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First Sunday of the month by suggested energy exchange/donation (discount codes in description)! Even when we're not physically distancing, it can be hard to connect heart-to-heart. I had intended this monthly gathering to be in my home, but perhaps this is an opportunity for more of us to make heartfelt connections! Each month, we'll discuss various topics, I'll share exercises and activations that foster your more effortless expansion, insights, and reconnection with Self. Each of us has a YOUnique soul essence, spiritual nature, and innate metaphysical abilities and gifts ... reconnect NOW. This gathering of friends is always open to caring, compassionate, open-minded souls regardless of gender identification. If you're seeking to gather and find ways to expand your light, join me! I will hold space in unconditional love and acceptance. Suggested energy exchange/donation is $20. Use discount code ZS9NJYCR to pay $10. Use discount code ZMSNGCC2 to pay $5. Use discount code CP9WHST7 to attend for free.
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