I'm the founder and CEO of Tech Talk Cafe, Conscious Eco Creation, and Living Lessons. I bring left-brain and right-brain balance to life coaching, business consulting, personal transformation and spiritual development.

Wearing my left-brain tiara, my specialty is tuning in to assist well-being providers in establishing and marketing an online business. Who are you reaching out to? What is the core communication of your business? Does this core communication align with and reflect your authenticity and unique gifts?

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Philadelphia High School for Girls
Philadelphia College of Art
Temple University

Experience and Distinctions

Panda, children's clothing design
Freelance Court Reporter
Heart Centered Energy Healing two year training program 1993-98
Healing Internships, Moscow Russia; 1991, 1992, 1993
Managing Director, Bath House Theater, Seattle, WA
Project Learn, Seattle Washington
Vashon Island Community Council
GAP Diversity Community Theater
Leadership Tomorrow, Seattle Chamber of Commerce 2003
Progressive Party of Vermont
Field Organizer, Bernie Sanders for Senate Campaign 2006
Publicity and Marketing Manager, W.W. Norton & Co., Inc
Green Sanctuary Earth Institute, Executive Director
Tech Talk Cafe, technology coaching for digital immigrants
Creatrix ...See All

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Bridge Your Cash Flow Gap   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

I can help you bridge your cash flow gap with a great green products solution that will also enhance your marketing and technology skills. Membership referrals only. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, nothing to deliver, just sharing information about a 30 year old company direct marketing environmentally safe household and well-being products to member customers. Kind of like a a Green Costco! Let's connect and I'll share an overview with you on how to bridge your cash flow gap and become debt-free as you build your unique well-being business.

1 Hour Technology and Marketing Coaching   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Knowing what steps to take in right timing is essential for a success business, online or off. Don't waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on shiny marketing objects or tech do-dads you may not need, or don't need now.

1 Hour Self-Care Energy Empowerment    (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Integrate emotional and energetic awareness into your self-care empowerment plan. Learn simple, do-it-yourself techniques.

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You can never be too healthy, too happy, or too rich. Right? We laugh at this expression, but what is the little grain of truth in this tropism that resonates? Could it possibly be that we have no clue how to get from where we are now to a consistent experience of being healthy, happy, and living abundantly? Wouldn’t most of us delight in finding a #pathtopurpose that leads to consistent health, happiness and abundance? Learn how to incorporate excellent mind/spirit self-care to stay grounded, clear, and happy in your life and business one day at a time! Find out how to save money on resources you need to be healthy so you have more to spend living healthy happy, and abundant lives. Here is the key: Stepping up to simple-self care in any area of life leads us, choice by choice, to ...maybe...this...we know we can never be too loved, too loving, too healthy, or too happy. Here is the how: Intention, choice, implementation, and evaluating what changes. Step up to simple self-care each week with us here on The Wellness Universe beginning September 22, 2016 from 7:00 - 7:30 pm. Each week on Thursday nights, we’ll invest a little time together to support taking the best small actions that co-create your unique wellness universe -- in body, mind and spirit Cost: $20 for 4 Thursdays monthly cycle Each week we’ll invest a little time together to support taking the best small actions that co-create your unique wellness universe -- in body, mind and spirit. Join Anaiis Salles, International Energy Healer, life coach, spiritual mentor, and Author of the forthcoming book Living Lessons Library:Confessions of a Serial Manifestor and her guest host, Anastacia Townsend. We’ll share our toolbox of simple self-care techniques/tips. Learn to balance your energy field, to pre-tox and detox your body, to use nature’s tried and true remedies for common ailments, and to set yourself up for a holiday season minus the gift of regret!
Do you know the three things your business must have to be successful online? Do you know the core basics required to solve the success equation? Are you skipping over how-to information that builds your back office? You'll find the answers in this free course.