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About This Class
Did you know that body-image is the second highest factor that people want to change in their lives?
Are you one of the people who don't love or even like your body 100% and you wonder if that is even possible?

Too many of us are dissatisfied with the body we have and this is having such a HUGE impact on our lifestyles, abundance, health and well-being. I am passionate about bodies and creating change for them and to free our bodies and ourselves from the shackles of body-image, so we can finally enjoy ourselves - ...See All
Additional Information
This class was content and value rich and offered healing around body-image as we went through the class.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience a new way to be satisfied with the body you have and to heal.

And of course, if you want a personalized session just for you, reach out.
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Known as the Joy Magnet, Shari Alyse is a #1 Best-Selling Author, International Motivational Speaker and a Self-Love Coach. Shari’s deep commitment to others is motivated by her own journey through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas. Shari has spent her life learning how to love herself completely and now helps women discover their joy by reconnecting them back to themselves through the practice of self-love. Shari has been featured on numerous media outlets, including commercials and television. Shari currently hosts the show, Story Time with Shari and has inspired thousands through her daily video series, Hiking with Shari. Shari’s book Love Yourself Happy quickly became a #1 New Release and bestseller and she has created a signature coaching program to help you to discover, embrace and love your YOU. Shari believes that in the radical acceptance of ourselves, we can live a life that we truly do love.
Los Angeles, USA
Anna Pereira is the founder of The Wellness Universe, founded on 2014. Her vision is to make the world a better place by supporting individuals, groups and organizations to experience their best lives by creating awareness around well-being and offering the resources (over 3000 healers, wellness professionals, teachers, therapists, coaches, content, classes, books, and events) at the ready to help develop the lifestyle and implement the tools to live our best lives by supporting mind, body, spirit, and environmental wellness. Her global organization has been supporting seekers of wellbeing. As a best selling author, guide, producer, visionary, and community builder, the impact The Wellness Universe, their books, events, and content has had, has literally changed and even saved lives. Anna is committed to serving in her purpose. She has over 100 recommendations on her Linkedin profile.
The Wellness Universe is a community of professional health and wellness practitioners, teachers, guides, and healers who make the world a better place through their expertise in health, wellness, well-being, self-care, and transformational coaching, content, and events. The Wellness Universe serves leaders in the well-being industry with a peer-to-peer network, empowering support to be a successful leader in the wellness industry as we serve all who seek to live their best life. We make accessible and showcase the best in the wellness space. As an online directory of vetted practitioners and professionals, online classes, courses, programs, and events, online blog, and book publisher, we have resources to serve you individually as well as content to support your wellness journey. We have published a series of best-selling books; The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress-Relief, 25 Tools for Happiness, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything, 25 Tools for Goddesses. We produce live in-person retreats and serve organizations, groups and corporations with wellness and well-being programs with exceptional value and experiences that create success for all stakeholders. Visit us today and connect with a wellness coach, read articles, and more - Apply today if you are a Practitioner of Wellness - Learn about or Group and Corporate Wellness - We look forward to support you to live a happy, healthy, and healed life.
As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and the founder of Holistic Expert LLC, I am passionate to work with women who try to juggle families and careers by sacrificing their own health and happiness and who are ready to change their lives and achieve their goals through nutritional and lifestyle modifications. As a leading expert in natural hormone balancing, stress management, detox and anti-aging I offer coaching for women through private sessions, workshops, retreats, and cooking classes around the world. I'm a professional member of American Drugless Practitioners Association and International Health Coaching Federation. I graduated from medical school in Europe in 1993 had practiced as OBGYN, specializing in adolescent gynecology and infertility and used integrative approaches to treat many hormonal disorders. After moving to the United States, taking Medical Boards, and learning about American Medical System, I decided to take a different path in helping women. In 2012 I completed professional training program in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I'm very dedicated to support women on their healing path to an abundance of health, loving and passionate relationships and on their road to self-discovery and happiness. After healing myself and enhancing my own wellbeing, I wanted to share my knowledge and my own story of transformational journey to a better life through my book and educational programs. My life purpose is to change our world to a place full of love, health and happiness by transforming women's lives. My mission is to reach millions of women and give them the power to revolutionize themselves. I believes that women can empower each other and as a ripple effect, make the world a better place for future generations. When I'm not writing, speaking, teaching, coaching clients or making a new healthy dish, you can find me doing yoga, creating chocolate, reading a book or enjoying time with my family.
Devon, USA
I was born and raised in Phoenix, Az and have been seeking a way to assist others for my entire life. Publishing books and informational websites to assist others as well as lending a hand to the less fortunate, you will find that I have different insights on various topics. As well as publishing, I have been involved in creative design, promotions, personal development, and marketing for years as well as the arts since I was a child. I am now located in the "Vortex Energy Capital" of the US just 15 minutes south of Sedona, Az. I and my family made the move here on New Year's Eve 2016 to soak up the positive energy and pass it along to our community.
Rimrock, USA
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