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Archangel Raziel is the rainbow wizard angel who is the keeper of Divine secrets, esoteric information, manifestation, alchemy and the sacred knowledge of our soul. He can aid us in past life healing as well as strengthening our psychic gifts. His assistance with help to align you with your soul's purpose by eliminating limiting patterns in this lifetime and carried over from past lifetimes. In this class you will learn how to connect and work with him to bring spiritual and soul alignment into your life.
Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty and helps you to develop a positive and optimistic attitude, a fresh approach to life and pleasure. She helps to beautify our thoughts when situations, people and life appears bleak or dark - something that we can all use during this stressful holiday period! She has personally re-aligned my thoughts back to love and away from ego-based fear and lack. In this class, you'll learn more about her and how you can connect with her to bring more beauty into your mind and into your life!
Archangel Haniel is the angel of grace, spiritual awakening, intuition and psychic sensitivity. She aids in Divine communication and in the ancient magic of healing. She governs feminine power and the cycles of the moon by way of releasing the old with the full moon and in manifesting the new with the new moon. She also gives physical and emotional support to those who are sensitive to the phases of the moon. Archangel Haniel (who is also known as "Anael") worked closely with me during my career transition into the healing arts and taught me how to bring the magic of healing by combining my Divine communication, intuition and psychic sensitivities with the skills I was being taught in my training.
Archangel Jeremiel is the archangel of life review and life lessons. He helps brings clarity of perception and hope through clear judgement, and encourages us to reflect upon the lessons of the past to learn and understand our life lessons, enabling us to move on from repetitive cycles in our lives. Archangel Jeremiel also assists with developing psychic and spiritual abilities to aid in our own growth and to help others as well. Connecting and working with Archangel Jeremiel will help you make positive choices and change your life for the better.
Did you ever find that no matter what you do to resolve conflicts in your life, you keep coming up short? Well there is a solution but it doesn't involve more action on your part (well maybe just a little action). Instead, the solution comes from the Divine when you ask for help and then step away and allow the Divine to intervene. And there is one particular Divine being who will do just that. His name is Archangel Raguel. Archangel Raguel is known for healing arguments or misunderstandings, bringing harmony, divine order and justice in all situations. He helps with healing relationships in our family, our love life, our friendships,our businesses/jobs and especially with ourself In the Book of Enoch Raguel dispensed justice to those who violated God's will so he is excellent in helping you to let go of your personal will when something better from the Divine is trying to come to you. I've worked closely with Archangel Raguel in all of these areas and his assistance always comes quickly. I invite you to come and explore how you too can connect and work with Archangel Raguel and to experience his healing energy first hand through the channeled meditation at the end of this webinar.
Are you considered overly sensitive? Do you feel other people's emotions so deeply that it hurts you? Or do you have children who may experience this sensitivity? If so, you will want to take this class to learn how to connect and work with Archangel Metatron! Archangel Metatron is THE angel who helps sensitives and empaths remain grounded and transparent to other people's unprocessed and harsh energies so that they may remain true to themselves and their purpose in life. I have worked with Archangel Metatron to help myself and my children with incredible success and look forward to teaching you how you can connect and work with him to bring energetic balance and harmony into your life as well!
Archangel Uriel is perhaps the most intense and mysterious of the Archangels. He came to me after Archangel Michael to open me up to his wisdom and teachings about my connection with the divine, about karma, and about forgiveness to name a few. His presence is powerful like a burst of strong winds and in fact, it was when my front door blew open letting in a gush of air, that he had make his presence known. In this class, you learn how to connect and work with Archangel Uriel to assist you with understanding a sticky situation (or any situation) and to bring you clarity, thereby "shining a light" on what needs to be illuminated. A powerful meditation channeling Archangel Uriel will follow the class.
Archangel Sandalphon is the go-to angel to have prayers delivered to God and answered to you. He is also the patron angel of music. Whenever AA Sandalphon is near me, I become very excited as I know I am about to receive an answer to one of my prayers! His origin was of a human prophet (only one other Archangel shares that origin which is Archangel Metatron, his brother) which provides a strong sense of togetherness when he is among us. In this class, learn how to connect and work with Archangel Sandalphon to deliver and answer your prayers and/or assist you with all things musical. A powerful meditation with Archangel Sandalphon will follow the class.
Loss can come in different ways - through death, divorce, breakups, war, severe weather, fire and other tragedies. Archangel Azrael is the angel who brings comfort and healing to individuals, families and communities who have suffered from these losses and helps to heal from the grief that lies buried within. When we deny our grief, we become blocked from moving forward towards our dreams and desires. These blocks can manifest as health issues, emotional imbalances and more. In this class, you will learn how to connect and work with Archangel Azrael to heal your heart from grief and loss which will clear blockages that hold you back. A powerful guided meditation to bring his energy through will follow.
Archangel Chamuel is known as the "finding angel" as she helps you find what you are seeking. This could be a new job or career, a new romantic partner or even money. Nothing is too big or too small for her to find for you! She helped me find new opportunities for my business, the right people who would help me with my book and even my car keys! In this class, you will learn how to connect and work with Archangel Chamuel to assist you in finding whatever it is you are looking for! I will provide a powerful channeled meditation to help with this process as well.