Fighter pilot. Author. Software engineer. Mentor. Aerobics instructor. Poet. Janitor. Lifeguard. Musician. Graphics designer. Father. Student. Teacher. Photographer. Ordained minister. Yogi.

These roles (and many others) add up to a LOT of life experience, which David McLeod brings to bear in his capacity as a transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, experiential facilitator, and writer/storyteller.

With a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and a DD in Holistic Personal Coaching, David shares his wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world to become true Masters of their lives.


PhD Metaphysical Sciences, DD Holistic Personal Coaching

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Even though we often interchange the two words joy and happiness, they really are not the same thing. Most psychologists agree that happiness relates to the way we feel in relation to conditions, circumstances, objects, and events. In other words, happiness is like an elevated form of pleasure. Joy on the other hand relates to our sense of connection to our spiritual nature or to our understanding of God or Spirit or Consciousness. While happiness is something we experience as a feeling--that is, a combination of sensation, emotion, and thought--joy is more correctly defined as a state of being. Furthermore, the more you allow all of your senses and emotions and thoughts to settle into a quiet state, the more you connect to a serene form of contentment that is your natural spiritual state--that is, your joy. This episode of Life Mastery TV will delve into this topic of joy in some detail, and we'll come to see it as a true gift that is available to us any time we want it. To help me bring as much wisdom about this topic as possible, I've invited my friend and colleague, Azmina Jiwa, back to the show. With her background as a workshop leader who shares lessons from her own journey of rediscovering her true self, Azmina is the perfect person to help us open our hearts and minds to this topic. During the live conversation, we'll be discussing all of the following, and a lot more besides: * Awareness and Acceptance * Transcend Fear * Responsibility * Balance Please join us for the live presentation, and learn to create a lot more Natural Joy in your life!
There are few experiences in life that can shake our foundations and move us off center more that the loss of a loved one. And the loss can be just as painful or difficult whether it is through death or divorce or the end of a relationship. Sometimes the experience can be so intense that it actually shatters your faith in yourself, in the world, or even in God. Sooner or later, everyone suffers losses in relationships, career, finances, health or wellness. And every loss seems to come with its own array of challenging responses like sadness, loneliness, anger, grief, and perhaps an uncertainty about what the future will hold for you. Even though such loss can be painful to deal with as it is happening, it inevitably provides an opportunity for you to create something beautiful and meaningful out of the experience. For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I've invited a wonderful healer, Carrie Doubts, to share her perspective on grief and loss and to provide some tools to help us deal with it when it shows up. Come join us for the live presentation, as we discuss the following: * The Nature of Grief * Processing Grief * The Duration of Grief * The Transformation Gift * Supporting Others