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About This Class
Time is the great healer.

No matter how difficult the circumstances that cross our path, it takes time for our emotions, minds and spirit to process what's happened. Do not let anything or anyone push you to move on too fast or get over it. We all heal in our way at our own speed.

This healing cannot be rushed. It's normal and natural to feel overwhelmed, out of sorts and confused when a major change knocks on our door. Whether the loss of a loved one, the breakup of a long time ...See All
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I am an advocate for mental health, motivational mentor and author, speaking from lived experience with mental illness. I am a proud Team member and Influencer at The Wellness Universe - co-creating positive global change. #WUVIP #WUInfluencer #WUWorldChanger Why I'm a passionate Advocate for Mental Health
Perth, Western Australia, AUS
I am a strong spiritually guided woman, I am a daughter, a single Mother to one son (26yrs) whose Father is very much a part of his life, we couldn't get along, that had absolutely nothing to do with our son whom we love with all our hearts I love to write poetry (that darn book will happen!) I owned and operated my own property maintenance company for 13 years and LOVED it, until I was diagnosed with MS. I am a breast cancer survivor! From those diagnosis and in such a short time (6years now) along with everyday life stuff that happens to us all, I experienced an eye opening (and opening/expanding of my heart and soul) with depression ~ I will NOT be defined by these bumps along my journey, they are merely learning curves, or big waves as I will always be a surfer girl at heart Well that's a bit about me OH~ one more thing ~ I love to see others succeed and LIVE so that's why I am here. I want you to know someone is on your side and that YOU can do it, whatever *it* is for you! This world has so much negativity in it ~ Well here you are safe, cared for and encouraged! Its not all sweetness and light, life is hard and we know that and talk about that hard stuff too, because maybe just maybe something someone says in comments might change someones life, it might just be exactly what someone else really, desperately needed to hear, even if it was a *swift kick in the butt* to wake 'em up. We are in this together, lets help each other! Namaste With love Kristine Marie and Team WOW
Bakersfield, USA