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Medicine Woman
I teach, I learn and I share. Shaman and healer. I bring relief spontaneously and with products I make from seed. An avid organic gardener and animal caretaker. Gaia is my Goddess.
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It doesn’t take much looking around to appreciate the accelerating rate of change of almost everything in our world. For many people, this triggers fear and worry—especially in the face of some unpleasant events that are occurring all around us—because nobody knows for sure when the chaos will stop, or what will be on the other side of it. But, if we stay centered and grounded, we can sense that there is also opportunity here. We seem to be at a crossroads in human evolution. More and more people are waking up to the truth of who they really are, and this mass awakening is also contributing to the confusion that we are experiencing together. In this episode of Life Mastery TV, we’re going to consider some of the possibilities before us, and I’ve invited Maggie Sarfo, a specialist in the Akashic Records, to share some of her perspective. We’re going to consider the idea of the “multi-dimensional self”, and what it means as we move intentionally into the next phase of our growth. Here are some of the things we’ll be talking about: * What does “Multi-Dimensional” Mean? * Self-Understanding * Six Aspects of the Self * Spiritual Beings in Human Form Come join us for the live presentation! Bring your comments and questions and help us to make this an interactive experience for everyone.
Don Miguel Ruiz
Recorded: Jan 07, 2016 at 10:00 pm EDT
Join this live and interactive class to meet New York Times bestselling author of The Four Agreements and beloved teacher, don Miguel Ruiz, and co-author Barbara Emrys who will be discussing their latest book, The Toltec Art of Life and Death. After suffering a heart attack, Don Miguel Ruiz fell into a coma that left him trapped between the world of the living and the dead. The Toltec Art of Life and Death is the story of this dream state - rediscovering his past, unlocking his future, and modeling for all of us how we can start anew. In the live session you'll be able to ask questions of Don Miguel and Barbara about this book, the profound teachings within it, and the Toltec art of mastering death and living fully in life. You will also get access to the recorded session after the fact.
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Fighter pilot. Author. Software engineer. Mentor. Aerobics instructor. Poet. Janitor. Lifeguard. Musician. Graphics designer. Father. Student. Teacher. Photographer. Ordained minister. Yogi. These roles (and many others) add up to a LOT of life experience, which David McLeod brings to bear in his capacity as a transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, experiential facilitator, and writer/storyteller. With a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching and a DD in Spiritual Counseling, David shares his wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world to become true Masters of their lives.