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Do you know the three things your business must have to be successful online? Do you know the core basics required to solve the success equation? Are you skipping over how-to information that builds your back office? You'll find the answers in this free course.
In start-up mode with your online business? Know you need to be more organized to implement business strategy? This class will be a great resource if you're in start up mode and you believe you are too technically challenged to set up and manage your back office.
Additional Information is a program I designed after answering questions and offering basic solutions for clients who believe they are technically challenged when the truth is they're afraid of online technology. In this course, get empowered to move through every business day with essential online tools. Gradually become more comfortable with the ins and outs of running your online business. Save time, money and hassle.
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'You are the center of the Universe. You are a star shining bright. My hope and mission is for you to shine as brilliantly as you were meant to. Together, basking in the light of each other, we all shine brighter.' - Anna Pereira This describes my mission. It is to bring out the best in you! I have been a creative entrepreneur with a strong attachment to spirituality nearly my entire life. I call myself an evolutionary catalyst to raise awareness and create positive change. My background includes my own artistically based businesses in fashion and accessories handmade and manufactured, and corporate experience as head of a multi-million dollar division for a manufacturer of pet products. As a motivational public figure, my inspirational posts are known worldwide. Through my Facebook page Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, I have helped the lives of over 700K. Following my calling to truly make a global change, I am involved in several epic projects to better the world. Most recently, I have founded The Wellness Universe, along with my partner Shari Alyse and our company is Soul Ventures Corp. Focused on building the space for a flourishing network of heart-based entrepreneurs, as the leader of The Wellness Universe, it is rewarding helping modern day thought leaders and co-creators of change reach their goals personally and professionally. Through guidance and encouragement seeing world changers not only changing the world, but their world changing as well, is my life's greatest reward. Bringing people together in this one of a kind epic wellness resource for anyone browsing our site to find encouragement, help, love, inspiration, education, advice, products and support from trusted sources is a dream come true. I encourage empowerment, authenticity and attachment to spirituality as core building blocks to achieve anything you dream. I believe maintaining a positive attitude sees you through a situation with success. Authenticity is the epicenter to long term joy and success. Always be you ~ The best version of you! Have a blessed day Namaste Anna
Amy Camie is a classically trained spiritual harpist, inspirational speaker, recording artist, composer, Co-Initiator of The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery, and author of Loving Life-All of It - A Walk with Cancer, Compassion, and Consciousness. She has presented hundreds of workshops and seminars for local, regional and national audiences on the healing power of music, vibrational resonance, and conscious self-care. Amy's music calms the mind, relaxes the body and gently touches the soul. As one woman said, You touch others in such a deep place with your music because it comes from such a deep place inside of you.
St. Louis, USA
Ellie€™s mission is to help yo-yo dieters get off the dieting merry-go-round permanently, and discover the simplicity and joy of investing in their most precious asset ~ a healthy mind, body and soul.
Ariann carries the profound subtle energy of an elder, advisor and wisdom carrier. She is part Cherokee by heritage and is a ceremonialist, an intuitive reader and healer, and practices Ancestral Lineage Clearing, and energy healing.she is the author of 2 books on generational family healing and a co-author of an international anthology of a confidence guide for women. She is a speaker, spiritual counselor, and does private Shamanic sessions with clients.
Grass Valley, USA
-Educator/Reading Specialist (K-12) -Inventor of the low-tech & digital Reading Focus Cards for challenged readers of all ages (Patents 7,565,759 & 8,360,779) -Business owner, Brennan Innovators, LLC -Parent of 4 sons -Married for 39 blessed years to a wonderful gentleman, Robt. A. Brennan, Jr., M.D.
I am a baby boomer, mentor, trainer, world traveller, and love helping to empower wormen to have the lifestyle I have. I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years and own 3 Lifestyle businesses: real estate rentals, a mahjongg subscription video training site, and a health and wellness online shopping club for those looking to shop healthy and affordably.
Media, USA
Jessica Groff, M.S. is a Health and Wellness Advocate obsessed with empowering busy mothers to take control of their health so that they can stop simply surviving and start thriving! She provides real, research-based results through nutrition education, targeted habit development, and group support programs. Jessica lives in Bergen County, New Jersey with the love of her life, her twin daughters, and their rescued dog and cat. She loves spending time at local farmersƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ¯‚¿‚½ markets chatting up the farmers, vendors, and patrons, as well as reading great literature and geeking out on the latest advances in the science of nutrition.
Franklin Lakes, USA