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I am creative, adventurous, drawn to advocacy, spiritual with a skeptical side, and have 2 children whom I adore.
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Living authentically in love means being willing to illuminate, heal, and integrate your shadow self into the fabric of your known and shown personality to renew yourself as a complete and whole being. So many of us see our shadow as separate from our lives, as something to be hidden away because it represents what we believe no one wants to see—EVER! Why is that? Where did we get such an idea? Shadow is the unconscious expression of those parts of ourselves that we try to hide, deny, disown or disavow—simply because we believe they are bad or wrong. In reality, all of those parts are just natural aspects of ourselves, and when we hide them away, we inadvertently hide other aspects of ourselves that are magnificent and important—the real “treasures” of our essence. Examining your shadows is nothing more or less than a means for you to wander into the depths of your true self, forging a wonderful thriving relationship in all parts of your life! • What is it costing you to live in a semi-hidden way, only sharing parts and aspects of yourself? • What would it feel like to reframe your relationship with shadow and see this as a treasure chest meant for your vital wellbeing! • How would you like to illuminate and heal the aspects of your shadow with curiosity, compassion, and forgiveness so you can express yourself authentically in every moment? • How would you like to cultivate a real relationship with your shadow self that aligns and shines your external self so you can release discomfort and move into daily comfort as you go through your daily life? Come along with us as we shine lots of bright light and healing into these hidden and at times murky shadows to expose buried treasure beneath the well-worn outdated patterns and beliefs we’ve held onto in the mistaken belief that this was our truth and our path. Now is your time to reframe and renew your perspective and relationship with shadow and apply this to all of your life.