This class is a FREE intro to my upcoming series course: 7 Main Laws of the Universe listed in the Kybalion by the 3 Initiates. If you use Law of Attraction to manifest with hit or miss results, this class is for you. All 7 Laws must be known and understood to manifest.
Did you know that your perception is a creative factor in your life? Discover how to change your perception and the four steps you can take to use perception to make positive, lasting changes in your life. This workshop is based upon the #ranked downloaded kindle book, The Peephole Effect: Perception Is Everything. Are you continuously experiencing the same negative experiences? The merry-go-round of "here we go again." You know what I mean: -same boyfriend, different haircut -same car, different color -same job, different decade! -same drama, different day! -no money yesterday, no money today -ugh Well, this merry-go-round ride can stop. Now. We often view life through a very rigid lens - a peephole if you will. Too often our view is based solely upon our past resulting in limited beliefs which become lodged in our subconscious mind. There is a law of min, or a creative universe, what responds to your strongly held thoughts beliefs and feelings - your perception. You can change your perception, and use the very same law of mind to your advantage. Tap into the unlimited possibilities of the universe through a wider perception. Limits will disappear - anything becomes truly possible. In this workshop you will: -Uncover and eliminate your limited beliefs -Recognize the unlimited possibilities that await you! -Use the Peephole Effect to manifest the career, relationship, experience, or circumstance that you truly desire. SIGN UP NOW! TO ORDER THE BOOK, THE PEEPHOLE EFFECT: PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING GO TO MARYANNPATALANO.COM OR LOOK FOR IT ON AMAZON.COM
At times we have an unbearable longing to go home, and we realize it means another planet or dimension. No, you are not crazy: you are remembering our ancient origins and the reality (not the myth) of Lemuria and Atlantis. Learn what really happened in our ancient past, how we are connected to it, and what we can do to claim home here, where we chose to be, as part of a group of interstellar beings who created a new planet of equality and opportunity. And then lost it to the cataclysm.
Do our animals reincarnate with us? Yes, no, and maybe. Learn how and why they do (or do not) and what that means for us, and for them, as multi-species families. We will discuss soul purpose, soul growth, what animals experience in the afterlife, how to prepare them and yourself for their deaths, and how to connect with them in the afterlife to find out what their next choice is. With true stories!
Learn how to work and heal with crystals using practical tips and your own intuitive know-how. We will cover mindset and intention; how to choose and buy crystals; what is involved in clearing them (and keeping them clear); how to partner with them for best results; specific crystals for grounding, protection, clearing, and healing; routine handling; and more. Bring a crystal to work with in the webinar, preferably a clear or white quartz. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to achieve and deepen a healthy working relationship with crystals.
In this Spiritual Development Circle course you will learn how to explore and enhance your personal spiritual practice to heal yourself and help heal the world - one step at a time. You'll learn how to build solid foundations for your practice by way of creating and enpowering your sacred space, how to work with your angels, spirit guides and helpers, allies, ancestors and other benevolent helping spirits, how to set proper energetic boundaries and how to practice energy "etiquitte', how to develop and strengthen your psychic gifts, how to communicate with spirit and how to lovingly assist earthbound spirits to cross, and more. You'll receive energetic support as we move along into each area of exploration. We will practice on each other in each new lesson to gain experiential wisdom and understanding. This is considered a beginner-intermediate level of exploration. Class One: Creating and Empowering Your Sacred Space Class Two: Fine Tuning Your Intuition, Psychic Abilities and Chakras Class Three: Meet Your Spiritual Support Team Class Four: Learn to Practice Energetic Hygiene
Yes, the multiverse is real: we live in a universe of multiple dimensions that sometimes include multiple earths (and multiple interstellar dimensions). That means other beings are also real, from humans living simultaneous lives in other dimensions (and not strictly human lives) to aliens (yes, aliens), to the Quinnich Nation (what we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot, which is why no one ever sees them), and DRAGONS. Learn about the multiverse, how to connect to multidimensional beings, and how NOT to travel there. It is fun, mysterious, and absolutely positively true.
Humans live in a world that does not exist, one that says we are guardians and caretakers in charge of the world. Instead, the world is a congregation of equals, where everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and opinions. Learn how to grow, heal, and thrive in this mindset which allows us to connect with a supportive, generous universe and to cooperate with all life for the welfare of our conscious, evolving planet. You will move more easily in the world, from tapping your intuition and creativity to living with a newfound confidence and comfort.
We are innately intuitives and healers. That�s the good part. What�s better? We can attract and work with intuitive partners to boost our health, intuition, self-confidence, and prosperity. Our intuitive partners can be animals, other people, nature, our home and business spaces, crystals, ritual tools � the list goes on. Learn how to identify and work with your intuitive partners to help you be the best you can be (and help them as well).
Start to heal your grief by understanding how the afterlife works and creating a ritual to connect with your beloved dead, human or animal. Covers understanding signs and symbols, identifying your strongest intuitive ability to facilitate connection, tips to resolving grief, creating rituals, and a meditation that will be a straightforward, loving conversation with your dead. Participants will be able to ask questions, and Robyn may briefly connect to deceased loved ones of some attendees, no guarantees. An opportunity to understand what happens in the afterlife, and how we can all connect to our loved ones.
Starting on Monday 9/11/17, I will be posting a thread each Monday here in The Chat Room to get your questions answered that have kept you stuck or bring you doubt (in yourself, business, relationships etc). I have been blessed with the ability to channel Divine Infinite Intelligence which we’re calling “Answers with Infinity.” Each Monday posts your questions under the thread and it will be answered. We will post the answer for all to see so they too may receive the benefit of your asking. Your questions will be answered in a way you have never experienced before yet will confirm the knowing already present in your heart. We look forward to helping you help yourself move forward fearlessly by unleashing your power within. This webinar will explain the process and help you get the most out of your answers. One Love, Denise
Did you know you can have different spirit guides, or spiritual team members, at different life stages and for different things, from creativity and job performance to resolving grief? Come learn the good and the bad about spirit guides: who they are, what they do for you, how to create the best partnership with them, and what to do when things go wrong. Experience a guided meditation to meet a member of your spiritual team. You will create a solid foundation to work with your spiritual team.
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