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Self-Care True Stories with Guest Ingrid Auer: Angels Opened the Doors Overcoming unimaginable challenges through self-care, transformational and wellness leaders from The Wellness Universe share their story inspiring you to live your best life on: Self-Care True Stories We look to mind, body, spirit, wellness leaders, gurus, and experts to light the way for us. Direct us. Guide us. What was their personal journey? Are they the real deal? What have they experienced in life that qualifies them to lead our way to our happiest, healthiest life? Meet Ingrid Auer, best-selling author, speaker, world renowned medium, teacher, and manufacturer of globally distributed spiritual products, in this episode of Self-Care True Stories: Angels Opened the Doors Growing up in a small conservative Austrian village, trapped in an unhappy marriage, Ingrid Auer broke her inner shackles and developed into a person who enables spiritual open-minded people in different countries to reveal unknown possibilities for their personal and spiritual growth. Ingrid will share how she beat the odds. She has created success and prosperity for herself and for others, with the help of the angels. How did she do it? Join us and be inspired by her story and lifestyle practices. Ingrid Auer is one of Europe’s leading mediums, channeling messages and energized symbols and essences from the angels, Ascended Masters, Mary Magdalene, the Patron saints, and the Lemurian Goddesses. Since 1998 she has been writing spiritual books, which she receives as a medium. At the center of her work, she manufactures high vibrating, energized symbols and essences used by private individuals, doctors, midwives, healing practitioners, energy practitioners, therapists, and teachers, with great success. The energized symbols and essences have proved to work well in pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. Additionally, they are effective during care for the terminally ill and those who are grieving. Ingrid founded and manages her companies “Lichtpunkt & Ekonja” (in Austria, publishing and worldwide distribution) and “Ingrid Auer LLC” (California, distribution in the US). She lives in Vienna, Austria, and Mallorca, Spain, and is a regular visitor to the US. Ingrid is also a Leadership Council Member of The Wellness Universe. This conversation can change your life.
In the coming months, we will continue to be presented with many challenges to our current and past ways of thinking and doing. Many of us will lose our footing and lack the spirit of hope necessary to be an active participant in our own lives and in the lives of others. This is a time where greater clarity of purpose and a nimbleness of mind and heart will be the basis for our successful navigation of what presents to us. We are asked to keep moving forward, to keep taking action, to keep our eyes on what is most important, and trust that all will be well. Join Jo Ann and Ingrid for an intimate discussion of how to navigate this time with flexibility and trust. Together, they will be sharing tools and practices to strengthen and support us as we navigate our way forward.
The topic for October will be UNIVERSE and how to create more of it in your life! Fast track your ascension process and join us! Can you remember who you were before the world started to tell you who you should be? When you acknowledge that you have a spark of the Divine within you, you create a profound shift inside your body. You learn to connect to the wisdom inside of you. Then you can begin to design your life and look out for the synchronicities. Your consciousness begins to expand and you begin to notice your thoughts, words and actions. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you to a place where you can truly become the person you always have been and understand that you are the Love... you have always been.
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In times of fundamental change I enable spiritually open-minded people, with the help of my unique spiritual tools, to reveal unknown possibilities for their personal and spiritual growth, to turn their life into an amazing, surprising experience.
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