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About This Class
Are you struggling to show up fully in your life and business? Are you afraid of what people will think or say about you? Are you not having the impact and influence you desire?

When you attend Connecting through L.O.V.E. - Top 4 Steps to Engage Authentically in Your Life and Business, you will quickly and easily learn:

~ The #1 mistake that most business owners make that stops them from effectively engaging with their ideal prospects.

~ An essential mindset shift that will help you acknowledge your ...See All
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I am 52 years old and am searching for simple, and different ways to focus on self care. I have been more focused and driven on the well being of the patients I have worked with for 28 years then myself and those closest to me. I know that it starts with self. I also know my purpose is to help others and that has to be why and how I am still here. As well as know that there is so much joy and happiness that I have yet to allow myself to experience. I am open and willing to receiving guidance or any kind. Having been in therapy off and on over the years I feel that so many things that I tried to work thru stayed at the same spot without little change for years. I hoped for guidance in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy becayse I researched that this is a great method to work thru PTSD. Therapists have this in their profile but in reality I could not get any guidance on that. I tend to boame myself because I know only I can make the changes I want so badly. My learning interests include almost everything listed .
Van Nuys, USA
Enjoy spending time with my teenage granddaughters. My daughter raises Miniature Horses, goats and chickens.
Blackfoot, USA