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You came into this life with a vibration perfectly calibrated to support you in all you're meant to do and be - the unique purpose you came here for.

The precise date, time and location of your birth - and the name you were given at birth - are no accident: they carry an energetic pattern that gives you all the information you need for your life, work, wealth, health, relationships and more.

Your life comes with an owner's manual that is highly personalized to exactly who you are, one that supports every aspect ...See All
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I am an advocate for mental health, motivational mentor and author, speaking from lived experience with mental illness. I am a proud Team member and Influencer at The Wellness Universe - co-creating positive global change. #WUVIP #WUInfluencer #WUWorldChanger Why I'm a passionate Advocate for Mental Health
Perth, W.A., AUS
James Patrick McDonald is a contemporary spiritual teacher offering simple and accessible practices anyone can use to experience the harmony, self-awareness, and fulfillment in life that come from willingness, honesty, and a peaceful mind. A profound awakening process began for James in early 2000 and today his practice of suspending judgment as the end of suffering has positioned him as a recognized guide and teacher. James shares his powerful message through books, printed materials, presentations, workshops and coaching sessions. Be a Student of Experience, and watch your life change.
North East Ohio, USA
I'm an eclectic, eccentric woman who is all about owning her own power in order to shine her light and make an impact on the world. I'm a Blogger, Paralegal Student, Cook, and Nature Lover. I love writing and yoga as well as spending time outside.
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