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If you have ever been on a diet, then you already have a good sense of the kind of discomfort it can create as you work to eliminate foods that you really like in an effort to get your weight under control or improve your health. And more often than not, people who put so much energy into these diets tend to find that after a period of time they stop working, and then those pounds seem to come back with a vengeance—sometimes even creating a situation where you are heavier and/or unhealthier than you were before you started. For ...See All
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When most people are retiring, both my husband and I are embarking on a new career in the Health and Fitness field. As Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer we bring unique skills and life experience to people that are of the "Baby Boomer" generation. We want so much to serve this segment of the population who will find it easy to relate to what we offer.
Macungie, USA