I am Personal Growth and Purpose Development Consultant for people looking to access their highest potential. With over 18 years experience in people and business transformation, I combine this with holistic modalities, quantum science and DNA healing tools to co-create happiest states with clients.


Certified Akashic Records Consultant - Journey to the Heart, US

Post Grad, Cert. Human Resource Development - UK

MBA - General Business Admin - UK

Experience and Distinctions

It is about enabling everyone to be balanced - emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally!

Conscious Channelling, Akashic Records & Remote Healing - 3 years

Leadership, purpose development and business transformation - 18 years

Over 200 global clients in countries incl. UK, US, Australia, Ghana, Guatemala, N. Zealand, Germany, Spain, S. Africa etc.

Author, Mentor and Speaker on conscious transformation.

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An interactive webinar series with practical tools and tips focused on personal growth, purpose development, the Akashic Records, neuroscience, quantum science, self and DNA healing. You will be able to: - Connect to your true self (soul blueprint) and purpose - Identify and address challenged aspects of you preventing you from living the life of your dreams - Live your happiest life and in relation to others: career, business, relationships, financial etc. Join us as we have fun and balance all 4 aspects of us: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual!
Supporting you in current times, I am excited to invite you to register for the next global Akashic Records and Self Transformation Masterclass on June 20! Register Here: https://selftransformation3.eventbrite.co.uk Your Hosts: Maggie Sarfo (Personal Growth and Akashic Records Consultant) Jo Ann Wenner (Transformational Coach & Spiritual Guide) Benjamin Rookledge (Osteopath and Martial Artist). This workshop is for everyone looking to: - delve deeper and expand their awareness in the personal development, mindfulness and conscious transformation world - create balance emotionally, physically and mentally so they experience better relationships, families, careers, businesses etc. in current times Why attend: - You will learn and practice self transformation tools to resolve issues quicker and create desired life experiences. - You will walk away with complimentary guide or training programme. - Discover or learn more about the Akashic Records and self-transformation Additional Information Limited places: Book Early Bird tickets now (bring a friend - get a discount)! If this is not affordable under the current circumstances, please email us [email protected] . Opportunity to donate to a good cause is also available.
This is an interactive webinar with practical tools and tips focused on personal growth, purpose development, the Akashic Records, self and DNA healing. The aim is to connect you to your true self (soul blueprint) and purpose; so you can live your happiest life: career, business, relationships, financial etc. In Part 1, we explore the idea of 'Believing New Things'! You will be able to: - Learn how to tap into your bigger beliefs about yourself - Set powerful intentions to bring your biggest dreams alive - Co-create with the universe at will and with ease Do you feel there is more to you and yet struggle to access your highest potential? Then join us as we delve into past, present and future evolutionary paths and work towards balancing all 4 aspects of us: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. I would love to answer your practical questions, connect and hold space with you on your journey to be your best self!