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Sat Oct 24 at 04:00 pm EDT
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Award: Multidimensional Healing Level 1
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Multidimensional Healing Level 1
Multidimensional Healing is an energy modality based on Unconditional Love. It connects with Source, the point of Oneness for all beings in this Universe, and travels through the clients own soul lineage to facilitate healing on all levels of reality. In this way the root cause of the issue can be addressed, released, and unwound from the Lightbody (aura), even if in a different dimension. By addressing the root cause, massive amounts of spiritual healing can occur for both the client and the world, and may even manifest as physical, mental, or emotional healing.

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After you register, you will receive the Lightbody Metamorphosis - an activation healing that will enable you to experience multidimensional healing. The practitioners will connect to your Higher Self at Source and give you the healing. It is fast and can be done without an appointment.
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    Sat Oct 24 at 04:00 pm EDT
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Multidimensional Healing Level 1 Certification
360 Minute Session
Sat Oct 24 at 10:00 am EDT
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Judithann Walz and Diluti nua Hanshoe are Multidimensional Healers, teachers, and public speakers. They have over fifty years of energy practice between them. Judithann comes from a line of mediums and healers and has been a writer and teacher for more than twenty years. Diluti has been a healer her entire life and formerly ran Ascension University, an organization that taught people how to heal themselves through Multidimensional Healing, an energy modality she channeled in 2017. She has extensive knowledge and abilities in channeling and Oneness, while Judithann brings in her background of intuition and manifestation. Both are also Reiki Master Teachers.
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