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Have you ever had mild traumatic head injury? Have you ever experienced heart break that keeps you stuck in the past? Would you like to get unstuck off of repeat and rejuvenate your beautiful brain? Join Mahalia for this lively webinar and BEAUTIFY YOUR BRAIN!! What you can look forward to learning and experiencing while attending this one hour wuvinar webinar: *Stimulation of your pre-frontal cortex otherwise known as your 'angel brain' and find out why this is essential to LIVE YOUR DREAMS! *Purify and activate your glands and neurons for optimal communication and well-being! *Tune your precious brain-waves with luminous whale and dolphin sounds and learn why brain-wave tuning is essential for your Brain-Bliss! TURN ON YOUR BRILLIANCE!! BRAIN-BLISS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!! ENROLL YOUR SWEET SELF NOW AND PREPARE FOR YOUR BLISS!