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This class is a FREE intro to my upcoming series course: 7 Main Laws of the Universe listed in the Kybalion by the 3 Initiates. If you use Law of Attraction to manifest with hit or miss results, this class is for you. All 7 Laws must be known and understood to manifest.
Starting on Monday 9/11/17, I will be posting a thread each Monday here in The Chat Room to get your questions answered that have kept you stuck or bring you doubt (in yourself, business, relationships etc). I have been blessed with the ability to channel Divine Infinite Intelligence which we’re calling “Answers with Infinity.” Each Monday posts your questions under the thread and it will be answered. We will post the answer for all to see so they too may receive the benefit of your asking. Your questions will be answered in a way you have never experienced before yet will confirm the knowing already present in your heart. We look forward to helping you help yourself move forward fearlessly by unleashing your power within. This webinar will explain the process and help you get the most out of your answers. One Love, Denise