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"Connecting to the real, imagined or metaphorical world of tarot through an altered-state for guidance, transformation & healing.� - Come join Mitchell as he leads you through a transformation workshop. Show up online, or watch the archived class, with your Tarot (oracle or lenormand) cards and a journal, or pen and paper. We will journey through the cards in an altered state to bring about transformation and healing.
This class is a virtual support group for bereaved women. No need to dress up or do your hair. Just come as you are and spend the evening with a village of sisters who share your journey. You don't have to do this alone. Come be part of our village. CORE LEADERS: Lynda Cheldelin Fell Deana Martin-Owens WHAT YOU NEED: Computer Internet Cup of tea Comfy chair Mic (optional) Webcam (optional)
Welcome to a support group for bereaved women. As we transition into autumn, with the holidays just around the corner, join us via your computer or device and spend the evening with us. This isn't a video you simply watch. It is an interactive support group where we all have a voice. No need to dress up or do your hair, just come as you are. If you like, you can turn your webcam and mic off so we can't see you (you can still see us though). Cost is $10, our way of passing the hat (a portion goes to a national nonprofit supporting the bereaved). Join us. Come spend the evening with a village of sisters who understand.
Designed to teach people what to do and say to help the newly bereaved, this Grief Diaries 101 webinar will focus on general loss. Taught by Deana Martin-Owens and Ron Kelly, participants will learn the top two things every griever needs, the ten best and worse things to say, five things to bring in the aftermath, how to handle sensitive calendar dates, how to support the bereaved, and where to find resources. Participants are invited to come with questions they wouldn't dare ask anywhere else, and be prepared for 90 minutes of helpful information everybody needs to know.
This webinar is about easy steps anyone can take to overcome personal hardship.