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Even though we often interchange the two words joy and happiness, they really are not the same thing. Most psychologists agree that happiness relates to the way we feel in relation to conditions, circumstances, objects, and events. In other words, happiness is like an elevated form of pleasure. Joy on the other hand relates to our sense of connection to our spiritual nature or to our understanding of God or Spirit or Consciousness. While happiness is something we experience as a feeling--that is, a combination of sensation, emotion, and thought--joy is more correctly defined as a state of being. Furthermore, the more you allow all of your senses and emotions and thoughts to settle into a quiet state, the more you connect to a serene form of contentment that is your natural spiritual state--that is, your joy. This episode of Life Mastery TV will delve into this topic of joy in some detail, and we'll come to see it as a true gift that is available to us any time we want it. To help me bring as much wisdom about this topic as possible, I've invited my friend and colleague, Azmina Jiwa, back to the show. With her background as a workshop leader who shares lessons from her own journey of rediscovering her true self, Azmina is the perfect person to help us open our hearts and minds to this topic. During the live conversation, we'll be discussing all of the following, and a lot more besides: * Awareness and Acceptance * Transcend Fear * Responsibility * Balance Please join us for the live presentation, and learn to create a lot more Natural Joy in your life!
There are few experiences in life that can shake our foundations and move us off center more that the loss of a loved one. And the loss can be just as painful or difficult whether it is through death or divorce or the end of a relationship. Sometimes the experience can be so intense that it actually shatters your faith in yourself, in the world, or even in God. Sooner or later, everyone suffers losses in relationships, career, finances, health or wellness. And every loss seems to come with its own array of challenging responses like sadness, loneliness, anger, grief, and perhaps an uncertainty about what the future will hold for you. Even though such loss can be painful to deal with as it is happening, it inevitably provides an opportunity for you to create something beautiful and meaningful out of the experience. For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I've invited a wonderful healer, Carrie Doubts, to share her perspective on grief and loss and to provide some tools to help us deal with it when it shows up. Come join us for the live presentation, as we discuss the following: * The Nature of Grief * Processing Grief * The Duration of Grief * The Transformation Gift * Supporting Others
Join us for a live meeting! This Wellness Universe Lounge learning platform is included with your membership free and we want to show you all you need to know to be an Instructor to host your own classes, shows, workshops, courses, and more! We will have a virtual walk-through, discuss how you can utilize The Lounge to grow your business and create content while building a community, audience, and lead generation funnel. Best practices, tips, and live Q&A. This is a NO SELL session. This session is an informative education of the platform and a recommended class if you want to teach, host or organize online classes, shows, panels, etc. Get cross promoted throughout The Wellness Universe, Learn it Live and partner platforms! Not a member of The Wellness Universe? Join us:
Birgit Lueders
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jan 14, 2021 at 06:45 pm EST
Did you know that your ability to experience happiness is written into your eyes? You did not only inherit your Mom's or Dad's eye color, you also inherited the genetic DNA of their personality traits and spiritual believes. Join me as I am giving you some examples of how to achieve Ultimate Happiness by balancing your DNA with your SPIRITUAL GROWTH.
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This is a masterclass to skyrocket your social media! Now more than ever as we have turned to virtually serving our clients, our social media marketing needs to be up to snuff. Join these three experts to learn the tips, tools, and techniques to skyrocket your social media, market with integrity, and authentically connect with your ideal audience. Join Anna Pereira, Founder of The Wellness Universe Laura Di Franco, Owner of Brave Healer Productions Lisa Nicholls, CEO, Founder of Tira! Strategies, a social media strategy company This class is reserved for members of The Wellness Universe A notebook may be helpful, and please allow 45 minutes.
No matter what you may think about all the things that transpired in 2020, it's pretty likely that you found yourself wondering what was going to happen next! For many people, the entire year seemed to be chaotic and confusing, fully of unexpected surprises, some of which were downright unpleasant to deal with. For some people, it may have created a sense of uncertainty or discouragement, leaving them with a deep question of whether things might get a lot worse. As you reflect on the events of 2020, did your journey feel aimless and wandering, and perhaps leave you a little low on hope? Well, we'd like to change that! While it might seem challenging to look forward with optimism toward a new year, we believe that your time is now to examine what worked and what didn't work, so that you can create an idea of what you would like to do differently going forward based on what you experienced and what you learned. For this episode of Soul Empowerment, we'll look at a variety of key life elements, such as the healing energies of hope and purpose, and talk about how they can inspire us into affirmative action--no matter what the world may have in store for us. We'll embrace these energies internally so as to open the door to a personal vision for the year. We'll discuss what it looks like to "wander aimfully" in life fully aligned with who you are and what you value! Come play with us as we work together on sharing and discussing key assets of what it means to take aim with intention as you wander into more balanced abundant alignment. You'll be supported and become crystal clear on your personal vision for 2021.
Want to Quantum Leap Your Manifesting Skills? Join us for this FREE Presentation! 4 Keys to Quantum Manifesting: Expand into Your Next-Level of Consciousness…without being energetically pulled into the lower frequencies During this FREE presentation, created for conscious business owners and entrepreneurs - You’ll learn: ~ The most powerful way to quantum leap your manifesting skills ~ What your level of consciousness has to do with manifesting a successful, joyful and prosperous life ~ How to shift your energy so you can change your relationship with outer circumstances discover how to get out of your own way, claim your soul-level desires, move past your blocks and powerfully create your future easily using Invisible Tools™ We’re also going to share how to shift into the quantum field raising your vibrational frequency so you can walk away with the ability to start down the quantum manifesting path. If you want to learn how to create your best reality join us here - Where: The Lounge When: Wednesday, January 6, 2020 Time: 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST BONUS - You’ll receive an activation of Light simply by attending this Free presentation!
Have you ever found yourself holding on to something energetically-- a hope, a belief, an expectation, or even a grudge--only to discover that shortly after you released it, something wonderful showed up in your life? What showed up may have been a fulfillment of something you wanted, but often the energetic shift is enough to open space for almost anything that is considered desirable or valuable. I suspect this sort of thing happens to almost everyone from time to time. Whatever we hold on to--in the name of satisfying a position of the ego-mind--actually requires so much focus and energy that we unconsciously inhibit the flow of whatever the universe is trying to bring forth in our lives. Stranger still, we seem to fall into this pattern over and over again--at least until we learn to tame the ego-mind and surrender all our compulsions and addictions to Spirit. For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I've invited the amazing Anna Pereira back to the show. As a Master Manifester, she really knows about this dynamic and she has some powerful ideas for how to overcome the pattern quickly. Join us for the live presentation as we discuss: * Expectation Deflation * Desire, Want, Need, Addiction * Surrender, but Don't Give Up * Invitation Elation Come join us for the live presentation and help us shed some light on this great topic!
• Have you wondered how selecting a word of the year could benefit you? • Need a little help selecting a focus word for 2021? • Want to spend some time in community creating your word of the year? • Not sure where to start? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join Janette Stuart, Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder, as she facilitates this free 60 min. class to assist you to hone in and select a meaningful focus word that lights you up and serves to guide you in 2021. As a best-selling author, words are an important part of her daily life and Janette has selected words of the years for the past several years. These transformative words have helped her navigate life changes including pancreatic cancer with grace, hope, and gratitude. Your words are powerful tools for transformation. They are magnetic affirmations that draw to you the very things you speak and think about. What words will you intentionally select as a guidepost for 2021? Let’s find out together. Grab your journal or some paper, your favorite writing tools, and get comfy as we gather together virtually to create magic together for 2021.
Death is something that stirs fear in the hearts of people everywhere. Many people imagine that, at the end of their physical life, everything simply comes to an end, and the idea that they may cease to exist is one of the most frightening thoughts that comes to mind. Many people, however, also wonder about what might happen after they cross the boundary between life and death. Is there a heaven that they can go to? Is there life after death? Interestingly, most people who have done personal growth work and who have deepened the connection to their spiritual essence seem to be much less fearful of death than those who cling to ideas of rationality, logic, science, and linear thinking. Somehow the spiritual essence awakens a belief--or perhaps a deep knowing--that death is merely a transitional phase, and that there is really nothing at all to fear. My guest for this week's episode of Life Mastery TV is one of those rare individuals who has come face-to-face with death and awoken to a whole new appreciation for life and all that it offers. Kellan Fluckiger, a world renowned author, speaker and coach, underwent a Near-Death Experience in 2018 and emerged with some amazing wisdom and truth that he will share with us during this episode. You definitely don't want to miss this one! Here are some of the things we plan to discuss: * Conversations with Source * Believe and Achieve * Limitless Joy * The Ultimate Life Please join us for the live presentation--it's going to be a lot of fun.
What is the essence of gratitude? What does it mean and how is it experienced and applied in our everyday lives? In this episode, we right into the topic to discover and explore what turns out to be a multifaceted practice! Learning gratitude and living gratefully involve much more than merely expressing what is appreciated and noted. Sharing our true feelings instead of keeping them hidden is an important aspect of gratitude that many people don't really consider. Sharing our truth in the moment opens the doors for knowing and enriches relationship with deeper conversations and connections. Authentic gratitude finds its place rooted in raw, real life involving all areas and aspects within us and outside of us. Find out more as we talk about: * Quieting the ego mind * Sharing Withholds and Appreciations * Deepening the Gratitude Practice * Appreciating Something about Everything Join the conversation with David and Nancy as they unpack the wonders of Gratitude, and examine the obvious and not-so-obvious attributes of what it is to connect and live gratefully. You'll leave with some helpful tools and tips for increasing and understanding this life element.
Authentically Connecting with a Diverse Audience: Understanding more about your BIPOC and LGBTQ audience to be an effective inspirational leader and change-maker. If we are not reaching our audience we cannot be effective providers of well-being. A substantial number of people who need us right now are within the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. (BIPOC: black, Indigenous and people of color. LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning) Do you feel you need an authentic understanding of the needs of this audience? Do you need to understand how to communicate authentically? Do you feel this is all very complicated and have stayed away from this conversation but want to serve these communities? Now is the time to step up and have a deep, heartfelt conversation to overcome and clarify questions around this topic in an authentic way. Join Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe, Deborah Threadgill Egerton, internationally respected psychotherapist and Laura Di Franco, Owner of Brave Healer Productions, as we dive deep to demystify and speak candidly so we all can become better at serving ALL people. This session is a free offering and open to all WU and non WU members. Connect with our panel: Anna Pereira: Deborah Threadgill Egerton: Laura Di Franco:
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