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Labels are devices we use to evaluate, assess, categorize and sort pretty much everything that happens in our lives. Most often, these devices are linguistic or semantic in nature, and they can serve a valuable purpose--at least until we forget that they're just models or representations. In the extreme, we become so forgetful that we actually believe our labels are the things they were meant to describe! For example, you might hear a phrase such as "the human brain is x, y and z"--and then, without even thinking about it, you may find yourself expecting everyone with a brain (including yourself) to behave in a way that is consistent with that statement. Yes, a label can be useful, up to a point. But when we forget the fact that we have constructed the label as a representation for the thing, then problems really start to show up. In this episode, David and his guest Sara Jane are going to look at labels from a variety of perspectives, with the intention of reminding ourselves about their limited usefulness. Here are some of the things they are going to talk about: What Exactly Is a Label? How Do You Label Yourself? Where In Your Life to Labels Show Up? How Can We Use Labels Responsibly? Join us for this episode and remember to bring all your questions and comments. The more interactive we can make this, the better!
Throughout our lives, we all face occasional challenges, difficulties, obstacles, blockages, and other things that seem to get in our way and slow down or even stop our progress. This can be quite frustrating. As you've surely noticed yourself, the more we want something, the greater the level of frustration we experience when something seems to be preventing us from getting it. If the level of frustration gets high enough, then we find ourselves focusing so much attention on the "problem" that we lose sight of the objective, and soon enough we begin to berate and criticize ourselves for being a "failure". For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I've invited back my good friend and colleague, Linda Shively, to help shed some light on this phenomenon. Together, we'll unravel this and get down to the root cause of the real problem. And because Linda is the "Queen of Joy", we'll surely find a way to have some fun with it as well! Here are some of the things we'll be discussing: - Problem or Opportunity? - The Downside of Beliefs - Information Overload - Discovering the Gift Come join us for another lively, entertaining, and highly educational episode of Life Mastery TV.
In many cultures in the world, people are taught from a young age that they are supposed to be selfless beings, more concerned with the needs of others than their own needs. For many of us, this teaching becomes internalized in a way that emerges as self-deprecating mental messages. And if we happen to spend any time thinking about ourselves, then our ego-minds will eagerly point out our failings by spewing even stronger messages that can become blatantly and painfully self-critical. We become so focused on living up to society’s expectations about serving others first that we begin to see ourselves as unimportant, undervalued, or worthless. And then, soon enough, it becomes pretty clear that, because of our diminished sense of self-love, we are not much use to the other people we are supposed to be caring for! In this episode of Life Mastery TV, we are going to examine this strange and ironic conditioning that we’ve all been exposed to, and we are going to turn it on its head. We are going to dare to talk about Self-Love and how it can actually lead to a powerful ripple effect that brings loving harmony into the world! I have invited the International Light Language Channel and Activator, Maya Boston, to join me in this important discussion, and to share her amazing wisdom with us. Join us for this live discussion about Self-Love and learn the following: - Understanding Self-Love - Practicing Self-Forgiveness - Practicing Self-Acceptance - Trusting Your Intuition
We human beings are pretty strange creatures--going through much of our lives trying to show up the way we believe others want us to. This seems to be a very wide-spread condition; one might even call it an epidemic. We all seem to behave this way for a good part of our lives--many of us for our entire lives--all the while wishing that people would experience us for who we really are. Isn't it ironic then that, while we are parading around in our make-believe masks and costumes in an attempt to gain acceptance, recognition or approval, we are truly inspired when we encounter someone who refuses to conform to this way of being? Those who choose instead to step fully into their authenticity so that we can see and experience them for who they really are--those are the people who inspire and motivate us to at least consider removing our masks and costumes. Being yourself--rather than the ambassador (or actor) you send into the world to represent you--requires two things of you: 1. recognition and awareness of how you are currently showing up, and understanding why you are doing so; and 2. courage to know who you really are so that you can begin to remove the masks and show up authentically. Join your Soul Empowerment Guides and take a deep dive into the topic of Identity. Learn to uncover the truth of who you really are and deepen your love and appreciation for all of "Your True Essence".
Leadership is something that everyone understands and recognizes. It seems that the main quality of leadership to which we have a favorable response is the power of inspiration. That is, we seem more likely to follow someone who inspires us with a powerful vision coupled with actions to transform that vision into reality. If you think about if for a minute, you'll probably agree that everyone has their own idea of the ideal world. True leadership can only emerge, however, if you are willing to take concrete steps to realize your vision. What you may not yet recognize is that you have the ability to do this bred right into your essential nature. It's true: you have the capacity within you of being a natural leader. In this episode of Life Mastery TV, my good friend and colleague Chris Kyle will be on hand to provide his wisdom and expertise on the subject of purposeful, natural leadership. We will be covering some important ideas in this episode: - Purpose Power - Mindful Leadership - Awareness of Shadow - Cultivating Natural Leadership Please join us for an exciting and inspiring look at leadership and how you can bring it more fully into your life.
Your ego-mind has a way of putting its own spin on everything in your life. It is constantly interpreting, judging, concluding, and making up stories about whatever is going on. And then, as if to put the icing on the cake, your ego-mind claims that "this is just the way it is." But the fact of the matter is that, very often, the world is nothing like what you think it is...which is why you sometimes have to deconstruct those illusions. That is the point of Acceptance, a process by which you strip away all the stories and judgments and get down to the truth. In this conversation, we will take a deep dive into the powerful subject of Acceptance, with focus on the following topics: - What is acceptance? - Myths and misunderstandings - Gifts and benefits - Cultivating a practice If you want to deepen your understanding of Acceptance, learn why it is such a powerful tool for personal growth, and begin creating a regular practice to enhance your life, then register right now for this awesome class!
Mindfulness is well known to be a powerful, life-affirming practice that has countless benefits in both the physical and spiritual realms. It is an ability that appears to be inherent in all humans, although many of us might not know how to make use of it. In this episode, "Embodied Mindfulness", my guest Manuela Rohr and I will be discussing the following key points: - Honoring the Body - Creating Joy and Flow - Embracing Change - Recognizing and Respecting Boundaries If you want to become more adept at "Embodied Mindfulness", please sign up and join us!
Live 60-minute presentations featuring David McLeod, Stephanie Padovani, and Nancy Stevens. Awesome topics, great life-lessons, and lots of fun! Attend an entire live presentation and you could win some fabulous prizes! Make it a regular practice to join'll be glad you did.
In this class I will teach you a way for you to shift your energy and thought process from negative to positive as easy as 1,2,3. Three easy steps that will change your life. You will feel happier, healthier and abundant. Most people tend to go to a negative place within because for some reason, mostly a habitual, it is easier than going to a positive place within. Based on current circumstances they allow this to control their thought process and behaviour, resulting in attracting more unwanted experiences. You want better Results for yourself. Register now.
Hello! Samantha Cervino here :). I would like to invite you to register for this insightful class in which I will share with you all you need and want to know about Reiki and EFT Tapping and all the wonderful things these two spectacular energy healing techniques can do for you and your well being. As well as share with you about my Health & Wisdom Program and self help published book. Here are a few testimonials from my clients: "I have been doing Reiki and EFT sessions with Samantha to treat an illness and every time I go for a session with her I feel much better and very relaxed. Samantha Cervino is a very caring and professional practitioner who cares about the wellbeing of her clients and I highly recommend her and all her services. Both Reiki and EFT have done wonders for me. I highly recommend Samantha and all of her services. Onofrio G. " Samantha came into my life at a time where I feel I had been at my lowest and needed guidance more than ever. Struggling with mental health, feeling like I had no control. She continues to help ground me in a way I did not think was possible. She has been an inspiration and has helped me to realize endless potential within myself. She serves people to be the best they can be, and in turn I want to be that light for others. She is humble which truly makes her great. The program is shifting my life & thinking, in positive ways. My thought of Samantha is that she is an angel. I am forever grateful to have met her and to now have her as my friend." Joanna " I first met Samantha in October 2017 and was immediately inspired by her wonderful knowledge of self-improvement skills, and range of healing services that she offers. More recently, I had an individual reading with Samantha and she was able to highlight areas of my life that I could excel in, and move forward with. I also downloaded her beautiful Gratitude Affirmations ebook, which I love and refer to frequently. I would definitely recommend Samantha, her wisdom and wonderful healing intuition." Lisa H.
If you wish to change your life, you must know your predominant beliefs because you cannot change what you are unconscious of. We must take an inventory of our principal beliefs and examine them often, if we wish to create a life replete with meaning, purpose and happiness. Transformation requires letting go of outdated thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are not conducive to the life we wish to live. In this webinar, you will learn how beliefs are formed and how to change your beliefs to create the life you are destined to live. There are practical exercises in this presentation that require you to investigate your predominant thoughts and beliefs.
Curious about your past lives? Here is your opportunity to safely explore a past life and get valuable information to support you today! We will discuss what a past life regression is from intuitive, shamanic, and hypnotherapy perspectives. This includes how it helps to both resolve blockages and phobias and tap skills and abilities from a previous life and how to prepare for and benefit from a regression. Then we will experience a brief, powerful past life regression to tap a valuable past life skill. Each participant will experience how it works and access valuable information to boost this skill now. We will end with input from participants on their experiences and intuitive insight and a summary from Robyn. Bonuses include a discount on an in-depth follow-up past life regression session.
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