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The Wellness Universe introduces you to Gayle Nowak Visibility Sage and Soul Session Guide in partnership with Wellness for All programming bringing you Unmask Your Magic, Soul Sessions: Healing and Clearing to Achieve Success. This is for you, heart-led business owner, if you find challenge in being seen and heard and missing your mark on the impact you can make in the world. Join live sessions each Wednesday at 11am ET/8am PT beginning July 13, 2022 through January 2023. Magical world-changers have often learned to hide out and hold back. Whether it's because . . . • Many marketing strategies still reinforce the need to suppress your passion, point-of-view and true self in order to succeed • You were made to feel bad for expressing your true self as a child • You fear being persecuted, judged, or mocked for your Divine gifts • You've tried speaking up, yet you feel like people don't listen when you do • Traumatic experiences were pivotal to the creation of your business but you're not quite sure how, or if, you want to share that with your audience Or something else . . . Sharing your magic may feel deeply vulnerable, and sometimes even unsafe. Join us inside Unmask Your Magic, an interactive series of healing and clearing sessions that address the internal fears, wounds and karma in your energy field that get in the way of speaking up about your work, claiming your space in the wellness market and expressing who you are as a soul. 90-minute live (being recorded) sessions begin with a brief check-in to share intentions and celebrations. Although sessions are as outlined, Gayle will tune in and seek input to ensure what healing and clearing work is most relevant for the group at that time, therefore themes may shift. She will then lead a channeled session to facilitate and guide you to reveal, re-purpose or release some of the blocks or old wounds that might be stopping you. After the channeled session, you'll have time to journal about your experience and share your biggest takeaway. You'll receive an exercise or practice to do on your own for the month, as well as declare an action you'll take so you can ground your energetic upgrades into your business and life. July 13th - Invisible Inner Child Practice Connect with and love up the part of you that's still carrying the burden of not feeling seen or heard as a child. August 10th - Chakra/Body Magic Session Tune into the energy of your body to discover where you're holding blocks. We move what we can and identify what may need more attention. September 14th - Trinity Wounds An unhealed mother, sister or witch wound can take a toll on your visibility. Discover which one is coming up for healing. October 12th - Your Other Life Retrieve and integrate lessons from a past or alternate life and leverage that into your business and life today. November 9th - Animal Spirit Journey Tune into and reclaim your Truth and Voice with help from animals, insects, fish or birds. December 14th - Activate Your Truth In this guided meditation, awaken and activate the part of you that's magnetic and emits who you truly are as a soul. January 11th - Time Travel Travel forward in time to see, feel and hear what your future self wants to share with you about making your magic visible NOW. Each session designed to be independent of one another. Jump in anytime, however, each is unique to support the energy and evolution of the group. Those who commit to participating in all sessions will experience the greatest benefit. Support includes: Connecting with Gayle and other members of the group through WhatsApp for additional support and encouragement in between sessions. Live Sessions: 2nd Wednesdays starting July 13th at 11am ET/ 8am PT Value: $99 per session Cost: Donation About Gayle: Gayle is a powerhouse supporting New Earth entrepreneurs! Through her intimate retreats and private VIP experiences, she creates space for mission driven individuals to expand their visibility and transform their business by courageously revealing who they truly are on a soul level. She masterfully supports clearing visibility blocks and shifting one’s energetic field. Collaborating with her clients on a marketing approach that aligns with their soul so they can show up powerfully and lead from their whole heart, not only creates business and financial success, but joy as they operate from their purpose. Connect with Gayle:
The Wellness Universe presents Soul Language Expert Lisa Dadd, Consultant & Soul Language Certified Sales Trainer guiding you through a 12-month program for heart-centered, business-minded wellness-preneurs. This donation-based flex 12 session course (1X per month) is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration or during sessions as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. Connect with Lisa Live starting 5/18/22 1X per month, sessions will be recorded. Soul Sales: Your Most Naturally Effective Language for Building Trust and Gaining Buy-In Whether selling a product, a service, or an idea, we all need to gain buy-in at some point. We are most enrolling (i.e., successful, and effective) when we show up fully in our own energy. Beyond the basic concept of "be authentic", soul sales dives deeper into the effective language that differentiates what you have to offer. In this empowering, experiential series, you’ll learn to translate your natural way of being in the context of sales conversations and business situations. Paradigm Shift 5/18/22 – Reframing the Act of Selling and Introducing Soul-utions This introductory session sets the framework for how we will navigate the relationship between sales and soul and creates space for expanding our perceptions of what is possible. Anchors (part 1) 6/15/22– Radical Self-Awareness Leveraging your own Soul Language, you’ll be discovering the innate energy that drives your way of being and start to appreciate how it impacts your business conversations and sales situations. Anchors (part 2) 7/20/22 – Radical Personal Buy-In Before we can ‘sell’ anything to anyone else, we first have to buy-in to our inherent value. Beyond simply identifying features and benefits, we’ll be digging deeper to uncover the heart and soul of why you do the work you do – and how that affects your ability to close sales. Approach (part 1) 8/17/22 Sales as a Conversation, not a Presentation Soulful selling requires powerfully intentional, and conscious conversation. In this session, we’ll identify the ‘conversation’ you are having with prospects and practice the art of intention without attachment. Approach (part 2) 9/21/22 – Don’t BE a Salesperson, BE You. Explore how your natural approach to day-to-day activities and various other business situations can be translated into more effective sales conversations, using your own Soul Language. Approach (part 3) 10/19/22 – Sales Scenarios vs. Soul Language Discover your biggest sales opportunities as we discuss various sales scenarios and lead generation strategies that align and accentuate your natural soul language. Alignment (part 1) 11/16/22 – Buyer Spectrums and Sweet Spots Discerning buyer attributes from a deeper, sales-centric rationale, and expand your sales conversations in powerfully effective, natural ways that feel good for you and your buyer. Alignment (part 2) 12/21/22 – Want, Worth and Willing Learn the true art of creating buy-in as you practice a soulful way of guiding, supporting and/or leading your prospects to the desires underneath the surface – the ones that make closing the sale effortless. Alignment (part 3) 1/18/23 – Translating your Offer Communicate your offer through your prospects’ language (using your natural soul language approach). Activators (part 1) 2/15/23 – Buyer Mindsets and Objection Handling Recognize the energy, behaviors and language of your prospects and learn how to leverage your Soul Language in your response to questions and objections. Activators (part 3) 3/15/23 – Creating Urgency and Closing with Confidence Replace outdated sales scripts with your own customized sales framework; one that gives you ultimate freedom, flexibility and flow in your sales conversations. Embodiment 4/19/23– Bringing it all Together The final session will be an opportunity to bring all of the components together, and practice embodying the energy of a soulful salesperson. Lisa will have supporting materials in handouts. She will also have a group to stay connected in between live calls. This is a flex course: Live sessions taking place that will be recorded to attend when your schedule permits. Value: $1997 Cost: Donation / Pay-what-you-can
The Wellness Universe presents Sharon Carne, Director of Training and Program Development guiding you through A Beginner's Guide to Sound Healing a 6-month program that will help you to heal with sound, frequency, and vibration. This donation-based flex course is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure. Donate upon registration or during sessions as you experience the transformation you seek to live your best life. Free seats for those in need. Live every 1st Thursday of the month starting 5/5/22 through 10/6/22 at noon Eastern time (9am Pacific time), each 90-minute session will be recorded. A Beginner's Guide to Sound Healing: Sound baths, tuning forks, frequencies, and healing music are being explored by millions of people around the globe. There is good reason for that. You are wired to respond to sound from your atoms to your energetic networks. A Beginner’s Guide to Sound Healing course is for those who have heard about or experienced sound healing and are wondering what it is all about. 5/5/22 Introduction: Sound is Food for Your Nervous System The first class is an introduction to sound and how it affects you, particularly your nervous system. You will learn how deeply every part of you is wired to respond to sound. There will be experience in building your awareness to how you respond to sound at all levels. How sound heals and the three main elements of sound healing will be introduced. And Q & A. 6/2/22 The Science of Sound This class covers a basic understanding of vibration, the physics of how sound moves, frequency, amplitude, rhythm, cymatics, and more. And Q and A. 7/7/22 First element of sound healing: Recorded Music When faced with millions of choices of music that is created with the intention of supporting healing, it is difficult to even know where to start. This class will provide you with information and listening experiences on how to choose music just right for you. And Q and A. 8/4/22 Second Element of Sound Healing: Sound Tools In this class we explore a few of the most widely used sound healing tools, including how and why they work: singing Tibetan bowls, singing crystal bowls and tuning forks. And Q and A. 9/1/22 Third Element of Sound Healing: The Voice The voice is where the quantum, multidimensional capacity of healing with sound shines!! Your own voice carries every frequency of your being. Knowing how to use your own voice for stimulating a healing response gives you a tool you have with you all the time and costs nothing to use. And Q and A. 10/6/22 Putting It All Together This class covers simple ways to integrate sound healing into your everyday life. We will explore ways to put together what you have learned to keep your vibration high and tuned in to wellbeing, abundance and infinite possibility. And Q and A. Each live to be recorded session is 90 minutes. First Thursday of each month May – October Connect with Sharon Cost: Donation Course Value: $649 Flex Course: Attend live or watch on demand (live sessions will be recorded) About Sharon: Over the past 13 years, she created programs to train holistic practitioners in the power of sound and music to heal and to support their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute offers the first verified competency certification in Canada in integrating sound into their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute programs have now evolved to serve the challenging needs of an overwhelmed workforce. The Emergent WorkForce™ program is a unique and powerful multi-modal strategy that teaches your workforce to effectively handle stress to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as improve their performance, creativity and contribution. Sharon is regularly invited to speak for corporate and private events – many of them based within the medical community. Such as the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University, Canadian Blood Services, Canadian Mental Health Commission, the Alberta Health Region conference on Chronic Disease Management, the Manitoba Health Region, the National Health Work and Wellness conference in Quebec, numerous staff and teacher conferences, countless radio shows, and many corporate and private events.
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The Wellness Universe is a community of professional health and wellness practitioners, teachers, guides, and healers who make the world a better place through their expertise in health, wellness, well-being, self-care, and transformational coaching, content, and events. The Wellness Universe serves leaders in the well-being industry with a peer-to-peer network, empowering support to be a successful leader in the wellness industry as we serve all who seek to live their best life. We make accessible and showcase the best in the wellness space. As an online directory of vetted practitioners and professionals, online classes, courses, programs, and events, online blog, and book publisher, we have resources to serve you individually as well as content to support your wellness journey. We have published a series of best-selling books; The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress-Relief, 25 Tools for Happiness, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything, 25 Tools for Goddesses. We produce live in-person retreats and serve organizations, groups and corporations with wellness and well-being programs with exceptional value and experiences that create success for all stakeholders. Visit us today and connect with a wellness coach, read articles, and more - Apply today if you are a Practitioner of Wellness - Learn about or Group and Corporate Wellness - We look forward to support you to live a happy, healthy, and healed life.
I am Personal Growth and Purpose Development Consultant for people looking to access their highest potential. With over 18 years experience in people and business transformation, I combine this with holistic modalities, quantum science and DNA healing tools to co-create happiest states with clients.
Laura Di Franco wants to help you write brave words that help heal the world. She�s the owner of Brave Healer Productions and the author of 16 books. Brave Healer Productions published world-changing wellness books that honor the healing path of the author-business owner as much as the mission to assist the readers on their journey. With thirty years of holistic physical therapy and 14 years of martial arts study behind her, get ready for a badass, contagious energy that will move you into action. Ready to get your message into the world in a bigger way? Visit Laura at