Freeing Bodies from Body-Image

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Thu May 25 at 12:00 am EST
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Did you know that body-image is the second highest factor that people want to change in their lives?
Are you one of the people who doesn't love your body 100% or wonder if that is even possible?

Too many of us are dissatisfied with the body we have and this is having such a HUGE impact on our lifestyles, abundance, health and well-being. I am passionate about bodies and creating change for them and to free our bodies and ourselves from the shackles of body-image, so we can finally enjoy ourselves - as we are and ...See All
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This class will be content and value rich and offer healing around body-image as we go through the class.
This will be the opportunity for you to ask your specific questions.
Those who attend LIVE will receive a free gift.
Plus for those who are LIVE AND STAY until the end, you will receive an exclusive offer once the recording stops to those who attend LIVE.
Don't miss this opportunity to experience body-image in a new way and heal
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    Thu May 25 at 12:00 am EST
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Freeing Bodies from Body-Image
60 Minute Session
Wed May 24 at 11:00 pm EST
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Trilby Johnson is an Emotional Breakthrough Alchemist & Coach, Author and Speaker. She specializes in healing relationships, alleviating stress and cultivating emotional freedom, so that you Go from Zero to Hero in your life, business and finances, health and mindset.for a happy, healthy and successful life! Trilby's readers and clients love her work for one reason - Transformation! They arrive with emotional, mental and behavioural baggage and they leave with a new sense of Self, Peace and Joy. Trilby has written two books: 'FEARLESSLY ALONE - Stop the Lonely Crisis and Find Your Happy' and 'A-AH MOMENTS - Inspirational Quotes To Shift Your Thinking'. She is a contributor on THRIVE GLOBAL with her blogs.