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About The Wellness Universe

The Wellness Universe allows you to take live, online classes covering important topics in wellness and well-being. All classes are recorded and can be watched later. The learning website is powered by Learn It Live. Sign up for a class today!

More Info, FAQs, and Troubleshooting Tips

Please click on the following links to learn more about how it all works and for troubleshooting answers. If you are still experiencing any issue, contact [email protected]

The Question: How does it work to register, attend a live class, and view a class recording?

The Answer: Here’s what you’ll need to do to access a class:

  1. Register for the class and create or sign in to your account.
  2. On the day of the class, you can enter up to 30 minutes in advance.
  3. Click “Enter Live Session” and you will be taken into the live classroom.
  4. To view a recording, click “View Recording” and you will be taken to the recorded class video.

The Question: How do I enter the live class session?

The Answer: After you’ve registered for a class, to enter the live class session, do the following:

  • Log into your account at and click the green "Enter Live Session" button from your private profile. This button becomes activated 30 minutes before the session start time. You will be automatically brought into the session.

The Question: How do I view the recorded class session?

The Answer: Recordings are generated and available within 48 hours after the class session ends. If you are already registered for the class, these recorded sessions will be automatically routed to your profile where they will be permanently accessible for viewing. If you are not yet registered, you can register for the recording only. Here's how you'll view the recording:

  • Log into your account at, click the orange "View Recording" button on the class widget, and you will be taken to the recorded class video.

The Question: What can I do in the virtual classroom?

The Answer: The virtual classroom has many features and tools that you can use to interact with during class. You can:

  • Broadcast and view live video and audio;
  • Chat with the instructor and other students;
  • View a presentation in the main area;
  • Work on collaborative whiteboards;
  • Share your desktop;
  • And much more!

The Question: None of these resources have solved my issue. Who can I contact?

The Answer: If you are still experiencing any issue, contact [email protected]