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How to be a Certified Women Owned Business hosted by Anna Pereira, Soul Ventures CEO, The Wellness Universe, Founder with Guest Expert Ande Lyons, Startup Champion Host, Startup Life LIVE Show We are so happy you are here! You are working hard in your business and know that getting certified as a Woman Owned Business is a wise investment in yourself and can catapult your business. Join Ande Lyons and Anna Pereira to learn the what, why, and how to become a certified Women Owned Business. Anna and Ande will be discussing the things you need to know, how to get certified, benefits, and the doors that open to you and your business by getting this one certification. You will learn about the process, timing, costs, and benefits. Deep dive Q&A. Sign-up bonus: Worksheet Free to The Wellness Universe Premium & Premium Plus members. Class cost $25 About Ande Lyons: An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and four successful businesses to her credit, Ande is the founder Startup Life with Ande Lyons, where newbie entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can find the resources they need to launch, brand and build their business dreams without spending a fortune or wasting time. Ande finds joy in serving Women, BIPOC, and minority communities to elevate their business and foundationally support their journey to success. Through the Startup Life LIVE Show, airing Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm EST, Ande shares advice with entrepreneurs starting and building enterprises. Ande knows from personal experience what it takes to start, build and grow a thriving, profitable business, especially with limited resources.
Overcoming unimaginable challenges, through self-care, transformational, and wellness leaders from The Wellness Universe share their story inspiring you to live your best life on: Self-Care True Stories We look to mind, body, spirit, wellness leaders, gurus, and experts to light the way for us. Direct us. Guide us. What was their personal journey? Are they the real deal? What have they experienced in life that qualifies them to lead our way to our happiest, healthiest life? Meet Manuela Rohr. Manuela knows hardship. Manuela knows uncertainty. Manual knows what being a caregiver is. Manuela also knows she is a woman who needs balance, harmony, and emotional resiliency for her to cultivate inner-strength and carry on. Manuela is a special needs mom. After losing three children to miscarriages, 30 years ago her one and only child was born four months premature. Sarina weighed just under two pounds, later diagnosed with several disorders, including Autism, as a caregiver Manuela faces challenges daily. How does she continue to rise? Join us and be inspired by her story and lifestyle practices. This conversation can change your life. About Manuela: Manuela Rohr, Phönix Rising Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Body Wisdom Coach and Mentor "In my transformational workshops and private sessions, I teach my clients how to honor their bodies' wisdom and connect to their inner healer and grow tools that empower them to navigate lives challenging transitions. We are all born with a deep knowing, a deep sense of wisdom that when things fall apart around us, our inner healer steps up and battles the storm to allow us to regain our sense of peace and power. If you are waving the white flag and no one comes to your rescue, let me show you how I can help."
Sound is food for your nervous system. Just like food, there is junk sound, like traffic noise; good sound, like nature sounds; and super sound, like what you experience here in the Sound Wellness Academy. A sound bath provides super food that creates relaxation, calms the nervous system, quiets the mind, stimulates hormones that heal and opens the door to deep meditative states. This month’s broadcast is an opportunity for you to Immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds and vibrations of a Sound Bath. The actual sounds of the sound bath will be about 30 minutes. The full broadcast itself may be up to an hour with time to settle and debrief. There will be some guided meditation at the beginning and end of the sound bath. You may hear the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, drum or more. Bring your favorite pillow and blanket. Either be prepared to lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Make sure you have a glass of water with you and your journal, if you wish to capture any special responses to the sound.
Self-Care Sunday is coming! We will be sharing tools to experience more happiness! 6 Best-Selling Authors from The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness will be guiding you through their tool so you can put it into practice and live a better life. Sessions will be experiential. Bring your notebook and pen. From the comfort of your own home immerse yourself in an event filled with experiences that will enhance your total well-being by inviting more happiness into your daily routine and transform you from this day forward. Learn a new tool! Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe introduces you to wonderful guides, teachers, and healers who support your well-being! You don’t want to miss this event. Register now FREE!! Join us live Sunday February 28, 11am EST to 2pm EST. First 200 people to register - Be entered into our $1000 wellness extravaganza bonus package! Gifts and prizes for our live audience! Schedule in Eastern Time starting at 11:00 AM: 11:00 - Author of Chapter 22 Divine J9, CRM, CEMP, CCHP, CHT: FIRE CEREMONY | HARNESSING THE ELEMENT OF FIRE FOR RAPID TRANSFORMATION 11:30 – Author of Chapter 20 Shannone Holt, ARP, R.P., RYT: SELF-LOVE AND DETACHMENT | THE GOLDEN TICKET TO ACCESSING YOUR SUPERPOWER 12:00 – Author of Chapter 19 Ingrid Auer, Spiritual Teacher: DIVINE JOY | HEAL YOUR FEARS WITH THE HELP OF ARCHANGELS 12:30 – Author of Chapter 10 Maggie Sarfo: CREATING BALANCE FOR HAPPINESS | CONNECTING WITH OUR EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL SELVES 1:00 - Author of Chapter 18 David D McLeod, DD, PhD, CMLC: HAPPINESS HYPERLISTING | ULTIMATE JOURNALING FOR AUTHENTIC JOY 1:30pm - Author of Chapter 4 Laura Sharon, MA, ACC, CDTLF/CDWF: OPENING YOUR HEART | A PRACTICE TO CLEAR YOUR PATH TO HAPPINESS It is a choice. Choose happiness! Prizes Awarded During LIVE Event! Many will win - Stress Relief E books Happiness E Books Stress Relief Paperback Books Happiness Paperback Books 50% off coupons for SoulTreat 1 Coaching Session with Laura Sharon - 30-minute coaching call valued at $150 on helping you get crystal clear on what is holding you back/keeping you stuck. 1 Coaching Session with David McLeod 30 minute laser-coaching session, valued at $97. 1 Ticket to SoulTreat - $499 Value 1 Wellness Extravaganza Prize Package - $1557 Value!! Wellness Extravaganza Prize Pack Includes: Laura Sharon - 30-minute coaching call valued at $150. Focused on helping you get crystal clear on what is holding you back/keeping you stuck. Ingrid Auer - amazing spiritual tools! Angel Symbol Cards plus workbook, plus self-studying online workshop for introduction plus two Angel Aura Essences. Value $199, supplies included. David McLeod - Premium Membership for Your Life Mastery Coach website - $97 per year for access to premium content. Shannon Holt - Win a 50-minute, one on one intuitive, guided breath, meditation and restorative yoga live video session with me! Perfect for beginners or advanced practitioners. Prior to the session, I will gather very basic information about you and your concerns, and during the session, I will let my intuition guide me on what you need most for the session. Value $149. Maggie Sarfo - Win a 4-Part Video Training Program enabling you to develop your purpose so you can be in your highest potential. Plus, a ticket on the 'Understanding Your True Self' live online masterclass in March - a fun opportunity for self-connection; developing your innate abilities with like-minded people. Value $266 Anna Pereira – One on one 45 minute call, value $197. Connect with founder of The Wellness Universe and use this time to get inspiration or mentoring for life or business. The Wellness Universe - 1 Ticket to SoulTreat Retreat - $499 value
Members of The Wellness Universe, come help one another with personal and business growth and success! This is a time to get to know each other and communicate what you need support in, celebrate your achievements and offer your support to your peers. Everyone gets 1 ask. An ask is something you need help or support with that benefits YOU and all who can support you on the live call will let you know. Types of asks: Need help with your website, need specific clients or referrals, seeking speaking opportunities, need specific connections, advice, how to do something, solution to a problem, etc. Introductions will be 1 minute. Individual share time will depend on how many come on the call. Come ready to share your WU Profile URL. This call is to build relationships - NOT TO PITCH - please come to share and support, not sell. To this point, do not come just to 'introduce yourself and leave'. Please be on time and equally respect your fellow members by staying at least the majority of the time. Freemium & Basic Members: $25 Premium & Premium Plus Members: FREE (Check our private group for the code) Not yet a member? Join The Wellness Universe: Welcome your new facilitator! Tamara Golden is the owner & CEO of Journeywork Retreats, a retreat strategy and planning company operating across the US and worldwide...and she's the organizer of WU's annual SoulTreat! Tamara enjoys drawing on her 20-year background as a certified coach in working with clients and collaborators.
Join us on a journey into harmony. In this complimentary webinar you will: • Discover the root cause of up to 80% of illness. • Learn how to stimulate the natural healing ability of your body. • Fill your self-care toolkit with some effective ways to make your days easier. You will also receive links to a couple of Sharon’s tracks for deep healing and deep relaxation. Sound affects you deeply from your atoms to your energetic networks, even if you’re ignoring it. This is why it is a supremely effective tool for self care. Sound is one of the most powerful tools you can use to clear the clutter, expand awareness and reconnect with your body’s natural ability to heal. The right choice of sound or music can effortlessly create relaxation reduce or eliminate pain boost your immune system diminish depression dissolve emotional blocks stimulate the natural healing ability of your body accelerate growth in consciousness give you peace and so much more. Don’t you owe it to yourself to attend?
Hello future best selling author! Come find out about The Wellness Universe book: Guide to Complete Self-Care, and how to be a contributing author in our next best-seller! We have released 25 Tools for Stress Relief, #1 International and #1 US Best Selling book on Amazon in 2 categories, 25 Tools for Happiness an Amazon Best Seller in 5 countries, 13 categories, and now YOU can be a best-selling author with us! Book #3 application now open! Join us to learn how to be a best-selling author and be part of our author family in The Wellness Universe. This collaboration brings together the best of two power house brands, Brave Healer Productions and The Wellness Universe! We're excited to offer this project to healthcare, healer, or healing arts business owners with the goal to become an authority in your field, grow your business with brave words, and become a best-selling author. The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care book is a 25-author/expert collaboration led by Laura Di Franco and her team at Brave Healer Productions, and supported with multiple extra benefits by The Wellness Universe. Get ready to be a part of something bigger! About Laura Di Franco & Brave Healer Productions: Laura is a best-selling author and headed best-selling collaborative books in her past. With her workshops to help Brave Healers find their voice, Laura paves the way for all to have that voice heard while helping to grow your business as a health/wellness practitioner. Join Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe and Laura Di Franco to find out more and be included in this amazing book.
Do you believe you can make your dreams come true? They won't come true if we keep doing things the old ways. Don't write out your goals and 'hope' that things work out. Don't spend hours collecting the best magazines and cutting out your 'perfect' day, heart-throb, body, house, vacation..... and crossing your fingers that it will come true. It will NEVER work out unless you make some deep, internal changes. Are you surprised? ??‍♀️ ☹ ???Come to VISION BOARD SUCCESS for a 2 hour deep dive into YOU! Monday, Jan. 11th, 18th, or 25th @ 6-8 pm MDT/8-10 pm EST Daytime Monday, Feb. 1st @ 10-12 pm MDT/12-2 pm EST ?You will learn the little secrets no one ever tells you to make sure that you get what you want---- that your goals and dreams/visions do come true! ?Teens or Adults will be prepared to get the most out of 2021!
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Join Emissary of Joy: Janette Stuart of Angel Angles and Energy Shifter, Vibration Lifter: Pam Bohlken of Healing in Progress Body, Mind and Soul, as they team up as we celebrate our inner child. This class is back by popular demand as is the 1st in the series (a repeat of the Nov. 7, 2020 class.) No matter what your age, accomplishments, status, education each of us has a precious inner child within that seeks our acceptance and wants our attention. This precious inner child is our source of joy, discovery, wonder and delight. You may have lost connection to your inner child along the way. You were born knowing you are worthy, deserving, capable and confident. You had a sense of wonder, discovery and invincibility. That is who you truly are. Through fun, creativity, gentle movement, and meditation Pam and Janette will hone in on that precious one so that you may bond and nurture that connection during this 2-hour session as you remember who you truly are. You will leave the class with more peace in your life and a deeper connection to your inner child which is your sense of wonder, joy and delight. A workbook (playbook) will be provided to use and to assist you to love your inner child each and every day.
Join us for a live meeting! This Wellness Universe Lounge learning platform is included with your membership free and we want to show you all you need to know to be an Instructor to host your own classes, shows, workshops, courses, and more! We will have a virtual walk-through, discuss how you can utilize The Lounge to grow your business and create content while building a community, audience, and lead generation funnel. Best practices, tips, and live Q&A. This is a NO SELL session. This session is an informative education of the platform and a recommended class if you want to teach, host or organize online classes, shows, panels, etc. Get cross promoted throughout The Wellness Universe, Learn it Live and partner platforms! Not a member of The Wellness Universe? Join us:
Birgit Lueders
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jan 14, 2021 at 06:45 pm EST
Did you know that your ability to experience happiness is written into your eyes? You did not only inherit your Mom's or Dad's eye color, you also inherited the genetic DNA of their personality traits and spiritual believes. Join me as I am giving you some examples of how to achieve Ultimate Happiness by balancing your DNA with your SPIRITUAL GROWTH.
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This is a masterclass to skyrocket your social media! Now more than ever as we have turned to virtually serving our clients, our social media marketing needs to be up to snuff. Join these three experts to learn the tips, tools, and techniques to skyrocket your social media, market with integrity, and authentically connect with your ideal audience. Join Anna Pereira, Founder of The Wellness Universe Laura Di Franco, Owner of Brave Healer Productions Lisa Nicholls, CEO, Founder of Tira! Strategies, a social media strategy company This class is reserved for members of The Wellness Universe A notebook may be helpful, and please allow 45 minutes.
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