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Self-Care True Stories with Guest Jennifer Whitacre: Fixing Brokenness

Overcoming unimaginable challenges through self-care, transformational and wellness leaders from The Wellness Universe share their story inspiring you to live your best life on: Self-Care True Stories

We look to mind, body, spirit, wellness leaders, gurus, and experts to light the way for us. Direct us. Guide us.

What was their personal journey? Are they the real deal? What have they experienced in life that qualifies them to lead our way to our happiest, healthiest life?

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Known as the Joy Magnet, Shari Alyse is a #1 Best-Selling Author, International Motivational Speaker and a Self-Love Coach. Shari’s deep commitment to others is motivated by her own journey through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas. Shari has spent her life learning how to love herself completely and now helps women discover their joy by reconnecting them back to themselves through the practice of self-love. Shari has been featured on numerous media outlets, including commercials and television. Shari currently hosts the show, Story Time with Shari and has inspired thousands through her daily video series, Hiking with Shari. Shari’s book Love Yourself Happy quickly became a #1 New Release and bestseller and she has created a signature coaching program to help you to discover, embrace and love your YOU. Shari believes that in the radical acceptance of ourselves, we can live a life that we truly do love.
Los Angeles, USA
My name is Jenny, and I am a Mast Cell Warrior. Born an Empath and Light Energy Worker I was naturally very in tune with Spirit and the vibrations of Nature. My passions include advocating for a safe, healthy, and peaceful world for us all, spending time outdoors with nature, empowering others to live their best life, and cherishing each beautiful moment I am gifted.
Alan Simberg, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who has 47+ years of professional experience. He helps individuals and couples to overcome their personal and relationship challenges. Alan became an Amazon bestselling author by contributing a chapter to a compilation book titled Share Your Message with the World. He is available to provide in person presentations and webinars to groups. Alan offers a variety of topics including stress management, spirituality and anger management. He also does presentations as part of his coaching business that are called Vision Workshops. Alan became aware of his interest to be of service to others at an early age. This led him to pursue and to develop his counseling skills by formal education, studying with a spiritual master for 5+ years and overcoming personal challenges. Traditional learning in combination with life experiences has proven to be invaluable to him. In his clinical practice he facilitates clients to identify the relationship between mind, body and spirit with their challenges. He has found that by recognizing this connection and identifying accompanying strategies effective and long lasting solutions are possible. A guiding principle that is the foundation from which he operates is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. You can learn more about Alan and contact him by going to his website
Sharon Randall is a Fibromyalgia Warrior. She has Managed Fibromyalgia (Fibro) for over 30 years by being a Champion for the Healing Power From Within. She was diagnosed when little was known about Fibro and before the internet and google. So many tools and people have been instrumental on her healing from within journey: • Faith and Spirituality are the core of her being • Self-care & self-love awareness, listening to her body, resting as needed and not viewing it as laziness • Divine Strength, Courage, Wisdom, and Guidance • Discovering herself as a Highly Sensitive Empath • Processing grief and losses (Grief Warrior) • Reiki Healing Energy (Reiki Master/Teacher) • Positivity, conscious language, affirmations and sense of humor • Releasing anger, fear, doubt • Having compassionate, knowledgeable doctors, therapists, and coaches • Understanding that a chronic dis-ease is an ongoing wellness and self-care journey Sharon thanks God and the many people in her life who have helped her on the healing from within journey. Having Fibro has given her the gift of taking care of herself and understanding herself better so to navigate the world around her in healthier ways. She's passionate about helping others on their healing from within journey. Healing Love, Peace and Blessings to all who live with dis-eases of the body. In addition to being a Healing Mentor, she started a small business a few years ago: Butterfly Business Management with over thirty years experience as a Business Manager of Accounting/Bookkeeping and Human Resources mostly in the nonprofit world. She enjoys supporting business owners and leaders with connecting their mission with their accounting and bookkeeping needs.
Albany, NY, USA
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