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Donna and Lisa interview guest experts that help listeners have more joy and success while growing their business, living their soul purpose and creating more impact.

Our show guest this week is Tyson Sharpe who will be talking about How to Transcend the Pattern of Fear so business owners can execute their business strategy with clarity, creativity and passion, allowing for consistent and ...See All
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Alan Simberg, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who has 47+ years of professional experience. He helps individuals and couples to overcome their personal and relationship challenges. Alan became an Amazon bestselling author by contributing a chapter to a compilation book titled Share Your Message with the World. He is available to provide in person presentations and webinars to groups. Alan offers a variety of topics including stress management, spirituality and anger management. He also does presentations as part of his coaching business that are called Vision Workshops. Alan became aware of his interest to be of service to others at an early age. This led him to pursue and to develop his counseling skills by formal education, studying with a spiritual master for 5+ years and overcoming personal challenges. Traditional learning in combination with life experiences has proven to be invaluable to him. In his clinical practice he facilitates clients to identify the relationship between mind, body and spirit with their challenges. He has found that by recognizing this connection and identifying accompanying strategies effective and long lasting solutions are possible. A guiding principle that is the foundation from which he operates is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. You can learn more about Alan and contact him by going to his website https://www.alansimberg.com
Donna Burgher & Lisa Meisels are Frequency Activators taking Soulful Entrepreneurs on a journey beyond the veil where next-level manifestations are created. They are the Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC, Creators of the Manifesting PODS™ and Hosts of JOURNEY BEYOND THE VEIL Podcast. www.ManifestMagicAndMiracles.com
Delray Beach, USA
I am in the process of transitioning from focusing on "minimizing Fibromyalgia/MAXIMIZING LIFE" to broadening my horizons, incorporating my music, humor, and "sunshine" personality, leading destational retreats and encouraging others who feel limited, for whatever reason. "As long as you're breathing, keep living!" I believe EVERY LIFE IS A STORY--worth being told and heard! As long as you're breathing you're not out of ink! I believe EVERY LIFE TRAVELS, figuratively and literally! I want to be sure that EVERY LIFE LIVES! As long as you're breathing, KEEP LIVING! My back ground is Long Term Care Consulting/Geriatric Certified RN but I have helped people with Fibromyalgia online since before Facebook existed--I was blogging before we knew that word! My greatest assets are my life experiences and my ability to use them to help others.
Port Angeles, USA
My journey began like so many other holistic health practitioners. I saw the shortcomings within the conventional health care model when it came to my own health and also that of my loved ones. This lead me on a journey to find answers as to WHY things happen, and HOW do we fix it. Don�t you want to know why you have a hormone imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, food sensitivities, depression, joint pain, or why you have developed various other diseases? Don�t you want to figure out how to improve your health, or better yet, prevent disease from happening in the first place? Conventional medicine is great at acute care, but is lacking when it comes to managing chronic disease. Taking a handful of pills to mange symptoms is not the answer. Getting to the �ROOT CAUSE� is the answer to solving the health care crisis. Let me help you heal your gut, balance your hormones and reclaim your health and vitality.
Westcliffe, USA