naming your fears is essential in stopping your fears from sabotaging your life and your relationships. 7/27/23 Message #12 A Time to Reflect: Now that you're halfway through this program, let's take time to reflect on your journey and the shifts you've experienced. Message #13 What Do You Choose to Believe: Uncover beliefs you've been holding on to that no longer serve you. 8/24/23 Message #14 The Power of Thought: You probably heard the phrase, "Your thoughts create your reality." Find out what Spirit has to say about this. Message #15 You Are Never Alone: What can you do if you feel alone and need support? Message #16 Going Deeper: How to change something in your life that displeases you. 9/28/23 Message #17 The Importance of Self Love: When you connect with who you truly are, loving yourself is easy. Message #18 Whose Voice Are You Listening To?: How to identify whose voice or voices are controlling your life and take your power back. Message #19 Acknowledge Each Step: Walking the path of self-discovery and self-empowerment. 10/26/23 Message #20 Be Authentic: Explore areas of your life where you're afraid of showing up authentically. Message #21 Releasing Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs: Powerful affirmations that can support you. Message #22 Put An End to Struggle: Letting go of striving and working hard. 11/16/23 Message #23 Surrender & Trust: Life is about enjoying the journey and not simply focusing on a destination. Message #24 Your True Life Purpose: It may not be what you think. Message #25 Embracing Your Ego: How to experience your Ego as a gift and not your enemy.
The Wellness Universe presents Vibrant Wellbeing, Uplifting Your Wellness hosted by Nancy Stevens, Wellbeing Coach, founder Uplift Clean Beauty, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and educator on wellbeing, part of Wellness for All programming. Are you ready to feel healthier, calmer, and more balanced in your daily life? Join in as Nancy and her Wellness Universe health expert guests share practical tips, hands on learning, and deep insights. Show topics include physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Grab a seat: https://bit.ly/VibrantWellbeing Topics will revolve around inspiring, timely topics to help us live our most vibrant life. Vibrant Wellbeing goes live bi-monthly every 3rd Thursday 6pm ET / 3pm PT. Join the live show to fill your spirit with feel good, informative conversation and to ask Nancy and her guests questions, comment, and engage. Season 2 Show Schedule, Guest and Topic: January 19th - Lisa Charles: How to transform your health through the brain-body connection Connect with Nancy: https://bit.ly/WUNancyStevens Support this uplifting, informational, and educational show via donation. About your host Nancy Stevens: “I work with busy working women who want to have a balanced life but struggle with making themselves a priority. Together we create a plan for work-life-balance that is easy and achievable so they can feel energized and in control again. It is my honor and calling to serve and connect with women through the profession of health and wellness coaching and the life practice of yoga. Not too long ago I was a full-time stressed-out mom of 4 sons who worked as an administrative assistant for my husband while operating an online store. Busy and stressed were my friends. Relaxation was a fair-weather friend. From the outside, everything in my life looked great, but on the inside I was stuffing my emotions down as far as I could send them, numbing myself with food and alcohol just to cover up what I was feeling. One day I made a decision in the midst of my chaotic life to try a yoga class. At the end of class while in Savasana, I began to cry as something in me that day was allowed be acknowledged. My journey from this place slowly unfolded over the next 6 years to where I am today. I went on from this place to complete a yoga teacher training and from here I completed and became certified as a health and wellness coach. Today, I’m just as busy as I ever was, but my life is now one of balance. I now have the ability to recognize when I’m feeling overwhelmed and to use the skills and tools I’ve gathered to reconnect with myself and get back to a place of calm and focus. I want for women who like me are overwhelmed with the many roles they carry to find and live with self-care and a balanced life as it needs to be where they are. Finding and taking action for myself was life-changing for me. I believe self-care is not just for some of us but for all of us and is the foundation for living a thriving life allowing greater service and care.” ~ Nancy Stevens
Twice a month join Best-Selling Author Carolyn McGee on Secrets to Living Inspired Talk Show. Intuition Expert Leader and The Wellness Universe Senior Partner, Carolyn McGee leads inspirational conversations with empowered guests about their hero’s journey transforming struggle into ease and abundant living. This program is brought to you in partnership with Wellness for All programming by The Wellness Universe. “We each have a superpower and if we don’t let it shine then the world is less bright. Embracing the gift of your struggles and seeing the silver lining allows deep healing and incredible opportunities. Living your best, inspired life includes recognizing, embracing, and sharing all your superpowers.” ~ Carolyn McGee Grab a seat today: https://bit.ly/LivingInspiredShow Secrets to Living Inspired will share tips to recognize and embrace your superpower to transform patterns that no longer support you and empower you to step into who you are meant to be! Connect to Carolyn and her guests personally for upliftment, wellness tips, tools, and strategies. Be included in a conversation and community to get the inspiration you seek. Join us live on the first and third Sunday of each month for 60 minutes starting March 2023 at 11:00 am Eastern. Carolyn’s guests & topics: 3/5/23 – Janette Stuart - Shining our Light 3/19/23 - Barry Auchettl – Clearing Blocks to Clear Vision 4/2/23 - Mark Porteous - Leading with Soul More episodes will be added soon. Free to join, support each session via donation. Carolyn McGee, Intuition Teacher, Speaker, Author, TV, and Podcast host’s purpose is to help people to break lifelong patterns of how they show up in relationships. The relationship to themselves, others, health, money, and spirit. Her Sacred Haven Living uses everyday experiences for deep healing. She is passionate about providing short cuts to the pain of not being connected. As the Decision Queen, she guides you to trust your intuition to make empowered decisions without second guessing to take inspired action! She is the lead author of #1 bestselling book, “Inspired Living: Superpowers for Health, Love and Business” Connect with her here: https://bit.ly/WUCarolynMcGee
The Wellness Universe presents Carol Pilkington, Self-development Expert Leader guiding you through a NEW season of Creating Joyful Relationships 6-month series that will help you to enjoy fulfilling relationships. Carol shares “Love, Compassion, Acceptance, Conflict, and more all start with Self. While we are all connected or as I prefer to say we are netted together, we also see the world through our own reality tunnel. It is the paradox of being human. Over these 6 months I’ll be discussing with 6 different guests, a myriad of topics that relate to Love and the barriers or walls we put up to directly experience that as our true nature.” Join Carol, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, every 2nd Thursday for 6 months starting 3/9/23 at 6pm ET/3pm PT for live, interactive sessions. This donation-based series is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure to support anyone seeking to have a better relationship with self and others. Donate upon registration, during sessions or at your convenience as you experience the support you seek to attain success. In between sessions, Carol will be available and supporting you via a private group. This 6-month series is about dispelling the myths and fairytales about what Love is so that you can learn to live more from your authentic Self. You will be hearing from others and myself how we came to understand and deeply experience our own essential nature in order to live, love and thrive beyond the programming and conditioning of what we absorbed growing up and what we were told how we should be and who we are. As we share our experiences and perspectives, we also will invite you to come on camera and share or comment about what you are experiencing and ask questions about what you’ve heard. These are interactive sessions so please come prepared to participate. The intention is that you walk away feeling seen and heard and that you glean a better understanding and appreciation for your own uniqueness and how to go about expressing who you are in a more real and authentic way. These conversations are about validating what you may already have been questioning so that you can either begin or deepen your own sense of what is true for you. Session 1: March 9 – What it means to be Source: We are the creator of our own reality which also means we are enough and whole within our Self. Wisdom, Love, Intelligence. Each of us is all of these. Session 2: April 13 – A conversation with Marisa Ferrera about Compassion and Empathy – Compassion is the ability to recognize one's suffering as well as to have the ability to tolerate uncomfortable feelings of another’s suffering without the need to fix it or do anything with or about it. Empathy is the immersion into another’s emotion and identification with another’s suffering. Session 3: May 11 - How do we feel a sense of belonging that isn’t dependent upon outer validation? We all want to feel that we belong somewhere and that we matter. Guest David McLeod. Live Sessions: 60 mins (Being recorded) 2nd Thursday of the Month 6pm ET/3pm PT Value: $750 Suggested Donation: $88 per session
Start your week with Peace, Ease and Healing. Your voice is the most powerful healing tool you have. It resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make. This creates actual physical response in your body (like strengthening your immune system), emotional response (like calm and peace), mental response (like more focus), and spiritual connection - your voice is the voice of your heart and of your soul. This active meditation practice uses the sacred vowel sounds associated with the chakras. Join us for this weekly circle of sacred sound, created by the voices and hearts in this circle, to enhance health, harmony and brilliance!
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