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Holistic Health & LIFE Recovery Advocate
I am a passionate, fierce voice for those without. As a holistic health professional, I practice in the real world. Your community is my clonic and everyone in it is my patient. I heal through homes. My team builds Steel Homes, Communities, and Curbside Wellness Machines by Responsibly Repurposing Shipping Containers Worldwide. These structures are holistically designed, using green building materials, and kept affordable at any budget leaving room for the features most important to you. Express your personality, values, even your quirky side through your home, as it becomes your sacred space to laugh, cry, and contemplate.
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Shields. Barriers. Armor. Real or imagined, these are defense mechanisms we use to protect ourselves from harm. But is the fear of being hurt real? Or, perhaps, is it just a learned behavior that emanates out of our early childhood experiences? In this episode of Soul Empowerment, David, Kristi and Sara plan to shed some light on the importance of recognizing our inherent and innate safety—no matter what might be going on around us. Our tendency to be defended is little more than a learned coping strategy to deal with the illusory fear that seems to pervade much of our thinking. As we see the illusion for what it is, we begin to recognize the associated defensiveness as unnecessary, and soon enough we can drop our shields—knowing that we are safe anyway. * The Story. We are all born perfect, without judgment or preconceptions about life. As we grow, we witness the behaviors of those around us, and we experience feelings and sensations from things that happen to us. These become part of our story. How we react to these events influences the way we show up going forward. * Hiding the Self. The true self can get lost behind the barriers and walls that we build to protect ourselves from further hurt and pain. Like an armadillo, we wear a protective shield which hides the more sensitive aspects of us, so that we can show a “Brave Face”, a mask to the world that we believe it wishes to see. * Lost & Found. When you start to review your story from an adult place of greater understanding, you can unravel it and decode it in a way your younger self was not equipped to do. Love yourself enough to realize that you could only react with the knowledge you had at the time. Today you have more knowledge and understanding—you can choose which aspects to keep and which to release. * Experience “More and Better”. It is time to “open the kimono” and present your true self to the world. It is time to be honest about who you are. It is time to choose boundaries that free you to honor yourself through authentic vulnerability. Join us for this exciting live conversation, and learn to discard your masks and protective shields so that you can rediscover and share the magnificence of your true self.
An interactive webinar series with practical tools and tips focused on personal growth, purpose development, the Akashic Records, neuroscience, quantum science, self and DNA healing. You will be able to: - Connect to your true self (soul blueprint) and purpose - Identify and address challenged aspects of you preventing you from living the life of your dreams - Live your happiest life and in relation to others: career, business, relationships, financial etc. Join us as we have fun and balance all 4 aspects of us: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual!
Emotions are strange things that most of us don't really understand too well. Even science struggles to fully understand emotions, since in some ways they seem to originate in the brain, but they manifest significantly in the body. One thing is sure: emotions can have a major impact in our lives, especially if we fail to channel their considerable energy in appropriate directions. Western society has long tried to get people to feel less and to reason more, under the belief that this approach leads to progress. But it seems fair to say that people who think without experiencing and expressing their emotions contribute to a lot of ideas that do not serve humanity very well. So, we are left to wonder if there is a solution! Thankfully, we have people like Ilene Dillon, a highly trained psychotherapist with a lot of experience helping people (including herself) to deal with challenging emotions, to bring some wisdom to this conversation. And I have invited her back to Life Mastery TV so share some of this wisdom, specifically in the area of emotional mastery. Here are some of the topics we will cover during our conversation: * What are Emotions For? * The World as a Giant School * The Emotion Ownership Paradox * Where to Focus Attention Please come join us for the live presentation and help us increase the population of Emotional Masters in the world!
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Moira is a Mindset Cultivator, Energy Healer & Tarot Consultant. Her specialties range from helping people with broad goals such as life planning and personal balance, to specific goals like gaining motivation and overcoming issues such as procrastination, excess stress and self-sabotage. She has multiple certifications in energy psychology, hypnotherapy, personal growth, spirituality, and self-empowerment. Using her own approach "The Letting Go Process" she helps people shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and thinking there must be more to life; to being in alignment with their life purpose, inspired, empowered and actually in control of their life experience.
I am Personal Growth and Purpose Development Consultant for people looking to access their highest potential. With over 18 years experience in people and business transformation, I combine this with holistic modalities, quantum science and DNA healing tools to co-create happiest states with clients.