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You want to know what you are supposed to do with your life. It is the universal angst, so it is time to resolve it. You are the best person to decide how to become your best self, from the practical to the mystical. Receive some suggestions, some practical and mystical advice, and the tips and tools to create the life you need and want to grow your soul, to prosper, and to enjoy your beautiful life.
Free introduction to OM Times Expert Robyn M Fritz: who she is, what she does, her journey from illness and disability to health and balance, and how she came to do her intuitive and spiritual consulting work. Robyn believes in Planetary Connection, a mindset she learned from working with non-humans, from weather and land systems to homes and businesses. It means humans are equal with all life, not caretakers and guardians. This frees us to be our best and to grow in self-love and service to our families, cities, countries, and our conscious, evolving planet, and to tap our innate intuitive and healing abilities.
"I knew that, but did not take action." How many times have you said and felt you knew something before it actually happened? How many times have you made a decision before you had the "facts"? Have you heard advice, which is not in the realms of reason? These are examples of your intuition in action. Join us for an interactive and sharing class to: - learn the four components of intuition - know how to make intuitive decisions - know the difference between your creative right brain and your analytical left brain Suzie will help build awareness and alertness to how your intuition can drive you to better decision making for a life of ease and flow.