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How to Make Conflict A Positive Thing For You   ($100) [+] Show More Info

Most of us avoid conflict at all costs because we had even the idea of it. What if conflict was a positive thing as it allowed you to express what you want, and hear what the other person wants, so that you can find a compromise OR agree to disagree. In this class we explore conflict and how you can get to the place of seeing it as a positive thing leading to negotiation. This class runs for four weeks, one hour per week.

Communication 101 - Messaging   ($100) [+] Show More Info

We all know how key communication is to our relationships, both person and at work. Messaging is a key part of your daily interactions and yet how clear are your messages? In this class we explore the importance of clear messaging. We look at ways that our messaging isn't clear. We'll explore HOW to make your messaging clearer, so that it is understood the way you want it to be. This class runs for four weeks - 1 hour per week.

How Our Unspoken Expectations Cause Conflict   ($50) [+] Show More Info

Expectations, or unspoken expectations cause trouble and conflict. People assume what we want. We expect them to know what we want. No wonder there is conflict. Let's explore expectations. Why they don't serve us. Why it's of value to know and speak out aloud what we really want. This class runs for one hour.

Why Assumptions Disrupt Our Relationships   ($50) [+] Show More Info

We all have assumptions. Often we don't speak them out aloud. When this happens it creates uncertainty or expectations which often times aren't met. In this online class we explore the problems with having unspoken assumptions. We look at what it means to be clear, create clarity and how that impacts positively on our communication and relationships. This class runs for One Hour

Why We Get Caught In Grief   ($60) [+] Show More Info

In this Class we will explore the grief cycle and what it means to be caught in a particular part of the cycle. We will discuss the transition process and what it takes to move through our grief. This online class runs for two hours.


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