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About This Class
An opportunity to join us and ask questions around personal growth and the Akashic Records to support you on your personal development and self transformation journey.

You can also bring your questions around our programmes:
- Developing your Purpose through the Akashic Records
- Growth & Inner Transformation Programme
- Questions about any 1:1 consultations, healing sessions or masterclasses
- CreateBalance Healing Programme
- Something else about your personal growth journey
Learners Enrolled (22)
Alan Simberg, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who has 47+ years of professional experience. He helps individuals and couples to overcome their personal and relationship challenges. Alan became an Amazon bestselling author by contributing a chapter to a compilation book titled Share Your Message with the World. He is available to provide in person presentations and webinars to groups. Alan offers a variety of topics including stress management, spirituality and anger management. He also does presentations as part of his coaching business that are called Vision Workshops. Alan became aware of his interest to be of service to others at an early age. This led him to pursue and to develop his counseling skills by formal education, studying with a spiritual master for 5+ years and overcoming personal challenges. Traditional learning in combination with life experiences has proven to be invaluable to him. In his clinical practice he facilitates clients to identify the relationship between mind, body and spirit with their challenges. He has found that by recognizing this connection and identifying accompanying strategies effective and long lasting solutions are possible. A guiding principle that is the foundation from which he operates is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. You can learn more about Alan and contact him by going to his website
I was in the sales marketing field for 30+ years. Had a wonderful tenure with my clients, Maintained the same client base for most of my career. Built a career around adding value and giving back. Givers always gain. Taught sales classes to other manangers, and developed a mentor program.. Left to proivde end of life care fo rmy Mm and father in law. Have taken many courses in energy healing, & awakening . Avid practice of QiGong, yoga, energy forest baths. nature, dogs, cats, birds,relationships with my hubby of almost 50 years and my amazing sons and daughters in love (we both love the same man). Enjoy my garden , and providing asistance to my family and who ever else I can on this path called life.. No 2 paths are the same, so its up to each one of us to make it the best ride.
Debbie Prediger Empowerment Leader + Strategist empowering thought-leaders and world-changers globally for +20 years. I've always been a natural teacher, sharing expertise, and life's experiences and shining a light on others' wisdom as well. I live in Alberta Canada and have had a global virtual reach since 2000. As the owner 3 computer stores hours apart from each other, I have been a leader in connecting, teaching, and communicating online as well as always learning new ways to create Business Growth.
Cadogan, CAN
I am an obsessed female warrior ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????, ????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????. Connecting other warriors together WHY⁉️because as a collective of heart-centered entrepreneurs … rippling HOPE, LOVE, compassion, and of course, money into the hands of the people that need it most. I serve and ???? impact others through joint ventures, producing events, workshops, programs, and collaborating with others. Connecting heart-centered entrepreneurs, healers, leaders, and world-changers with those that need and desire our support, a hand up, and most of all, hope. To unite in a true sense of ONENESS, where we can rise up together and embrace each other’s greatness. Born and raised in a small rural community with big dreams placed on my heart I’ve always known there was more. I’ve run an online, global wellness business for many years. I believe Your Emotions are amazing Awareness Tools there to empower us and guide us towards the life we are aligned to and meant to live. When we recognize our emotions for what they truly are without judgment they are powerful tools. The gas gauge on our vehicle isn’t judged when it tells us the tank is empty, so why judge our emotions when they are trying so hard to TELL US SOMETHING? Empowering YOU…through awareness, choice, and then action click to join my Facebook community. When we stop stuffing our emotions aside…true healing can happen I believe that Mind Body and Soul alignment is necessary for complete wellbeing. I love to talk about balance and a sense of alignment with your true self. You who are at a soul level. Knowing what your soul yearns for. What lights your fire. I am often asked by people to help them discover what they truly are meant to do. Their life’s purpose.
Cadogan, CAN
Teacher of Teachers, I help experienced practitioners become Successful Lightworkers and teach their craft.
Portland, Oregon, USA
Judithann Walz is a former university and classroom teacher with over twenty years of experience. She has lived and taught around the world and is a big believer in building relationships and clear communication. She was also born a psychic-medium and possesses a deep knowing, can see, hear, taste, and feel energy, scents, and people who have crossed over. Although she was born with these skills, she has strengthened her relationship with her spirit team (God/Source, guides, angels, and archangels), which has increased her success in trusting her intuition and the information that is channeled to her. She holds a Bachelor’s in English, an MBA in Marketing, and is working towards her MFA in Creative Nonfiction. She also holds a Master Teacher certification in Reiki and is a Neurolinguistic Programmer (NLP).
Worcester, USA
Lynanne inspires women to become whole, assisting in their transformation to become radiant beauties after having experienced difficult childhood trauma.
Phoenix, USA
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