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In this Free Intro webinar I will explain how I can help you create an online course with an online community with paid membership an signature service. We will discuss how: · Create a passive income by profitably sharing your expertise with your marketplace · Scale & automate your business by turning your knowledge and services into profitable learning products · Get your leads and prospects to pay you in a way that makes them appreciate you · Get paid to demonstrate your capability, knowledge and expertise to your audience · Design and construct a curriculum and course plan to show your expertise at it's best · Grow your business/hobby and increase sales through your wider products and services · Create a profitable learning product or program such as an online course, webinar, workshop or training course · Create training that is engaging, impactful and transformational so that your audience come back for more · Ensure a positive learning experience whilst also increasing your exposure, leads, sales and authority positioning · You will complete your training course step by step as you progress through this course · Use your completed learning product or program as an income stream in it's own right, or as a lead capturing magnet for your primary business activities
Are you a cattle herder or a cat herder? Find out in this fun and insightful program that shares the latest thinking and research about leadership and what types of leaders produce the best results. In this seminar, Don Shapiro, co-author of The Character-Based Leader, will inspire you to embrace your role as a leader and learn how to develop a leadership character that can build trust. Not all leadership methods are equal when it comes to producing results. While most leadership ideas can help you work better with your people, that alone will not raise your people's performance enough to actually boost results. Research shows there are certain types of leaders that produce higher sales, profits, customer satisfaction, teamwork, employee engagement and employee retention. In community organizations, they get more enthusiastic involvement and commitment from volunteers. Great leadership is about trust and building that trust is about your character...who you are. It's not about your title, position, power or authority. You can be a great leader without a title and having a title does not make you a leader. It's also not about using good human relations techniques. While that can improve how well you deal with people, it takes a lot more than techniques to build the type of trust that can produce exceptional performance. People trust your character, not your title or techniques. When you lead from a character that builds trust, your people will enthusiastically join you in pursuing your goals. Leadership character is a combination of your values and principles, how you see your role as a leader and your attitude toward those you lead. That includes integrity, respect, humility and servant leadership. This seminar will explore the type of leadership character that builds trust and how you can grow into this type of leader.